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Lanello      September 18, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
September 18, 2005 5:35-5:42 pm CDT
Minneapolis, Minnesota

            In this circle of oneness, I stand with my chelas who have recognized my voice. I am your Hiawatha, and I give each of you a new headdress this day. Take it now and place it upon your crown. Your Mother stands with me as Minnehaha, ha, ha, [Audience chuckles at Lanello's humor], and we do anoint each of you as the sacred ones who will carry forth the mission of the Two Witnesses here in the twin cities.
            We have anointed one that you have chosen as your leader for a time, and we like the idea of you sharing in that role, beloved ones. Where you gather, we shall be. Where you sing and dance, we will also revel with you in the light. We have walked through all the centers that have been established in this city. And though much more could have come forth had others received us fully, you are the ones entrusted with our plumage and the expansiveness of our hearts.
            Therefore, I, Lanello, in the guise of the Chief, place on each of you now at etheric levels a string of beads that I have personally strung for each of you with the secret rays, multicolored. You may wear this string of beads always as a remembrance and a token of the love of our hearts. And I, Lanello, now say that because of your hearts, The Hearts Center of Minneapolis/St. Paul is now officially inaugurated this day, not in one place, not in a physical home, but in the hearts of each of these. For where the heart is, there is my home of light and my sacred heart wherein you may just happen to see my face if you look closely enough.
            I thank you for being here, for having the courage to stand forth even while others have questioned my voice through this one and our other messenger. I now also give you each sacred moccasins that you can wear in your sanctuaries after removing your shoes. You may desire to secure your own in the physical and, whenever the messengers come, have a set for them, too. For this will be your special ritual when all come to this Hearts Center which, as you know, is closest to my home of birth as Mark Prophet.
            I am with you always, my beloved ones. And I would hug you each, not through this messenger but through the man of greater girth, your Tom. [Laughter]
            [Tom asks Lanello, "Shall I start?]
            Yes!            And Mother would hug you through his wife, and then all the rest in the room also. [Much laughter]

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