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Surya      November 27, 2005

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
November 27, 2005  [14 minutes]
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

God-Government Is Needed upon Earth
When You See Injustice Call Forth the Mighty Blue Eagle

The Light of Sirius Is a Key to the Victory of Earth

            We clear the way for you this day to become the fullness of your God-identity! We are Surya and Cuzco from the God Star. And from the Earth we anchor a presence of cosmic blue-fire/white-fire light within your auras for your strengthening and for the acceleration of your chelaship under not only El Morya but every Son of God.
            Beloved ones, the light of Sirius come to Earth is a key to the victory of Earth. Therefore when you invoke our legions in the Mighty Blue Eagle formation, there does descend to Earth a certain action of light whereby governments and peoples must come into alignment with the will of God. Therefore when you see injustice upon Earth in your own government or in the nations, you must call forth the Mighty Blue Eagle, which will descend with lightning speed to right all wrongs and to provide the platform upon which better decisions are made at all levels.
            Therefore I assign all of you who will be journeying to the fire ring in a few short weeks¹ to give your calls to us daily during your travels for the acceleration of God-government in China [and] in every nation beset by the burdens of the misuse of the mind and the being of God through the hearts and minds of man.
            God-government is [required] upon Earth at every level. And when you see peoples rallying for their own freedom in nations where that freedom has been stymied and stifled because of those dictators who have never left off of their denial of God's Presence within them and within the Earth, you must call forth the light for the protection of these movements so that those who have within their hearts the keys to the unlocking of the freedom flame for vast quantities of peoples and nations may be sealed in white-fire/blue-fire light. This is important especially now in the Middle East, where again elections will be occurring. For the forces of darkness have sought to target relatives and those whom they can who have stood for freedom as representatives of the people in Iraq and other nations.
            So we honor the spokesperson of the Great White Brotherhood in Jordan, Queen Noor, as one of a long line of representatives of the Divine Mother who speak forthrightly for us in this world of form. Listen with intention to the heart of this representative of the Mother, who through her purity of heart does hold the balance for many in that region. Would that many of her stature and caliber would come forth as spokespersons for truth and the way of freedom and the delivery of the people from the terrorist ways, beloved hearts.
            Take the opportunity and the dispensation given unto you to proclaim victory at all levels in this cycle of Sagittarius. Claim the victory of freedom in every nation. Claim the victory of Earth, free from the terrorist stain, those demigods who have taken up the employ of fallen Atlanteans and those from other systems of planets who have come to Earth simply to destroy, to destroy, to destroy.
            Therefore the key is to employ us, beloved ones. Therefore give our call, even thrice daily, and we will come with thousands and tens of thousands of legions into those specific areas of the globe that Cuzco will point toward as those that [require] the energy of the Great Central Sun for the holding of the balance of the Earth.
            I ride in my chariot of fire across the sky, and I deliver blue lightning bolts of fire here and there across the continents and the nations. And you may take this visualization as you give this decree, casting bolts of fire to the right and to the left, descending as fiery blue meteorites showering down upon the Earth that cosmic light substance which will cause an instantaneous precipitation in the minds and beings and worlds of mankind of Cosmic Christ illumination and God-direction in all of their affairs.
            So, beloved hearts of fire, you must use every tool that you have in your bag of cosmic tricks as magi of the sacred fire. Yes, become not only a sage but a magus for the Lord, wielding cosmic secret-ray energy for the delivery of this Earth and her peoples from the denizens of darkness who have misused those secret rays with the splitting of the atom and the perversion of that God-energy that must only be used and wielded by those who have the balanced action of the threefold flame and the knowledge of cosmic law such that they do not misuse that power.
          You are gaining in the wisdom and knowledge of the use of cosmic energies, and therefore I give you a warning to be careful that all that flows through you is truly [of] purity, whole[ness] and leads toward the goal of your God-design. Therefore seal yourself and your chakras and your aura each day at the end of your sessions, beloved ones, so that not one ounce of energy that you have invoked may be spilled upon the ground through an unkind word or a moment of off-guardedness in your deliberations, your speech and your work. So invoke me and see me sealing you in this cosmic fire as you rise higher each day in your godly intent to do the will of God in all things, beloved ones.
            I  am Surya, and Cuzco has come to  provide the platform once again for my coming. I am grateful to my chela, whom many of you must get to know a little better through studying the science of your God Self and the flow of cosmic energy through the heart and nexus of your God Reality now. I seal you in the white-fire/blue-fire sun of Surya and Cuzco this day.

 1.  Devotees made a pilgrimage to Japan and Taiwan in December, 2005 to anchor light through their prayers, decrees, meditations and songs on behalf of the evolutions in China and the entire Pacific fire ring and to help stabilize the earth throughout the region to mitigate potentially destructive earth changes.

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