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Paul the Venetian      July 10, 2005

Beloved Lady Beatitude
David Christopher Lewis
June 5, 2007   8:01-8:24 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Direct Pathway to Holy Union
through Communion with Your Source
in a Newfound Spirit of Oneness

The Lord God Needs All to Accomplish the Union betwixt Heaven and Earth

Be the Attitude of Grace to a World in Need
Serve till All Are Free

Gracious Heartfriends Who Have Decided to Move Onward in the Stream of God-Righteousness toward Holy Union with God,
            I come this day to augment the work of many ascended masters who have embellished your beings with the light essence of their surefire path toward union with the Divine. I am Lady Beatitude, whom some have known as Beulah Heaney. And I come to discourse with you on the direct pathway to holy union through communion with your Source in a newfound spirit of oneness—oneness with all life, oneness with the Source within, oneness with every heartfriend serving in all movements of light, in all streams of consciousness through the interconnectivity that is the Universal Brotherhood of the Spirit.
            Truly, blessed hearts, when you ingest the Holy Spirit and that love-wisdom fire that is divine nourishment moment by moment, you have access to the reality of the blueprint of yourself as a Solar being. And this God-intention that was laid out for you as you were created in the image and likeness of God's very beingness trues you to that divine purpose that is your reason for being as a co-creator with God. It has ever been the divine plan of every lifestream, no matter what the coursing of their soul and the evolution of life, to inhabit a cosmos in joy and, through divine intent, to experience the bliss of oneness and yet the individualization of the God flame as a crystal being evolving in many dimensions of God consciousness.
            Since my work with the messengers of a previous movement of light and my ascension—whereby I did see well beyond that which I was privileged to experience in my final incarnation—through the divine gnosis of a being one with the spiritual world, I took time, as you would experience it in your dimension, to fly to many worlds and to understand the creative process of life itself in these higher worlds, blessed ones.
            Your study day by day of higher truth affords you the opportunity to experience something of that same beingness in God, who directs the spiritual course of your life, if you are willing to accept, through that oneness of hearts, your very purpose. When, through intention, day by day you live a life dedicated to the one vibrating heart of the universe, there is no dissimulation within you, and the direction that you turn and the movement of light-energy through your being allows you to maintain your steady course toward the One. It is only through a temporary lapse in consciousness, through human desire, through human questioning and through a lack of centeredness in that divine purpose that you lapse into an out-of-alignment state and enter into vibrations that bring you into the realm of duality and human nonsense that burdens the very soul in the process of its flight, in the progress of its light evolution.
            By a holy practice of service to life through the science of the Word itself—through that which you emanate and give unto the universe by the words that flow through your heart-mind connection and voice through your throat chakra—the Word vibration in you is amplified day by day. And the Christ consciousness that you have access to by delivering that Word in the physical plane graces the very salt of your being as a dedicated one—one whose life has no meaning other then to live and move in the very soluble, undissolvable oneness of God's energy field of love.
            Those who worship the Lord Christ in Jesus or in any ascended being, blessed ones, have access to the light-energy, the auric field of that one even if their understanding is limited through those teachers, ministers, priests and exemplars whom they look to in their churches, in their religious organizations. For the very Lord God within a Christed one understands that soul in its coursing and gives, even through the limitations of human frailty, light-energies, upliftment, support and spiritual fire that can move that one beyond the bonds of limitation of the human experience in the temporary modes of the organizations and movements of the day.
            Thus, rise with me this day to experience, through a new level of awareness, that which God would have you know as a free soul, no longer bound by the outer limitations of selfhood lived apart from God, but ensconced with the true-blue fire of that divine purpose to which you set your life in the beginning as a sentient created soul.
            In my final incarnation, as I taught the children in Sunday school, the very vibration of Jesus' Presence was tangible for me and I did experience the very spiritual fire of the holy Lord Maha Chohan through my very being. And through my understanding of the science of vegetarianism and of a natural diet, I was able to bring to the community of the Holy Spirit in that movement an understanding of the simple ways of the adepts of the Spirit, of a return to nature and the holy practices of the Essene community, living a life off the land, with the land and understanding the Mother Earth even in the context of a life lived to the glory of God as Spirit, as Father.
