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Gautama Buddha      April 24, 2005

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
Wesak Address
April 24, 2005
Emigrant, Montana

            My blessed ones, I am come to be with you, and the light that I bring is the light of illumination of a world. Illumination is the means whereby you are refreshed in God's Presence. Illumination is that point of contact with the mind of the one God. I desire, yes, I do desire to bring you higher, beloved. And this desire is not unseemly, but it is truly born of my love for each one, especially those gathered at my feet whose purity of heart has graced this place.
            Many of you young children have been my disciples for thousands of years. And so you come again to take up this path, this path of the golden pink light, the middle way where illumination and love are intertwined, and a new dispensation wherein many will know finally that illumination, that enlightenment, that has seemingly been just beyond their reach embodiment after embodiment, but which now is readily available because of your gurus who have shown the way. So, I come to take away this blot of condemnation upon my blessed one for she has served faithfully in many embodiments and even now today through her sacred heart does nourish many.
            Remember that Jesus said, "Feed my sheep." So, when you feed those in your care, do so in the full knowing that the impartation of your heart is the most important part of the meal you prepare. Knowing that within the sacred meal is contained all the elements that not only your body but your souls need to sustain you on this path, you will benefit by and from the ingesting of this nourishment in a more holy manner from this day forward, beloved.
            So, when you gather in your families and in your community to dine together, I will be there when invited. And the conversation that you have together will be ennobled and made holy because of your respect for each other, knowing that the Buddha does reside within that one across from you, beside you.
            And as Kuan Yin did say last evening, you will know a deeper holiness when you know that the sun that abides over and through and within that one is the reality of that soul. The outer personality even with all of its troubles, all of its burdens is never what we of the ascended hosts look for and at. But we look for the motivation, for the love, for the inner fire and the jewel that resides within the heart of each one.
            So, my children, I speak to you now of the path that you will be walking. When you study in your school will you think about what it means to be enlightened? The light that is just above you can always be ready for you, helping you as you learn what is truly needed for your soul as well as your studies.
            It is good when you have teachers that understand the path that your parents are walking. For they can impart to you a little more grace, a little more understanding of why you are studying what you are studying, why you have to read and write and learn arithmetic, why science is important. And those social studies will help you in understanding cultures and people throughout the earth. For one day you may just be traveling to share a little bit about me with others.
            So, my children, I know that it is sometimes hard to meet the expectations of your parents. And you would rather be playing all the time. But make your studies a game. Make them fun. And thereby, your parents will also be able to learn a little bit more in preparing for you those materials which will lead ultimately to your own wisdom fire manifest as enlightenment.
            I, Gautama, announce that, in addition to the Lord Morya El, I desire to have that darshan with the youth once a month on Tuesday evening for one hour from 7 to 8 pm, here in this place and also broadcast across the internet. You may send your questions through the messenger of hope for the youth, beloved Celeste Miller, if you are not here physically present. If you are here you may ask Lord Morya El and myself directly. We would like this to occur the first Tuesday of each month, when the messengers are available.
            Because it is important that our youth and children know that they are important to us. And thus, they should be important to their parents to the extent that you will bring them, you will nourish them, you will cater to their needs, their every need, beloved. For these are the ones who are the hope of the future.
            I am grateful for each one gathered here who has taken up this path of holiness. I now go to prepare a place for each of you. It is a special room within Shambhala in the form of a lotus. And you may come and commune with me and many other Buddhas to ascertain what it is that you must do for your own enlightenment. For some it means greater study, for some it means greater surrender, to some it means greater due diligence to your work and service. For all it means that deep communion with your own Higher Self, wherein daily you come higher into the understanding of the flame that burns within.
            I ask beloved Janice to come forward now and stand before me. My beloved daughter, I accept your heart of fire. I am grateful that you have revealed this day what you have discerned which is true. I declare to all who study the path of Buddhism that this one is free this day forever of this condemnation. It is lifted, it is consumed, it is no more. I declare that this one is holy, that this one is the one I have chosen to not only nourish the mother in this life, but to nourish many of you through her immaculate heart. And one day she will travel to our Heart Centers, sharing all that she has learned of how to nourish not only the body but the spirit resident within that body.
            So, beloved one, I accept your love, your light, your sacrifice. For you are of me and I am of you always. Beloved ones, come now and receive the rice pudding that she has prepared lovingly on my behalf as I will continue to converse with you in holiness this day. And I, Gautama, say to each of you also, place within my begging bowl now all your burdens, all the points of condemnation that you have ever harbored within your being. Place them now within this sacred bowl. I take them from you once and for all. They are no more because the flame that burns within this bowl is greater than all of the darkness that you have allowed to be a weight upon your soul and spirit. Cast them into the flame of this bowl this day. I declare it consumed by the action of the fire of the Lord of the World. It is done. OM.

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