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Blessing Each Other

Blessing Each Other

I would like to share with you something fun that I do with my kids sometimes. I bless them and I ask for their blessing! I have to say, my kids are 8, 5 and 2, as a reference point of what age kids I am referring to here and what works for us. I recall that The Hearts Center once held a Meru Course on the topic of “blessing”, and I think it would be a fun course to do.

However, in the absence of that course, I enjoy creating our own fun rituals. It doesn’t have to be anything more than sharing my frankincense and myrrh oil and blessing them with something good and spiritual, a loving heart, perfect genius or good thoughts for example. Or when doling out their morning vitamins you playfully put your hand on their head and bless them with perfect health. Don’t forget to ask them for their blessing in return. Hey, I’m happy to receive all the blessings that I can get! And who knows, kids have among the purest hearts and therefore the most power!

Of course this is just a fun thing to do just as dressing up is. We don’t do it with anything but mock- seriousness. But, at what point does playing turn into reality?

What a fun thing to add to your life. I am always asking the angels to help us add Ascended Master fun and games and inspiration to our day.


What about you? What fun spiritual things does your family come up with?



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