            Thus many of you, having tried a number of diets and health practices, have come to a place in your evolution where you understand that the very nature of light in all that you ingest, both physically and spiritually, is the key to the ongoingness of life toward that day when all that you shall partake of is simply the very essence of God's being as energy, as spiritual sustenance, as the divine fire of life itself.
            I breathe now with the Holy Spirit an essence of who I am in God in this moment unto all heartfriends in all movements of light and impel you to come to a greater bonding, a camaraderie of the Spirit, a usefulness to the ascended hosts through oneness with the original intent of your creative evolution in the divine schema. O blessed ones, put aside division, strife and a warring among your members, both within and without. Know that the Lord God requires all of you to accomplish the feat of union betwixt heaven and earth, of the bringing forth of the divine plan for this planet. Then the entire solar system may also move on to fulfill its divine purpose and the ongoing cycles of solar evolution may occur—first within your being and then within all dimensions and planes of being.
            Truly, blessed ones, many of you are gaining new insights in healing, in the use of the crystal rays, in the extension of your hearts and the energies that flow through you unto new opportunities and worlds and vibrations and cycles. And this is good, for only through this experimentation and through a greater activation of the agency of the Holy Spirit, as those siddhis and gifts of the Spirit within you, will you be capable of maintaining balance and spiritual homeostasis within your being. Only then may you be the cosmic exemplars to many evolutions of those spiritual adepts, of masters in the making and the becoming who will be for the earth a shining example of that which the manus, the Lord Christ, the Lord Buddha, the Lord Maitreya, and the Lord Sanat Kumara did set forth and did establish as a very matrix of light of God-beingness that each one could fulfill, proclaim and become.
            O holy ones of the Spirit, know the true nature of God within you, always, vibrating through the currents of spiritual fire that deliver the exact quotient of spiritual energy that you need day by day to fulfill your divine plan. Rise in consciousness to perceive with new eyes, with new ears and with new auras, charged with God's radiance, that which is for you the next step to opening the doorway to the divine world, whereby through new discoveries, new expectations and cosmic joy, you will truly know who you are, fully, as brothers and sisters, servitors of light, as guests of God in his divine world.
            Yes, think on entering into the mansion prepared for you by the Lord in the heavens. See the beauty of this experience of being invited into a most beautiful and radiant room whereby the very Presence of oneness is always yours to know, whereby the glories of the heaven world, shared bountifully with all within the Holy City of beingness, are yours to claim and to experience as a friend, as a lover of God, truly as a son or daughter with the full birthright that has been yours since the beginning— flowering, emanating and growing moment by moment forever. This is the joy of the divine experience that we the ascended masters would share with you, blessed hearts. This is the current of spiritual joy that may be yours forever as you surrender the lesser self to know the greater action of who you are in God always.
            I am Lady Beatitude, expressing in my aura the very essence of the Sermon on the Mount and the Word of the Master. Yes, the attitude of love is my beingness in God, in all things and to all people, to all sentient life. And the expressions of the attributes of the Lord God are my reason for being, conscious of the connection with my Source always through that heart tie, through that love experience and through all that transpires because God loves me and I have entered fully into that love experience.
            This may be yours, blessed hearts, when the beatitude that you are of beingness in God is expressed through your heart, through grace and holiness to all. May life flow through you; may light grow within you, and may the eternal connection with Spirit be yours by the very presence of God's holiness in your life.
            I thank you for your constancy, your devotion and your givingness. It has served you well, O holy ones, such that the angels now serve you well. Go and be the attitude of grace to a world in need, and serve till all are free. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

            Thank you, gracious ones, for your patience. For those who did not know Lady Beatitude, in her final embodiment on earth her name was Beulah Heaney. She passed on from cancer, but she brought to the table many gifts and was a very dedicated servant of the messengers of The Summit Lighthouse, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
            So thank you, Lady Beatitude, for your beautiful message, for your wonderful heart and for sharing something of the heaven world with us today. We are so grateful.
            Thank you for sustaining the planet through your love and light. Thank you, all, for listening on the broadcast. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

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