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Spiritual Conversations With a 10-Year Old

Spiritual Conversations With a 10-Year Old

I love to read about kids (and people of all ages) having spiritual experiences. It makes me feel like I could experience that for myself. It is in that spirit that I continue to share examples from my own kids’ lives.

Now we are a spiritual family, of course, and even though we don’t do many other things that we could and should, we do discuss spiritual things.

So, recently, there I was in the kitchen, talking about spiritual things and how angels are everywhere and available when we call them. To demonstrate, I threw in a quick heartfelt call, something like: “Angels, surround our home and property now!” As I said this, my son, looking out the window towards our front fence, excitedly said he could see them there! When asked later he said, he saw lots of them all standing right next to each other outside but within our property line. How amazing and wonderful! If only we could always see the answers to our calls! Now, he has good visualization skills but I don't think we can - or should - put down regular incidents of seeing angels just to visualization. (If only I could visualize that well!)

There was another occasion when we were singing “May the Angels Go With You” when he ran to the window, because as he told me after, he wanted to see the seraphim and cherubim, which were going to be there because we called to them. He saw them descending as we sang that line about them.

And when I made other calls later, if he choose, he could see it happening for a moment, as I made it. I’m curious if other spiritually minded individuals would see the same thing as he did.

It turns out my son can see his guardian angel when he chooses too. He just desires to, and sees her for a split second. He considers it normal and probably a combination of his imagination and the fact that it’s real. If he asks her, they play hide and seek and he ‘looks’ around till he sees her somewhere for split second. The funny thing is, he never knows where she is going to be. How could that be faked? And, unlike when he chooses to engage his imagination, he can only see his guardian angel for a flash no matter what he wishes.

Like to hear another story? While I was weeding the yard - and privately wishing that my kids would help me, I overheard the cutest thing. My 10 year old had apparently decided to play ‘God’. Two of my kids, ages 10 and 7, were pushing each other on the rope swing and pretending one of them was God and the other was a soul in heaven. They got to 'fly' and spin around as well as ask God questions. One of them would pretend after all that flying that so many cosmic days had passed and it was time to be born and time to choose their parents. Then of course they opened their eyes and were suddenly back on earth! My daughter called out excitedly at one point, God just gave birth to me! My son came up to me afterwards and told me they were having so much fun and that it felt kind of like heaven because whatever wish you had it was fulfilled. My son also said that it was funny when he was God because he had to act like God but he didn't really know exactly how to act like God. Also, "Just then I realized that if you always acted like God then you're going to be like God!" So, while they weren't helping me out, that was one heaven of a play session!

I’m looking forward to a bright future! In the words my son prays nightly: “Thank you that today was a great day and tomorrow will be even better”


Do you know children who are a spiritual inspiration for you?


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