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Lady Elisabeth      September 18, 2005

Beloved Lady Elisabeth
David Christopher Lewis
September 18, 2005 12:07 - 12:19 pm CDT
Minneapolis, Minnesota

            My blessed ones, I am grateful to be able to speak with you for the first time. Having recently ascended and received my commission from the Mother Mary and from my guru, Maria Montessori, I bring to you from my heart the fullness of my ascended presence to augment your work in the now.
            I AM your Lady Elisabeth, known to you as Madame Caspari. And I do continue my work through my anointed one, truly the one handpicked by God and Gautama to carry on the work of illumining the true teachers of the youth. We must have this youth brought into an understanding of the reality of who they are, do you not think? ["Yes."] The means whereby this can be done is through the teaching of the Mother even before the first breath is inhaled as a young babe. And so, parents and especially mothers must know the understanding of the education of the heart of the child, even the unborn, flowing into the entire lifespan such that that one may always have contact with the inner teacher, truly the Christ/Buddha Self, the divine spark within.
            I have said and repeated the words of Gautama that "love is the key." You are just beginning to understand how important this key is for the future growth of not only this Hearts Center but of your movement which will touch the lives of many through the education of the young at heart, even thyself, beloved ones. For if you would see the divine methods of education being brought forth, many more of you must understand the very basic principles of this teaching.
            And so, I admonish each of you to read at least one book on the life and the teaching of Maria Montessori to get the basics, as it were, of this path. And when your beloved Anita and others may present to you a basic course in this understanding, it will not only awaken you unto a greater enlightenment of your understanding of divine education, but you yourself may then be a greater electrode for us to work through to enliven and enlighten the youth. For if you have this basic understanding in your outer consciousness, then when you pray and decree and sing-yes, especially when you sing-you may instill within the very earth body and the bodies of the children my essence and the essence of the divine feminine principles and teachers of heaven who can protect them, tutor them and give them the keys to their own divine mission and plan.
            We would see more singing among you, beloved ones. And therefore, always have your guitar ready and your keyboard. For practical application of the science of the spoken word in movement and song and rhythm is a key for children of all ages, especially you who are getting a little crusty on your trek homeward to the Elysian fields that Celeste has opened unto you. So, when you spin in the violet flame, if we only see one or two hopping and dancing, then you have not caught the fullness of the joy spirit that we did inspire upon our messenger for the youth.
            So, beloved ones, I am gratified to know you and to see the spirit rising within each of you. For we have many plans and desire greater numbers to take the reins of this mission in hand to lead a generation of lightbearers forward, for they will in turn lead the world forward into the fullness of the divine culture of the Mother.
            Sharpen your pencils. Prepare to take your tests. For each of you will be tested on not only what you know and not only what you have become but [on] what you will be able to convey to others because you have become the spirit of the child again in consciousness. And through your humility and heart of love, all will feel the truth of the word that you will speak.
            I AM Elisabeth. And though I speak with an English accent through this one, if you could hear me on the inner-and some of you do-I would tutor you in my native tongue which does also carry a certain threefold-flame action of my spirit. I apologize to all whom I taught who could not always comprehend what I was saying. And yet, I think that you did feel my joy, my heart, through my stories, through my love. May it grow within your communities as we continue to work together and as I continue to inspire my chela to give to you more from my heart.
            I seal you and prepare you for the coming of my guru, beloved Maria Montessori.

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