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Our Children – Teachers of Self-Mastery

Our Children – Teachers of Self-Mastery

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much a child may do for your self-mastery? Children help us grow in so many wonderful way and yet sometimes, what better than patience and self-control, right? It is not the easy, relaxed, times that challenge us but the stressful, fast paced ones. And what better than a close relationship with a beloved soul with whom you share karma and a house and dirty laundry too! (Figuratively and literally!)

So, next time when things are heating up in your household, take note. Are you heating up too? These relationships are burning up karmic stuff between you, but no fires please!

It is said that our children are a reflection of us. And in so many ways they are. Certainly they are individual souls with free wills, too. And yet, let us take the similarities and learn from them. It’s also said that what we see in others is in ourselves. It’s funny how I’ve never noticed certain things about people that others have and yet, other things, I notice all the time. For better or worse, this is a teacher for us. Interestingly, as we resolve issues on our side, people also seem to resolve them. Is that our seeing them or did they really resolve those issues or did they never have them to begin with and it was all for our lesson!

So, back to our beloved children. Yeah, they can press our buttons alright. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and breathe. And yes, sometimes we make mistakes. And yet, each step forward takes us closer on our path of self-mastery. Each effort in the right direction leads us on to greater heights. Thank God we have children to test us. Whoever thought our teachers would be so small and seemingly inexperienced! Ha!

What tests have your children given you? Have you passed them or are you still in that process?



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