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How Does Heaven Celebrate Christmas?

How Does Heaven Celebrate Christmas?

Have you ever thought that they might celebrate Christmas in heaven? I can’t say I have, aside from some beautiful angels singing their song of Christmas praise anew each year.

Well, according to the Masters, they do celebrate Christmas, though it’s a much wider celebration than just the Bethlehem story. For example, there is a divine being who embodies the Spirit of Christmas and is not confined to this world we call Earth. We learn:

For you see, there is the Spirit of Christmas that lives and moves and has its being within all worlds and not just on planet Earth. For the Christ is the Christ everywhere throughout the universe; and the Spirit of Christmas, as that essence of the Christic light, blazes in the hearts of all those who understand the nature of the Christ Spirit no matter what world they hail from.

Spirit of Christmas, December 25, 2007

So it seems like the Christmas celebration is – in its deepest sense – actually more like what the Catholic tradition celebrates – a ‘mass’ or worship of the Christ (Christ-mas). This is what we have heard again and again, and what makes complete sense to me personally. While I adore the Christmas story and the little Bethlehem babe, I also recognize that Christ is within me and that I, like all God’s children, are intended to embody that Christ presence.

Here is a quote that affirms and expands on that:

In this Christmas season I come to remind you that even as I with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul traveled from Persia to the Holy Land to bear witness to that light within the Son of God of Jesus, so I also come this day to bear witness to the light within you. And I see it even if you do not always behold it for yourself....

As you gather and sing your  songs in honor of the Christ in the presence of angels, remember, blessed ones, that the angels themselves reflect back that light to you  such that you may always remember that you are also that light.  For they worship the Christ of all, they honor the divinity within  every man, woman and child, and they serve lovingly at the direction of  the Lord God that you may even hear the angels one day singing your praises, even as you sing to them the praise of your light, the true you, the blessed son or daughter of God. 

El Morya, December 22, 2009

But perhaps you were interested in how heaven celebrates Christmas? Do they hang decorations from their halls and adorn a giant Christmas tree? I’ve never heard of it, but I wouldn’t put it past them as there are many examples of ‘as above so below’! Regardless, the ascended hosts do celebrate Christmas, but in a more expansive way, acknowledging the Light that is God within all. Like this,

I would speak to you of ritual and of how we, the ascended masters and the chohans of the rays celebrate in divine octaves of light the Christmas season. There is a building of anticipation even within the heaven-world of a great influx of light at the time of the solstice.... We see the prayers rising from many upon earth and angelic choirs singing a continuous angelus twenty four/seven, even trailing clouds of great glory as those carols are played and sung upon earth.... And even within our sacred brotherhood there are processions, there are rituals that we partake of that are ancient in origin, harking back to the very instauration of the spirit-spark of light within each created being. There is a gathering in every retreat of the Brotherhood. And at a certain appointed time, as you consider it upon earth, we blend the resources of our heart-fires to the great God of all that is—worshiping, honoring and giving holy deference to that which animates all life in all realms of being.

Yes, we bow our heads and prayerfully look to the Source of all for our continuing life, the very essence of our being, that which sustains us as spiritual advocates of the path of light.

Serapis Bey, December 25, 2009


So, what do you think of that?


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