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Rose of Light      October 30, 2005

Beloved Rose of Light
David C. Lewis
October 30, 2005  (12 minutes)
Santa Rosa, California

Earth Must Have Those Who Can Maintain the Light of Pure Love
Be God's Roses Here on Earth

Roses I shower upon you now. Blessed hearts of rosy fire, I come to my city at the behest of Kuan Yin. For she, having so graciously presented her heart to you throughout this tour, honors me this day in allowing the light of rose love to be with you, each one.
           The fragrance of my heart does now enfold you. The presence of holy love surrounds you. This presence I give as a protective envelope, for all that you have accomplished must be sealed, sustained and savored. For Earth, in undergoing many changes soon, must have those among its peoples who can maintain the light of pure love for the balancing of all within. When you can maintain cosmic equipoise, staying in the center of my heart of love, together we can create a giant rose of fire that will grow and grow for the salvation of many.
           The thoughtform that you have for this Hearts Center is key, allowing those whom we would draw unto you to key into the hearts of every ascended being, whose hearts are one in this experience of holy and daily communion with the one God.
            I wrap you in petals multicolored of all the shades of love in all its manifestations, from a very, very light pink, nearly white, to the deepest ruby and even of a purple fire energy that contains that protective light that guards, not through thorns, but through an understanding of the necessity to guard the heart, the love that you bear.
            In this Hearts Center, I ask that you consider having fresh roses each Sunday. For I would come with Nada and Mary and Kuan Yin to grace this place, your sanctuary, as well as Christine's home when you gather on Saturday evenings. And as you pass by the altar, receiving the scent of our presence, you will be reminded of your purpose to be God's roses here on Earth.
           Santa Rosa, O blessed one to whom we did impart many secrets of God's heart. Santa Rosa, dearest saint, whose grace does flow to all who call to her. Santa Rosa, how beautiful the face of the one whose purity of heart does shine through the skin of the saint, the light of the eye and the issuance of that tender and supreme joy of knowing only love for God.
            In the stillness of your communion with the Buddha and the Mother, I come. Take time each day to know the silence of the rose of pure love. I seal your hearts in the strong fragrance and in God's knowing of you as the budding ones whose time has come.

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