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Lanello      October 07, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
October 7, 2005 4:48 pm - 5:04 pm MDT
Banff, Alberta, Canada
             My heart friends, we come again now. And we are grateful to be in the Presence of the Archangel Michael and Faith and the numberless numbers of the angels that serve from this point of light. Welcome to our conference "Victory in the North." For from this point of the blue ray, we will initiate cycles of cosmic light, going forth, north and south, east and west, throughout the entire planetary body for the fulfillment of the mission of Sanat Kumara. And this third leg of our effort to balance the energies of the threefold flame in North America is now initiated. And the great love fires from my heart are distributed throughout this entire region as I contact more among mankind whose souls are beginning to become more receptive to the great light that we bear.
            Heart to heart, we are building this activity of The Hearts Center. And those like you who have been willing and able to receive our words without judgment, without rancor, without a spirit that does decry the very ones sent to deliver and to continue our mission-each of you has received fully the impartation of a fire and a spirit of light and love that cannot be denied. So, the joy that we share in communing together is truly that which the Brotherhood of light has always seen outpictured in their retreats, in the inner schools, in the higher planes where the light does flow ceaselessly from the sacred fount of fire that does burn in each one of these sacred retreats.
            So, now that you have come here, you will be basking in the great love fires of the blue ray of Archangel Michael. And everywhere you walk you can feel that electricity of light that does descend from his sacred altar where he does kneel himself in praise of the Lord God Almighty before he and his legions wing their way across not only this world but many worlds and many galaxies to fight the good fight and to deliver the children of men from the unreality of their lower nature.
            You have called to Archangel Michael for many years. And many of you have personal testimonies of his intercession in your life, saving you from calamity and disaster and accidents. During this class, I ask many of you who have had an experience of this nature to share it with the worldwide body of believers through this internet broadcast. And one among you may document and transcribe these testimonies. And I ask that a little booklet be published of these testimonies. For it is time that the world know of the Archangel Michael and his great love for the Woman and her Seed, defending all in this great drama and battle of Armageddon that is even now being waged across your world.
            And those artists among you who can depict some of the specific stories that you will tell will add to the beauty of this publication, beloved hearts. And one day many will see and read these words. For if you present them in a logical and pure manner, even those whom Archangel Michael does overshadow in the governments of the nations, in the security forces and police and firemen and other labors wherein souls are protected, these servants will be inspired by these words. And if they may receive the truth and begin also to call upon the Lord through the archangel and his ministering angels, you may see a great transformation coming upon the earth, beloved hearts.
            The Archangel Michael is known in many of the world's religions and is revered as the deliverer, the protector and even the healer of mankind. If you could for one instance see the mighty, magnificent Presence of this archangel, your life would never be the same, beloved ones. And as Moses did witness the burning bush and the very Presence of the flaming one, Archangel Michael, who stood there, he was able to deliver the children of Israel from the death throes of the culture of Egypt in that hour.
            Archangel Michael is your friend. What a friend we have in Jesus but also in this one, for he serves tirelessly. And the blue lightning that descends through the action of the wielding of the blue sword and the slaying of the demons and those who beset mankind is truly an action of salvation for your very souls, beloved hearts.
            I raise now the sword of Archangel Michael in this place and I wield it. And you will see numberless numbers of his legions surrounding this city and this province of Alberta and the entire nation of Canada. Beloved hearts, if you have brought your sword with you, then I say you may also wield it during this weekend event. For Archangel Michael will be physically and tangibly present each day.
            And as you give your decrees each morning, afternoon and evening, see him standing to your right and to your left, before you, behind you, above you, below you and in the center of your form. For he will deliver each of you from ancient records, from knotty issues, of which you have dealt with for many lifetimes. And through the action of the fire which does blaze forth from the very tip of this sword, you can be delivered. Yes, you can be set free from what has assailed you and burdened you and your families for many a year.
            So, we initiate this conference. And I, Lanello, extend my heart to each of you. I wrap you in my bear hug. Be embraced this hour by my love for you most personally.            And as you enter this hall and give now this new sign that you have learned, of greeting to each other, remember me as the ever-present guru standing with Omraam, brother to brother, heart to heart, as we now say, "One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one! One for all and all for one!"
            I seal you in this hour for the God-victory of this conference and I say, "Welcome, welcome, welcome!"

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