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Clara Louise      March 25, 2005

Beloved Lady Master Clara Louise
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2005
Wellspring Institute
Emigrant, Montana

            Holiness is the byword of candidates for the ascension, beloved. Holiness is the requirement of the hour for each of you to know me and to enter into the full understanding of the path of the ascension. Candidates that walk the halls of Luxor do meditate on the flame continuously, for within the flame are the elements of purity, wholeness and an understanding of the original intent of God, manifest as the seed of Christ and Buddha within you.
            I come to bless you. I come to instill within you the distillation of the spirit, the essence of Godhood that you knew in the beginning but which at times you have forgotten. You are here to remember, beloved. Remember what it is like to be in the arms of the Divine Mother, to be in the arms of God as a child freshly born and borne upon the winds of the spirit, carried by that Holy Spirit unto this earth for a holy purpose. As you look into the eyes of these little ones, you will know elements of God, qualities of purity that even the angels do desire to outpicture in their representations in the clouds of God's glory come to earth. Beloved, unless you become as these little ones, you may not truly know the fullness of the ascension flame. For within the beating hearts of these innocent ones there burns the very fire, yes, the very fire, of purity that we would not see besmirched by this civilization, which does not honor purity but [does honor] truly the degradation come from the bowels of the nether world.
            So, what would you do to save all sentient beings? I say, you must save a generation by providing them the opportunity to be raised in a climate and a culture of purity. And so, I did rise early in the morning to invoke the angels and the forces of the heavens to come and seal these ones and even many among you to be able to find this path and walk with God.
            So, within the school systems there must come forth a higher teaching, very simple but truly profound: an understanding of how wisdom is not crammed within the brain but is allowed to be expressed from within these burning hearts with joy, with movement and with the full blazing flame of the expression of their hearts and wonder and the awe of the learning experience.
            Beloved, we come this day to initiate a new spiral of light within the greater community of the earth, known as the Meru Learning Centers, that must come forth to grace every Hearts Center and eventually cover the earth to receive the little Buddhas, the little bodhisattvas and allow them to be trained up in the ways of God, unencumbered by the false teachings that have permeated the school systems of not only your culture but of many.
            And so, I am a nurse of God, come to nurse my own through the hearts of you who will choose this path of teaching, which is a path of allowance of the light to flow through you to allow these ones to become the fullness of who they are. And so, it is not so much a matter of teaching as of truly being in the now and allowing them to participate in this drama, picking out those specific materials that you prepare lovingly that allow them to understand the geometrization of the God flame within them as well as teaching them reading, writing and the principles of divine knowing.
            So, the sensitivities of the soul, that these [children] have innately, must be allowed to be developed and expressed, for they have the key to the salvation of your culture and world. As our beloved Messengers [Lanello and Mother] rise to take the place of the God and Goddess Meru, you will be learning from them newer techniques and tools for the development of the mind, the soul and the heart. You already have from the blessed Ascended Lady Master Maria Montessori, under the sponsorship of beloved Mother Mary, many keys to allow the child to become who he or she is. And yet, many ascended lady masters will grace your centers to tutor you, to instruct you, and to inspire upon you higher learning that must be imparted to these who will in turn grow and become world teachers.
            You have among you embodied avatars and avataresses, beloved. As you kiss their foreheads at night before they retire to come to our abode for their ongoing training, will you see my angels surrounding you, enfolding you with the glory of the ascension flame? For if you teach what this flame is and what it means at an early age and the child is allowed to meditate upon these currents, you may just have walking unascended masters upon the earth who can instill within this culture the Golden Age consciousness that will light a fire that cannot be quenched. When you love your children, truly love them, you honor God. When you allow them to waste their time through the attention upon the television and video games of violence and do not allow them to balance the elements of self through proper diet and exercise and the intake of fresh air, you do a disservice to all who come to grace your households, sometimes unbeknownst to you.
            So I, Clara Louise, do rise and call forth my daughter, Celeste Lasater, in this hour.
            Unto you, dear heart, is given the mission to instruct the teachers and those who are called forth this day to develop their centers of learning known as the Meru Learning Centers in this nation and in every nation where we would set forth our path and where we would walk among you. Will you, beloved Celeste, vow this day in humility to accept a portion of my torch as the Regent Mother of the Flame to carry this message to the youth of the world?
            [Vow of Celeste Lasater Miller in response]
I vow, before all mankind, to carry the torch for the Divine Mother, that I am given to carry, on behalf of the youth of this world, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.
            This Sunday, those among you will hear her presentation dictated by us directly to her of the divine matrix for these Meru Learning Centers. Be here to receive this new teaching, which is not so new but which is truly the Aquarian model come again from the retreats of the Masters of Wisdom into earth.
            Receive now the impartation of the fire of God this day.
            [The Master blesses Celeste with a crystal gemstone.]
            Beloved, many are called but few are chosen because few have stood forth to declare their mission as a mission of sacrifice, of love, of surrender. Some of you have had a mission in store for you for decades. I, Clara Louise, say that it is time that you fulfill it. Let no person, place, thing, condition, or demon stand in the way of the fulfillment of your mission, beloved. Rise early as I did, before the dawn, and pray unceasingly for assistance in your endeavor. Know God. Know love. Know purity, for only purity will allow you to win all the way back to the halls of Luxor.
            I seal you in the light of Amen Ho-tep, your Lanello, the essential one who does sponsor this movement anew and who now desires to speak his thoughts through our other messenger in the heart of this, your nation.

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