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Hercules      August 12, 2005

Beloved Hercules            
David Christopher Lewis
August 12, 2005
El Tepozteco Mountain
Tepoztlan, Mexico

            I am come to this place for the delivery of fire! I am Hercules, and I stand now to deliver the judgment upon those who would interfere with the evolution of mankind. So I have come to create a vortex of fire in this city where some have misused the light that has been garnered here in the past. For this was the point of an ancient civilization wherein the power of God was anchored. Beloved ones, do not misuse the light entrusted to you; for when you do, the consequences are truly detrimental to your evolution and your light.

            So I come, empowered by the Lord God, to deliver the fire of the blue ray for the acceleration of light and for the consuming of darkness. And I anchor this rod of power now in the very physical earth in this place. It shall be an electrode of fire that cannot be denied. And those who come will feel its effects. And those who should not be here must leave because they are not welcome in this place.

            Beloved ones, you should discern the truth behind extraterrestrial life and their entree to this planet and its atmosphere and its cities. Not all extraterrestrials are benign. And so some who come have malintent in their beings for the evolutions of mankind, and yet others are truly lightbrearers. But I say that most of those who come here are not about the Father's business but are about the business of interfering with mankind. So you have seen in your science fiction movies the concept of the principles whereby higher evolutions who have an advanced civilization may not interfere with the free will of mankind. And yet some have done so and they continue to do so. This is not our way nor the way of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood nor of any of God's evolutions of light.

            So be careful where you place your attention. Be careful where you place your marbles. For if you place them within the hands of alien lives and alien beings who are not about the Father's business; then you are tied to them, and you may receive thereby a certain energy pattern within your auric forcefield that is not benign. And, therefore, being tied to them, you are not tied to us as ascended beings. Therefore, some have said that UFO's are all benign. And I say, that is not true and; therefore, the Lord God does deliver this teaching to you this day and delivers it to the souls of those who come here. It is better that you work on the advancement of your personal spiritual path than to accept the lie that aliens will remove you from this planet if there is cataclysm. Beloved hearts, you will only transcend to the plane in the heaven world where you have abided in consciousness upon earth. Therefore, if you think that you can be removed and attain to a higher level than you have attained here, this is false. Therefore, please be seated in this hour.

            Beloved ones, you have seen in the entertainment industry, movies coming out about aliens and how some have entered spacecraft and seek to dwell on other planetary homes, thinking that all is well. I say that the majority of those who have landed upon the earth's surface and take beings of earth's evolutions into their craft, do so to the risk and the detriment of these souls, experimenting upon their bodies, taking from them the egg and the sperm and, in effect, using those energies for the propagation of their own race or for experimentation with genes and the genetic code of mankind.

            So it is time that all mankind have the truth that the way of the ascended masters is not the way of spacecraft. For those who have transcended time and space need not a physical vessel to transport themselves across the galaxies. But through the sphere of light that surrounds them as an ovoid of fire, they are able instantly to transcend all barriers, all time and space, to be at one point or another upon this or other systems of worlds.

            Do you see that it is only by attunement and by the grace of God through the higher evolution of the soul that beings wed to God are able through their attainment to work miracles? So, beloved ones, seek the truth within thine own being and know that the power lies within you for your own victory. Do not look to another outside of yourself for the keys to your victory, but seek only the truth within the teachings that have been relayed to you and utilize them for the victory of your soul.

            The entire Karmic Board stands now with me, along with the seven Elohim and the five secret ray Elohim, and we form two concentric rings of fire for the judgment of the fallen ones whose time is up and for the sending forth of those from this planet who must be bound and remanded to the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius. The Two Witnesses now stand above this Messenger, along with the other Witness in the physical and yet in her etheric body. And we utter the names of those fallen angels who have descended from the very first point of darkness wherein Lucifer fell and Archangel Michael cast the fallen angels out of heaven. And we say to certain ones of you, "Your time is up!" [Fireworks explode in the background.] And so, you have heard in the resounding of this fire now, the power of the Elohim! And in this place we do now, in heaven and in earth, utter the names of these fallen ones who are now bound by Archangel Michael and his legions and remanded to the God Star!

            So the light has descended! So fire has come! And I, Hercules, activate now the fire within your mind, your throat and your heart for the salvation of your soul this day. Be freed from all tyranny of the Nephilim and the godless ones who have come to defraud your soul! Be free from those who would enslave your very being through their darkness and their plots and strategies! If you would be free, then take that freedom this day and know only God.

            Stand now again, my friends. I give to each one of you a small replica of my rod of power, and I ask you to take it now in your right hand and to implant it in the earth. This will be for you that anchor point for your victory in this life. Will you receive it and accept it and use this power judiciously according to God's holy will, beloved ones? [Audience responds,"Yes!"]

            I thank you! I AM Hercules! I have come at the behest of the Lord God, and our mission is accomplished. Amen! [Audience responds, "Amen!"]

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