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You Know Things are Going Right When…

You Know Things are Going Right When…

You overhear your kid on the toy phone trying to call the Ascended Lady Master Nada only to get her twin flame because she was busy.

Your kids regularly enjoy sharing their breakfast with their guardian angel.

Your kids like taking their angel dolls with them for walks, rides and to bed.

Your kid makes present boxes for you that are full of love. He even thinks his water tastes better when he puts love in it (it probably does!).

You hear your kid explaining the concept of karma to their younger sibling.

You have been called Divine Mother or more accurately, Divine Cuddly Mother(DCM) by your kid.

Your kid has hosted a pretend angel party with everything “angel” and invited you to go.

Your kid likes dressing up in a huge white robe, flapping his arms, er wings, and pretending to be a visiting angel.

Your kid comments about something he heard on the morning broadcast and he remembers it at least as well as you do.

Your kid wants a turn at choosing which Heart Center song video to play next.

Your little kid who is supposed to be napping instead can be heard singing spiritual songs.

Your kid thinks saying prayers in our rarely used downstairs room would be an acceptable fun activity.

You wake up one day and hear your kid in the other room saying “I love you God!”

You hear your kid in the backseat telling their sibling how God is in everything, even a stick.

Your kid tells you that they realized they had to correct the amount of money they took because they didn’t want to ‘make bad karma’!

Your kid writes a story about a mystery underwater retreat that includes cuddly angels!

Yes, all those things actually happened in my household. I guess my kids sound pretty spiritual by now – ha ha! We have our moments. And it really is all credit to God. It also doesn’t mean that they all happened in one day or that we are perfect in any way, but it does make me think, we did something right!


Chime in! What do your kids do that makes you think “I did something right”? Your experiences may be totally different to mine.




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