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Padre Pio      September 17, 2005

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2005 8:59 - 9:13 pm CDT
Bloomington, Minnesota

            I blaze the secret rays through you! Receive this impetus of fire and take now the communion cup which I offer to each of you with the host, which I serve at etheric levels. I was a mystery to many, but no longer. And I ask you who I AM? I have given you some hints, have I not? I AM Padre Pio, come unannounced, to bless those who are beginning to understand the deeper mysteries of God.
            I foresaw this body of believers while I yet walked and knelt in my cell pleading before the Father and the Virgin [Mary] for the saving of many upon earth. Many of you served with me in previous lifetimes in various capacities in the convents and the monasteries of Italy and Europe, and even high in the Himalayas where I did dwell on a number of occasions. So, I came to that point, like your witness and messenger, where from my very birth I did walk and talk with my guardian angel and with Mary and Jesus. For I did not know that others did not see what I saw. For it was natural unto me to commune with higher beings who I simply saw as my friends.
            Now that each of (or nearly all of) you has received the blessing of the third eye this day, you may just begin to see more than you have ever seen or witnessed of the higher spheres. And those who walk with God continuously in this communion of saints, you will have the comfort of that Holy Spirit who has delivered unto you his fire this day. And though the world may not understand you any longer, we will understand your heart, your commitment, your love.
            Yes, I was a conundrum to those around me who tried to put me away for a time, like they have done to this messenger. Yet, they could not resist the spirit when it came and poured forth its love through what God was able to do through my vehicle. You are witnessing a miracle in these deliveries and yet not so miraculous, because you have now become accustomed to this process of this type of communication and communion with heaven. One day each of you may, through a deeper connection with your own reality and the reality of the heaven world, begin communing in this manner somewhat, not quite as you see it, but at a very deep and personal level with your personal master and with those saints with whom you do walk and talk. Why, we have promised for ages, and even in the New Testament, that your old men would dream dreams and your young men would see visions.* Well, is it not time that this occur now, beloved ones?
            All the saints in white gather. And they are preparing the great banquet feast at inner levels for the Mother and for each of you, for you will have a place as an honored guest at that feast. Come dressed in white with your chakras blazing and understand how through preparation you may witness the great mystery of life that is ongoing in our domain. Drink now all of it and assimilate this host, which I serve to you, each one. This is my body merged with Christ's, which is broken for you. Be Christs. Be Buddhas and bodhisattvas of holiness. And then when the spiritual gifts and graces do flow, you will not be tempted to use them for personal gain but only to serve to set life free.
            I AM Padre Pio. Play my songs in your homes. For when you do, I will walk and talk with you, radiating the secret rays and giving you new understandings of your walk with God. Play now the song that I love wherein I walk the streets of Italy among the cafes with the children whom we must save together. Will we save them together, beloved ones? [Yes!]
            I seal you this night. After this meditation music, go in peace. For the Mother Mary does request your presence on the morrow early, for she will continue her discourse with you, each one. Amen.

*Refers to Acts 2: 17

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