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Portia      July 11, 2005

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2005 4:22 - 4:29 pm MDT
Jackson Lake Lodge
Moran, Wyoming

             I am the mother of justice. I am the mother of violet joy. I am the flame of opportunity for a new life born in God's violet love.
             Opportunity is given you this day by my own. And I have witnessed how even the simple one-minute statement of surrender may gain you much in self-mastery for a lifetime when that surrendered substance is incorporated into the heart of my own.
             So, I would give you also a little gift to take home with you this night. This gift is a replica of the eternal flame that burns at the central altar of the Grand Teton Retreat. It is a tiny flame but one with much power. I lock this flame within the secret chamber of your heart, for it may never be misqualified but it will burn there so long as you burn in love for God. And when you enter the secret chamber from this day forward, you may know that through this focus that burns, your freedom may be won through your deep adoration to the flame within you.
             Yes, some of you still have difficulty in knowing the fullness of God's Love within. If you call to me, I will assist you in examining what it is that keeps you from knowing the fullness of that self-image of yourself as a son or a daughter of God. And no matter what others may say of you, you may always go within to this secret place and know that you have this gift from me, given this day in July, 2005. And if you use it wisely, your Presence may shine through you more brightly, beloved ones. So, you do not need to know where the entrance is to the retreat physically, but you may simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and see that flame within you.
             I am Portia. I have opened a new door for you. You must allow many others to walk through this door to my heart. Keep it open, beloved. Keep open the orifice of your heart. For if one is having difficulty maintaining the open-door consciousness, through your heart the door may still be ajar so that one or another may come to receive my love. I am the opportunity of God to dwell within you always with my own beloved knight in shining armor, yes, violet armor, don't you see?
             So, another would speak to you now.

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