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Maitreya      September 25, 2005

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
September 25, 2005
Emigrant, Montana

            I stand with a rod of power in the western Shamballa. I am Maitreya, and I come to eradicate anti-victory energies that have crept in among our best students. As you know, serving to anchor the Light of God-Victory in the earth we are building, we are building, preparing for the new-age consciousness dawning within each servitor of the light. Meditation upon the one God is the need of the hour. Meditation upon the flaming Yod as the vortex of cosmic light within will allow you to gain entr�e to the Holy of Holies of your own God Presence.
            Some have thought the mysteries of God cannot be known. Though they may not be fully cognized in mortal minds, the goal of every ascended being is to fully cognize more of the mind of the Infinite One. So we come at certain intervals of earth's evolutions to raise the consciousness of mankind through a teaching, through an understanding, through a witness of illumination's power. So I open the flower of your crown this day—-972 points of fire, I ignite! And the thousand petaled Lotus does bloom anew within my own.
            Have you understood the glistening light of each petal of that cosmic consciousness that you must become to be a Buddha? The full flowering is the empowering when with compassion you discern the pulsation of God's mind resident within thine. Illumination is not child's play, but yet a child is more attuned often than the dense mind of those who have become stultified due to a lack of openness whereby the flower and its petals may continue to expand within. Who told you [that] you knew all that needs to be known or that more cannot be revealed by us? It is the laggard consciousness that will not allow God's mind evolving, even yet, to be conveyed through our wisdom and our word, beloved.
            Therefore, Gautama has sent me, for many of you, having meditated upon Manjushri and the path of the bodhisattva in these recent weeks, are receiving an illumination that far transcends what you have known since the days of Eden. And the fashioning of the jewel of your witness to your great light is an on-going process that cannot stop but must be aided by those who are adepts at this process, having meditated upon the very mind of God for eons.
            The victory consciousness must be yours, beloved ones, before you can receive the final blessing as a Buddha. So consider what you have not fully put under your feet in terms of those foibles and inconsistencies in your walk with God. For when you see a certain repetition of the testing that has been failed, you can discern the seed point of where you have left off and where you must go to fulfill all.
            We accept no limitations in our domain and neither should you. We accept only the fullness of the radiance of the Lord of Light whose rays extend far beyond this plane and this world to encompass a cosmos. Discern in the cosmic egg your destiny as a being of light! And receive this day the flushing out from within you, around you, of that mayic substance that has clouded your higher vision, which this day I, Maitreya, spur.
            Let that mind in vision be God's where you are. Redeem yourself through the knowing of only kindness. And when in kind you can walk with Gautama and me in the garden, you will know the holy Presence of cosmic love.
            I AM with you when you remember me. Take my rod, flashing forth cosmic fire to sustain a world, even if only your world this day, my beloved ones. I AM with you. I will sustain you all the way as we climb Kailasa together.
            OM            Maim            Maitri.

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