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Hercules      October 07, 2005

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
October 7, 2005 8:14 - 8:27 pm MDT
Banff, Alberta, Canada

            I, Hercules, stand now upon every peak in this great nation of Canada. And I anchor a rod of power into the very earth body itself through these peaks. I ask you to stand with me now, beloved hearts, and take the sacred dorje in hand, the hand of your Holy Christ Self, and wield the blue lightning now of the mind of God and the heart of God and the will of God as we say together, standing upon these mountain peaks: "Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!" [audience chants in unison] The sacred vajra, the sacred dorje is the action of the blue lightning that we desire our chelas from this day forward to wield on our behalf. So, please be seated.
            The Elohim have come and will speak during this conference. And the action that we desire to bring forth upon earth is for the stabilization of the very atoms and the molecules of not only this nation but every nation upon earth. Beloved hearts, you have seen in recent weeks and months the outpicturing of the return of mankind's karma in a very physical manifestation through hurricane and fire and flood. And so, mankind's karma is coming due and will continue to return for redemption. And the Elohim cannot stop the hand of the Lord God Almighty as the delivery of the darkness is returning. But what we may do for mankind is to embolden them and to release the sacred fire for the salvation of their souls so that when that fire does descend and that karma does return unto them, they are not left bereft of the knowledge of the God flame dwelling within.
            And so, we come to spin the earth, to raise the earth in sacred fire! And as you have called forth that action of the sacred fire that does spin and transform this world, you are truly becoming active participants with the Elohim. Therefore, as you invoke our presence in the earth, you will see a mighty conflagration of fire such as has not been seen upon earth since the days when we did walk the earth physically!
            And so, you have seen in the outpicturing of the mythology as [has been] brought forth the representation of the presence of great beings upon the earth, beloved hearts. And the labors of Hercules and of others among us were ancient memories of our work on behalf of the Lord God Almighty to deliver from the earth the Nephilim and the godless ones who have infiltrated your very civilizations. And the UFOs and the aliens that have come and tried to dissuade mankind from their original divine intent to return to God are judged by the action of the blue lightning that does descend into the earth. And so, say with me again together: "Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!" [audience chants in unison]
            Archangel Michael has told you that many will be judged. And Enoch has come as the forerunner to my coming for the pronouncement of the names of those whose time is up. And so, Amazonia and I do now stand to receive these fallen ones and to return them for final judgment this night. And ere the clock strikes twelve, many of these will stand on the dais for their final plea before the Four and Twenty Elders. But due to all the misrepresentations of the light and all darkness that they have conceived of and brought forth and manifested upon this earth, they must receive the just portion of all darkness, beloved hearts. So, we have come and we have initiated fire. And our rods and cones do now stabilize the earth for another round.
            When you call to me even three times each day I can come to reinforce these rods and cones and those that have been implanted in the earth through all previous dispensations and dictations where I have come. Beloved hearts, use me. Call to me. Sing to me. For we do enjoy the rousing voices of those whose hearts do send forth the fiery song into the universe. For the word does go forth unto infinity and beyond for the victory of the Word made flesh.
            I thank you for your presence. I thank you for your calls. And on the morrow as you visit and circumambulate, or travel, around the Lake Louise, I ask you to see my face and that of beloved Amazonia reflected in that azure pool. I ask you, during this time of your recreation, to re-create a new world for us through the calls that compel the answers to your dilemma. And in your bus and in your travels, remember the vajra and the call to Archangel Michael and to El Morya. And as you see many hearts of fire who have come to this place, knowing at inner levels of the contact with us and with the hosts of the Lord, utter a prayer of thanksgiving in honor of these from many nations who do come to this place because they feel that special fire of the blue lightning of God.
            I thank you and I bid you, with Archangel Michael, to come to his retreat this night. May you enter the sacred sanctuary and take your place on the blue-flame cushion at the seat reserved for you to witness the action of the work of the archangels and their legions across the galaxies. You will see on the great screen the action of what your prayers have done in the past and what they will continue to do and what they may do if you increase the fire of your determination to be God's will and God's power in manifestation for us.
            I thank you, beloved hearts, and I bid you a good evening.

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