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Gautama Buddha      May 07, 2005

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
May 7, 2005
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Gautama Buddha's Twin Flame revealed

             In the presence of this humble company, I come. I extend a warm heart and a warm hand to you who have extended yourself on behalf of me to assist me in the plan to save all sentient beings upon this planet. I am the Lord of the World,  and I have waited for many a century to speak to you of this night, for within your ranks here tonight is one that does embody the fullness of my heart. The illumination fire that burns within the breast of this one has truly lit many fires across not only this state but in the hearts of many who come to learn of that method and methodology whereby true learning, true illumination may come forth.
            Wisdom's fire will draw you higher when you receive the impartation of the heart of the true teacher. And the training of true teachers is what we have been about for many a century and what we are about again in this time. And so, your New Wisdom University¹ does receive the impartation of the fire of not only my heart but of those that I have trained and those who would train you in this new dispensation. I release clouds, billowing clouds of immortal fire substance from my heart, washing you, washing the earth as you have given this new mantra this night. And as I wash you in this golden fire, you are made a new creature in Christ and Buddha.
            Some of you have known me personally. And that one that I would receive and acknowledge is your own beloved Anita, and I would reveal in this sacred company that this blessed one is indeed my own twin flame.
           Why is it that in this hour we would reveal the inner secrets of our hearts? It is because some of you need that outer knowledge of what we have held in store, waiting and waiting and waiting until the hour of holiness, the hour of purity, the hour of gentleness when you within a sacred company of hearts could receive this offering without this sacred  knowledge being spilled upon the ground in envy or jealousy, but wherein you may have that sure knowledge that your mission is worth all that you have sacrificed, all that you have given, all that you have striven for, not only in this life but in many, beloved.
            The illumination that we would see manifest upon and across the earth must come through hearts, must come through minds wed to this true understanding of the divinity resident within the acorn, the seed within each soul. And so, to draw forth that innate fire, that innate genius is the work of each of you as you become teachers of men, teachers of children, teachers of the higher truths that we would impart. So doubt not this release, doubt not yourself, beloved, but know that worthiness is born of humility and humility is born of God.
            What shall ye do with this knowlege given this night? You shall honor me by receiving from this one her love, her heart, her understanding that has been impressed through the nuances and the distillations of my mind and heart that I have given her for many a year.
           Beloved, tears of joy flow. And the little Buddhas who are not only coming but who are here and walking among you must receive the fullness of what I will impart through Anita and through each of you as you commune with me and with all sent by God.
           The opposition to my coming to release this message has truly been great. And you feel the weight in your bodies in this hour where light from our abode is pressed down to the earth, and earth can nary contain the fullness of this cosmic weight.
            I have alit for a moment in time and space and ere I return to my lotus throne, I ask my beloved to come forward to receive my touch. Dearest one, I thank you for staying and staying in this dimension serving without thought of self as a bodhisattva of love. I honor the man you have chosen to uphold you, as you also uphold him. This one is a stalwart chela. This release must not dishonor either of these holy ones by being prematurely sent forth, for their mission is sealed and sacred and honored by all of us in heaven. I kiss you with the kiss of peace and will wait in patience for your return soon after your life on earth is fulfilled.
            I, Gautama, bless each of you now. Serve each other in kindness, serve each other in holiness and know that God is real within you each hour.

¹ New Wisdom University was operating at the time of this dictation as a part of the greater mission of The Hearts Center. Since that time, Meru University has emerged with a different director to fulfill its original purpose of the higher spiritual education of adults for the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

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