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Himalaya      November 13, 2005

Beloved Himalaya
David Christopher Lewis
November 13, 2005 1:09 - 1:17 pm MST
Bozeman, Montana

            I AM Himalaya and I speak to your heart through the lotus of my being. I have been called to come to assist you by the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Some of you have accelerated to a point in your spiritual development where I may receive you directly as chelas. This does require an entering in to the deepest meditation upon the universal mind of the One and is not available to all who have not been able to still the senses or the emotions or the thought patterns, for these will be amplified in my presence to such an extent that will cause pain if you are not able to master your own energies.
            Shamballa come again is the goal. Some of you are returning in consciousness to that state and vibration that you held when first you came tens and even hundreds of thousands of years ago to earth. It is only in places such as these, high in the mountains, where I can convey my teaching and my light, as you have perceived, above a certain level of effluvia of the astral plane and lower climes.
            Therefore, I take five of you today as my chelas. Ye know who ye are, for ye have prepared yourselves for this initiation and path. And I will use you to radiate greater cosmic awareness where you live and work to raise the consciousness of thousands. Those of you who are not accepted this day by me can prepare yourself and therefore study the principles of deep meditation that my daughter will give you this afternoon.
            Why, even some children among you in this greater community have a greater inner understanding and mastery of the techniques of cosmic communication with the mind of the Infinite One than their adult sponsors and parents. For is it not the case that you should work toward a greater understanding of your youth to surpass you in all the initiations that you receive?
            Therefore, listen with great intention. Perceive at a new and higher level. And grow in your attunement and sensitivity to the whisperings of Himalaya, who speaks through the silence of inner knowing. I radiate peace and harmony throughout this valley. Silence, silence, silence be thine.

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