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Spiritual Poems

Spiritual Poems

Do your kids enjoy poems? Maybe they would enjoy hearing some spiritual poetry? Perhaps they would even like to make their own poems up! My son and I made these up for fun…



The ascended masters of old,

Whose hearts are as good as gold,

Do hasten to save Earth,

And a give her a re-birth -

If only to Love she will mold!


There once was a soul on earth

Who was wondering his own true worth

Yet in him was Light,

Tremendous and bright -

When he saw it he laughed with good mirth!


There once was an angel on high

Who, pointing to Earth said, “Oh my…

The dark age is ending,

The Light’s now descending -

I think they’ll ascend if they try!”


Haiku Poems

A Golden Age Dawns

The first rays of hope appear

Earth is won at last.


The Masters of love

Giving all so others see

They shine their light daily


Acrostic Poems


Christ is in Jesus and Christ’s in us all

He is the only true Son (or Daughter) of God

Radiating light, the wisdom ray

Inside of your heart is the holy Christ flame

So Christ’s in you too!

That’s nice to know. 😊



Love is the purpose of life

Only do not keep it all – share it!

Very special, it makes life sweet

Everyone can enjoy it!


ABC Poem

A is for Alpha, in the Great Central Sun

B  is for Buddha, both solemn and fun

C is for Christ, to us God now gives

D is for divine, each one of us is

E is for everyday God in us lives!

F is for fairies who are friends with the gnomes

G is for garden where they make their quaint homes!

H is for heaven, the garden of God

I is for I AM name, my staff and rod

J is for joy, a key on our path

K is for karma, why we don’t always laugh

Love is for love that’s another huge key

M is for mastery, if only we’d see!

N is for names, of God there are many

O is for “The One”, as good as any

P is for purity, a clean and pure heart

Q is for quiet, to hear God that’s how we start

R is for reincarnation, we’ve lived here before

S is for sun, it has wisdom in store

T is for threefold flame, I’ve learned to adore

U is for understanding, I pray I might gain

V is for victory that must finally reign

W is for white, Great White Brotherhood true

X is for eXtra wonderful for me and for 


Zap! Zoom! The Golden Age is NOW!


And now a few from my 10 year old son Michael:


Ascended masters do take delight

in helping souls in their heavenly flight!

But if only they would

be truthful and good

And love God with all of their might!


The seven different rainbow rays

Are ones God made; give him the praise!

Five crystal rays too

With radiance so true

Together the Earth we can raise!


Haiku Poems:

Ascended Masters

They are my wonderful friends.

Yes, I love them so!


Hope you enjoyed our fun little poems!


Perhaps you have one of your own to share below?





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