Our Guardian Angel Prayers


Guardian Angel Prayers 

Photo Credit:  Edward Burne Jones, An Angel Playing a Flageolet. Source: Wikipedia Commons
Help, Freely Offered through Our Guardian Angel Prayers

Fortunate are we today to have abundant opportunities to learn about our friends and protectors–the angels! We can know our own guardian angel through prayer, song or entering into a silent place of listening grace. The presence of the great archangels and hosts of heaven through songs, prayers, images and testimonials on multiple media channels today reminds us about the ready help and service joyously offered by our friends in heaven.

Though these inhabitants of the inner worlds largely remain invisible to most of us, yet there are ample stories and reports of angelic encounters that rekindle our belief that these mysterious light beings do indeed exist just beyond the veil.

The Holy Scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions provide clear recognition of their existence. The revelations of Mohammed were given by the Angel Gabriel. And Archangel Michael is a key figure cited in John’s Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.

Mother Mary adjures us to know the truth of the intercession of the angels and archangels.
An inspired message from the Queen of Angels. Please click here to read.

Perhaps you or someone close to you has had an occasion to be touched by an angel. Often the stories of witnesses to an angelic encounter report a sudden appearance of one or more friendly strangers in the guise of normal human beings. Acting to protect or alert key individuals, these benevolent visitors will mysteriously disappear right after the incident has passed. 

That’s often the only tip-off that there has been an angelic intervention. The person helped will turn to thank the kind stranger for rescuing them only to find that nobody is there!  Poof!

Prayer for Angelic Help—The Call Compels the Answer!

Have you been wondering how you can befriend the angels? Are you ready to learn more about giving your own guardian angel prayers?

On our website, should you hang around it a bit, you will learn that the angels are eager to become our friends. And for those of you willing to start working with the angels in earnest, this teamwork will help co-create wonderful and constructive ways to bring God into your lives and into the lives of others.

As we become aware of the interrelationships we can forge with the angels, we can trust we are dealing with an evolution far older and wiser than we are. Theirs is a kingdom whose citizens are well advanced in serving God’s master-plan for the Earth. They live beyond the pale of our world’s pain and passions. Yet upon our earnest request, they are willing to unreservedly and unselfishly offer us aid, comfort, illumination and inspiration. 

Did you notice the key phrase, “…upon our earnest request”? We have to call to them and invite them to come into our lives. They won’t intercede unless asked.

When it comes to putting guardian-angel prayer work into practice, Anthony William shows us how clearly and precisely in his bestselling book, Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods:

The method for calling upon the life-changing angels … you must ask for them by name, out loud. Our minds are pinball machines of activity, with thoughts and emotions darting all over the place. It’s too much noise for the angels to spend their time listening when they have so much other work to do.
It doesn’t have to be a shout; it need not be above a whisper. The angels just need any vocal cue that you’re receptive to their intervention. (If you are deaf or unable to speak, use sign language or a mental message to ask for the Angel of Deliverance. She will help you get in touch with the angel you have in mind.) 

Reconnect Now with Your Personal Guardian Angel

We have been invited and encouraged to re-acquaint ourselves with our personal guardian angel.  And through contact with that one, also called the "angel of our Presence”1 we can come to know more fully our own Divine Self.

Truly we have friends of light in higher octaves attempting to inspire upon us a greater sensitivity and appreciation of who we are at the core of our being. Angels are a gift to us from our Creator, our Source.

Strengthen your relationship with your guardian angel and understand how God sees you. Did you know that your angel friend’s great joy and service is to draw you closer to God?

Given the chance, your guardian-angel prayers will help you see yourself the way your God Parents imagined you from the beginning, fashioned in their own likeness and image.2   You have help in this task! Would you be receptive to this lover of your soul?


In a beautiful HeartStream the Lady Master Kristine shows us how: “This you may do through meditation, through a deeper communion day-by-day wherein you reserve that time to shut away the noises and influences of the world from your outer consciousness, entering into that secret chamber of your hearts [to] truly know the divine light within”.3  

Meet with the Angels of Destiny and Your Destiny in the Light!

Yes. You are here for a reason. And we, as a community, daily re-assign ourselves the task of deliberately and scientifically using the opportunity of our sacred rituals and broadcast services to call upon the angels of destiny. We have learned the great bounty and blessing afforded to all who invite, with alacrity and sincerity, the angels into their lives.

Some of you have heard the terms “light workers” or “light sharers.” When you establish a relationship with the “life-changing angels,” as Anthony William calls them, you can help qualify that appellation by interacting with these loving and pure beings of light.

And behold!  The more you consciously nurture your relationship with the angels, the more you learn from them that you, too, are a being of light. And should you take their comfort and assurances and even their corrections to heart, you will, in what might seem like just the twinkling of an eye, begin to work with and share your own light in greater measure.



1. HeartStream by Beloved Lady Kristine, delivered through David Christopher Lewis, April 23, 2006,
entitled,"Take Time to Re-connect with Your Own Guardian Angel and through This One with Your Divine Self"

2.  Genesis 1:26

3. HeartStream by Beloved Lady Kristine,  April 23, 2006.


In chapter 23 of Anthony William's book, Medical Medium1 he introduces us to (what he names the The Essential Angels.)

He reminds his readers that we are all born with the God-given right to reach out to the angels whenever we need them. "Angels want to help ease our minds, rebuild our spirits and souls, and heal our bodies."  And...

"The three basic facts of angels are: that they work for God, their powers are vast but finite, and they have free will."

It is interesting to note that of the three qualities named –although the first two can be developed in our lifetime–humans share in common with the angels the God-given trait of "free will." We can choose to call on the angels to participate in our lives, or not. We can actively seek out their intercession or remain totally aloof of their influence. Knowingly or unknowingly we can woo them or shoo them.

Does that mean angels exercising their free will can choose to answer our prayers—or not? Well, remember they also work for God.

Those angels that have remained and continue to remain "faithful and true" to God's holy purposes are counted among the legions of Archangel Michael's guardian and warrior angels. They will attend to our prayer requests. It's part of their job description. And they happen to love their jobs.

Having free will and being particularly sensitive to the virtuous emotions we associate with the heart, they can be influenced by the level of sincerity and enthusiasm we put into our prayers.

In Touched by Angels2 we read this about our guardian angel: "Although she holds none of our weaknesses against us, there are three qualities she will not tolerate. The first is insincerity which compromises our integrity. Second is taking things for granted which signals the absence of gratitude. And third is facetiousness which belittles truth and good."

We know from our own life experiences how deflating or debilitating negative attitudes and emotions can be. How patient and persevering are those angels that lovingly prod us onward and upward!



1. Medical Medium by © 2015 Anthony William Published by Hay House pgs. 329 & 330.

2. Flower Newhouse, Touched by Angels Published by Bluestar Communications, © 1998 Christward Ministry pg. 62.



Commune with Archangel Michael in this YouTube video of Respighi's St. Michael the Archangel:



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Angel of Deliverance Prayer


O Angel of Deliverance,
I AM one with thee.
I soar with thee now in spirit
To deliver souls here, there and everywhere
From the darkness of this age
Into the light of perfection and eternal joy.
Bind the forces of darkness that assail every soul.
Release them! Deliver them, O God,
Into your eternal grace,
Into your supernal light in this hour.
I declare it! I aver it!
It is so in the name of the I AM THAT I AM!
And by the sword of the Archangel of Deliverance,
It is manifest now. Amen.


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