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Vajrasattva      July 17, 2005

Beloved Vajrasattva
David Christopher Lewis
July 17, 2005 12:07 - 12:31 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Vajrasattva overshadows the messenger in directing the students in massaging the feet and other sacred centers in energizing the points of the secret rays

            Massage your ears now so that you may hear the voice of God. Massage your hands, especially in the secret ray area with the thumb of your other hand. Now the other hand. If you're able to, based on what you are wearing, massage your feet at the point of the secret rays, both on the top and on the bottom of your foot. Now the other foot. The light from your I AM Presence streams through you. If you know the point of the heart on your foot, you can also (Katri is showing us where it is, if you can look at her foot.) you can massage the point of the heart and also the thymus. (Show us both points.)
            Now this is a spiritual practice that you can do daily to energize the points of the secret rays. And we need a teaching on that from Katri at some point, the Master is saying. We need to guard the points of the secret rays and our four lower bodies as sacred centers that the Buddhas will use from now on. You need to be available for the Buddhas to use any time of day or night.
                        And now massage your own heart area, your thymus area. We need to love ourselves, our own body which is a chalice of God, an instrument of God, a vessel for God's light. If you love God, you must love your body and take care of it. Nourish it, don't over-nourish it.
            Now close your eyes and massage around your eyes, the sacred orbs through which God can see through you. Now massage around your mouth, your chin, your lips, above your lips, between your nose, all of the orifices through which the senses are experienced, through the secret rays of your hands [that] are now sanctified. Your nose. See your holy Christ self now massaging, stimulating all the sacred centers, the seven major chakras, the secret rays, the secret chamber of the heart chakra and all 144 points of light, meridians, points within those meridians.
            Your Holy Christ Self, your mighty I AM Presence, your Buddha Self is activating and energizing all these points, like electronic little points of fire, all the points where acupuncture and acupressure are outpictured and stimulated. Now see yourself as a spiritual being. God is where you are. You are pure light. You are the body electric. You are the healer of yourself. God in you is your own healer.
            And though another may touch you, a practitioner may work with or on you, true healing comes from within. And that person is only a catalyst for your own faith, belief to manifest where you are.
Vajrasattva Speaks
            I AM Vajrasattva. And I come to energize my own here. You have called to the Five Dhyani Buddhas and they have come. And I come with them daily, beloved. Yes, we are accelerating you for a holy purpose. For we need many as walking Buddhas in the earth for the saving of as many as can be saved upon this earth.
            How many will you save through your sacrifice? Eighty thousand? Eight hundred thousand? It is up to you. The purer you are, the more God may save through you. So, we have brought purity. Mother Mary has brought purity this day. And our own must experience the cleansing fire, the purging fire, truly the radiant stream through the tree of life that ye are.
            Your beloved Mother desires to extend to each of you the radiance of her heart. For during this time of the silence, she has entered the Great Silence and has won for each of you a place, if you choose to accept it. Yet ye must still be purified, washed clean fully for her.
            So I come to strengthen through the action of the Vajra to give you virya. For many of you will be bearing more weight of world karma on behalf of the Mother. And only if ye are prepared fully, will you be able to bear it on her behalf, beloved ones. So take seriously the strengthening of your four lower bodies, the vessel of your being. For when wind and wave and storm do come you must be fully anchored-all four lower bodies in balance-to sustain the light on earth for us.
            So I strengthen the mind! So I strengthen the emotions! I strengthen the fire body! And I strengthen your physical vessel this day! Breathe in the virya now, dear hearts, and breathe out the anti-virya that has manifested within you. Again.
            Breathe in the wisdom of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. The discriminating wisdom of Amitabha, breathe it now. The mirror-like wisdom of Akshobhya, breathe it in now. The wisdom of equality of Ratnasambhava, breathe it now. The all-accomplishing wisdom of Amoghasiddhi, breathe it in now. The all-pervading wisdom of the Dharmakaya of Vairochana, breathe it in now.
            You can accomplish all through the Buddha who lives within you. Be the Buddha. Let no man take thy crown of light. Sustain light. Manifest wise dominion where you are. Glorify God in all of your actions, your words, your deeds. Let not one word come forth through your mouth that is not the word of God. Let not one word come forth from your mouth that is not the word of Buddha. Become the dharma. Revere the sangha and worship the Buddha in all. HRIH AH HUM TRAM AUM (chanted)
            Let the sound sound through you in all your centers always. Radiance of light surround you. Wisdom's fire abound in you. Golden-pink light resound at the core of being.
            Cuzco has come to adjust you to sustain more light. Receive his cosmic adjustment now.
            We have a schedule to keep for our Lord. Keep your appointments. Sign your name. I will be there. I will be there, my Lord.

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