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Hilarion      July 11, 2005

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2005            2:57-3:11 pm MDT
Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran, Wyoming

            Ho! I come as your leader in battle beloved. But this is not a battle for human territory on earth, but the battle for the very souls and hearts of lightbearers everywhere. Thank you. Please be seated.
            I bring the flame of healing to my own. This movement, though a movement of the Hearts Center wherein many hearts may come to fulfill their inner calling, expressing the Buddhic path intertwined with the path of love, is also a path of healing. For what is love but healing: healing relationships nourishing the very life essence that flows from God through the nexus of your heart. So, all true healers are those who heal not the body only but who are instruments for the great work of the Lord and the delivery of light into the very fiber and cells of the soul.
            So, many have been healed outwardly but they could not retain all that was delivered to them. And so, they have entered anew into the path that did put them in that dire situation in the first place; yes, living a life of ignorance, of ignominy and of misunderstanding the goal of life as the ascension, reunion with God.
            So, Jesus came and though I knew him not in the physical, yet, I received the full empowerment of his spirit. And though I did not fulfill all in that embodiment as Paul, so I came again anchoring the light of healing by invoking his Presence ever over me, fully manifesting his Christ, one with my Christ. And we, two, worked truly as one in every healing that did come forth through the laying on of hands and through the casting out of conditions and demons and substances alien to the soul.
            So, you will see within this movement a certain action that you have not seen before in other ascended master activities. And this shall be the healing of body, mind and soul through the casting out of those forcefields and alien substances and entities that have beset themselves upon the very being of many. So, many will come to the altar. And it is only by permission from their Real Self that this may occur. For in some cases, by free will of the individual, we may not come. For the Holy Christ/Buddha Self does defer to the karma and the dharma that must assist that soul in traversing all the elements, all the nuances of the path back toward reunion. But for those who have faith and who have, by deference to their own God Presence, the belief that God can and will dwell within them, and his spirit can flow through the touch of one who is trained by us, they will receive the fullness of the emerald light of healing.
            Beloved ones, Mother Mary's legions have heard the calls for many years from many who have asked for healing. And many pilgrimage to many places upon the globe for that physical healing, which at times does occur because of the deep reverence and faith of some. Yet many receive only, as I have said, what they are able because they are not ready for the fullness of the light manifest within them.
            So, the beloved Mother Mary has established a focus and a forcefield at the Wellspring Institute in Montana. And I invite many of you to come to this place, for truly it is a holy place now. And when you remove your shoes at the door and enter into the sacred circle of oneness of those hearts who come early each day to give of their devotions to the Divine Mother, you will receive first and foremost the processing within your soul and heart of the healing fires from the heart of the Cosmic Virgin. And then, as day by day you partake of this light, there shall be the healing of body, mind, and soul.            So, some may witness even this day before you leave, of the miracle light that has descended there and the acceleration that does come to one and another who have prepared themselves, not only in this life but in many, to receive, by God's grace, the ability to draw forth the healing light from the angelic world.
            So I say, make the pilgrimage to this place. For one day you will see the image most holy of the Mother. And many will stop by. And they will discover the fount of grace that has been established there, that I say must be fed daily. Yes, faith, belief are key to the sustaining of the flowing of the emerald fire. And when faith, intertwined with wisdom, does accelerate to become the emerald ray, then you have the wherewithall for the full manifestation of wholeness within the soul of the seeker.
            Beloved ones, never has there been a greater opportunity for you to transcend yourself than now. Never has there been a greater opportunity to learn from those who have mastered the arts of healing. For we are working diligently with many now upon the globe who have a greater understanding of the flow of energy through the meridians and the chakras of the self. And so, if you have a pain here or there, you must learn self-healing first, and not delegate all to another. For healing always must come first from within you. Do you not see?
            So, I desire this day for my daughter, Janice, to be my hands and to anoint you on your third eye with the oil of spikenard for the delivery of the emerald crystal light that will penetrate through the action of your own eyesight, both outer and inner, every layer of your being, of your chakras, of your aura. And so, when you see clearly, you can be whole.
            So, come forward now, my beloved ones, and receive the holy touch from the heart and fingers of my beloved.

Messenger's commentary: For those listening on the broadcast (or listening to this dictation via audio later), Hilarion says that you may ask for this blessing. Stand and allow the master to anoint your third eye with the holy oil.

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