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Spirituality in the Kitchen

Spirituality in the Kitchen

I recently overheard part of the Hearts Center Spring Conference while in my kitchen. I particularly enjoyed a presentation by Soledad Benavente titled, "Our Kitchens Are Laboratories for Delicious Alchemies!" I have to say, it put my little spiritual practices to shame! She went a lot deeper into her food than I ever have. It was a paid event so I’m not able to quote it yet, but I’m told the replay will be available for free in 45 days (her presentation starts on day 3, at 1:33 hours in), if you are interested.

In the meantime, I can share with you about the little things that I do in my kitchen.

My spiritual alchemy in the kitchen includes blessing my food before I eat it. I usually just say, “I love you, thank you, bless you,” over my food while placing my hand over it and thinking of all the foods growing happily in the sun for so long, all their effort for me.

When serving food to my husband who works from home, or my children, I am often mindful that I am serving God and have an inner attitude of deference to God.

Sometimes I remember to ask the angel of water to enter my grains or beans as I soak them overnight. Unlike the Essenes though, I don’t ‘cook’ them in the sun!

Finally, does this count for kitchen? Inspired by Anastasia, I now talk to my favorite fruit trees and bushes and greet them with love. I used to think it was silly to talk to everything but I am learning to change my perspective. I have much to learn.


What do you do in your kitchen to bring spirituality and blessing to your family?




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