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Melchizedek      August 12, 2005

Beloved Melchizedek
David Christopher Lewis
August 12, 2005  (5 minutes long)

Mexico Pilgrimage

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Melchizedek and Members of His Order Perform a Judgment upon the False Priesthood
and a Clearance of the Records of False Sacrifice in Mexico

Beloved Ones,

I come in my white robe with my staff in hand, truly the shepherd's crook that I bear in the office of the priesthood that is an ancient priesthood, of which a number of men among mankind have been members, including your beloved Jesus the Christ and various messengers who have embodied upon Earth.

As you have completed an assignment this day in your return journey to this motel, you have won time and you have allowed us to enter into this world of form to perform a certain action of the judgment upon the fallen priesthood that was embodied in this area and still reembodies through various individuals who have never let go of their false outpicturing of the true teaching on divine sacrifice.

Therefore in the lineage of Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus, Padma Sambhava, the Buddha Mother and others, we have come to raise mankind into a higher understanding of the true path of the ruby ray. And this path of the ruby ray has been perverted, and you have seen the spilling of the blood of innocent lifestreams upon the ground. And you have even seen in the images that you have visited in the churches the representation of the Son of God, Jesus, encased in a glass box, having been made a sacrifice in the tradition of the fallen priests.

Thus, Christianity and Catholicism have unwittingly, and yet at a certain level with full knowledge, perpetuated this false teaching unto the flock worldwide. Therefore the action that we did accomplish through your calls was for the clearing of certain records, as well as the consuming, at the etheric level, of this lie of false sacrifice.

               All those in the lineage now of the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek stand in Mexico this evening to proclaim the victory of the light manifest through the true teachings of Christ and Buddha. They stand surrounding the valleys and the places where the sacrifices occurred, and they raise their hands, as you have, and there is now a certain fire delivered through the action of their joint causal bodies.

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