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Just Imagine…

Just Imagine…

Just imagine with me now and come on a fun journey with me. Imagine all the resources we have for our kids with ascended master content:

—Soft, beautifully made stuffed toys for the kids including huggable Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha and the archangels.

—Baby board books that also come in ascended master topics! How about a sturdy toddler book with a different color for each of the 7 chakras or chohans. Or a board book about a cute little baby who is really a divine spirit in this little body.

—Little girls t-shirts that have images of fairies and angels and affirming statements and little boys tops that have affirming statements and images of a beautiful superhero called Archangel Michael, Hercules, or even K-17?

—Kids toys depict heavenly beings and creatures rather than those of the lower realms.

—Sticker books for the little kids that include ascended master themes, nature spirits, gems, chakras, angels, children in nature, children communing with angels and more.

—Kids school readers that include topics such as Nature Spirits, Your Friends Today; How the Angels Help You; You Come From Heaven; Gifts of the Spirit; Your Energy Centers are Called Chakras; Ascended Masters the Divine Superheroes; and more.

—Kids Lego introduces ascended master themed action figures including Lady Nada and her rose, Serapis Bey with his pyramid, Saint Germain with a violet flame cauldron, Mother Mary holding the Christ Child and Archangel Michael with his blue-flame sword!

—Kids bedroom posters include cartoon drawings of the etheric cities and retreats of the heaven-worlds.

—Kids novels inspire towards beauty and a better world through novels of heroism in ancient golden ages, kids adventure stories with the Masters and more.

—Kids movies always contain good role models, lessons in how to live and heroes who are always good examples.

—Kids video games role play lessons in virtue and all the God-qualities.

Remember, what we can imagine, we can create. What we visualize, we begin to draw down from the etheric. Have fun imagining!

P.S. What other ideas do you have? Do you have ideas for older kids?



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