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Serapis Bey      August 28, 2005

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
August 28, 2005, 6 min.
Detroit, Michigan

            I would not talk quite as long as my friend, Paul*, for you have been here for quite some time. But you have observed what we do at Luxor in preparing souls for the ascension. For we are about the business of cleaning you up, don't you see? (Yes.)
            And so, you have received a crash course in this accelerated cleansing process this day. And what have we accomplished? We are laying the foundation for your personal ascension, for have not a number among you been promised that ascension this day? (Yes.)
            Beloved ones, I now create a vortex of fire in this city of the ascension flame through the action that you have invoked through this cleansing which you have seen even through the rain this day. And so, my angels have come and they have washed the very streets. And the foundation is layed whereby the pyramid of self may arise. So, you as our representatives here and wherever you hail from can anchor a portion of the ascension flame if you desire.
            And as you attune to that perfect state of wholeness that is the end result of true healing, you can be that point of the ascension where you reside. Do you not see? (Yes.) For healing does rise from the mother. And as you have felt the enfiring of your chakras, the spinning thereof, the mother light must rise, yes, I said must rise within each of you, ere you can attain to that perfect wholeness of divine oneness in God.
            So, as you climb the ladder of self and walk the initiatic path, you will come to understand that tier upon tier you are climbing higher, day by day. Yes, climbing the pyramid until the apex is reached and you understand in the crown of your being why you have come, what your mission is and how, through purity, you may win all the way.
            I give each of you now the rod of fire. Take it in your right hand. See the crystal at the top as a diadem of fire through which the seven rays may be focused by you at any hour of the day or night. Through this prism you may direct currents of the ascension to meet the needs of lifestreams in your cities and neighborhoods and families. Use this focus wisely for we do not give it to just anyone, but to those who are dedicated to the salvation of sentient beings through holy purpose.
            By the fire of ascension currents, I now radiate pure white light unto you, each one. And in Jesus' name may you be whole always! I AM Serapis. My seraphim wing their way forth now across the galaxies to proclaim the new day of wholeness to all sentient beings. Be thou sealed in the purity of your natal love of the Father-Mother God from whence thou hast come.

*refers to Paul the Venetian, who spoke prior to Serapis Bey

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