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Peace      September 21, 2005

Elohim Peace
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2005 7:15 am
Wellspring Retreat Center
Emigrant, Montana

            I Am Peace, and I come to the Earth to sustain the flame of Cosmic Christ Peace. Many have sought me and my consciousness, but few have determined to enter that state wherein I can abide. When you meditate on peace, I first send my angels, for if I would come first, you may be disturbed to the point where you could not sustain my presence. And so I hold back the fullness of my presence, so as not to unleash within the world what could be manifest as anti-peace.

            I stand now upon the shores of Texas, raising my hands with my angels, and we say to the winds and the water, "PEACE BE STILL! PEACE BE STILL! PEACE BE STILL!" When you encounter the ferocity of the storms of mankind's returning karma, you may call for my presence to descend, and [you may] stand with me also, raising your right hand, and declaring this fiat, which the Lord Jesus also used, as you know.

            Those with self-mastery on the two o'clock line who have commanded through their own consciousness the perfecting of the emotions are qualified as adepts to work on our behalf to sustain the action of peace in the earth. Peace is a two-edged sword, and thus those who would receive its action must also know that peace will bring out from the depths of their consciousness the warring of those energies of darkness that have been pooled by the forces of darkness manifesting as war and the attack upon the very orientation of civilization as you know it.

            When you command peace, you must first know the fullness of the internal One, compromising not the state of harmony [and] silence in the Presence, and [you must also know] complete oneness, beloved ones. Therefore, I suggest that you use certain meditation music to prepare for this sacred work, namely, certain of Beethoven's music or that of those who were adepts in bringing forth the music of the spheres, including certain music from India. The practice of peace and the descent of peace through our chelas should be a weekly exercise, but for no more than five to ten minutes.

            Beloved ones, now that you are fully encompassed in my presence, I ask you to stand and raise your right hand now as we, together, stand on the Texas coast facing this hurricane [Rita] and give my fiat together three times. PEACE BE STILL! PEACE BE STILL! PEACE BE STILL!

            May you sustain a spirit of peace in your words, in your holy interactions, always maintaining that equilibrium [and] cosmic balance. And when the gyroscope of your life does begin to wobble ever so slightly, remember to enter again into this harmony with me as you close your eyes in silent meditation, knowing that all is well. I will be with you, helping many to outride the storms that come. Peace, Peace, I AM Peace.

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