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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2007, Part 1

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2007, Part 1

Do you enjoy reviewing (and viewing for the first time!) the teachings of the Ascended Masters as it relates to our precious children? If so, then dig in! These are just a sample of what is out there, so many Heartstreams do we have! Find your own quotes or do your research on other topics here.


Sing to your children and grandchildren. Joy in the radiance of movement and dance and the cosmic ritual of that drama which portends the very freedom of your soul and spirit when you have truly accepted the alchemy of love within you at all levels.

  • Holy Amethyst, January 17, 2007


And we were privileged to be chosen to be involved in the founding of this nation as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.2 And the words which we did pen in those hours still have import today. And yet America and generations of children have not been fully exposed to the principles and the words that we did both utter and record. These themselves would give them the spiritual tools and the fuels to move forward the ongoing work of the founding fathers.

  • Lotus, January 22, 2007


Long ago I saw the face of God as a child. And tears streamed down my face as I meditated upon the purity and wholeness and beauty of this face. And from that hour, I decided that nothing would hold me back in my determination to be as this holy One whose gaze shown before me in consciousness, in spirit.

  • Muses, March 17, 2007


The youth of today's world especially need examples of Godly virtue who will live a life of uncompromising love, reaching out to give them hope that a better world awaits those who will work to develop their God-given talents. For the earth is rife with the glittery, decadents whose only desire is stardom, riches and fame and who do not reflect the light from their Source in generous works of spiritual uplift. For, although it is natural for the righteous and meek ones not to seek public adulation, some among mankind must set forth a new standard of graciousness and kindness and stand to declare a new way of divine reason amidst the decline of tact and civility.

  • Saint Germain, April 02, 2007


Even before our birth, our parents consecrated us to God and to the service of sentient beings upon earth. This was important because as our parents prayed and visualized our own souls being blessed by the angels and the heavenly beings, so the light came forth to protect us and crystallize a beautiful divine design or blueprint for our life within our auras, surrounding our entire being.

  • Mother Mary, June 03, 2007


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