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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2006, Part 3

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2006, Part 3

Welcome to another edition of Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children! This series of articles makes it easy for you to enjoy exploring for the first time (or reminding yourself) what the ascended masters have said on children.


“Even children know the Spirit of God. For it is natural to live in a state of that holy acceptance of all the possibilities of being when, in that childlike, pure state, you are free to be the one in whom God dwells. It is only when you have accepted something less than your God Self within your sphere of being that you become adultlike, with all the trappings of the lesser self having woven themselves around you as that chimera of unreality, [which] I would scrape away, blow away [like] the [whitened] seeds of a dandelion, this day.”

-Beloved Maha Chohan, June 11, 2006


“Children at this age* are very devotional by nature. And if you can incorporate into their schedule on a weekly basis time for them to commune heart to heart with spiritual beings, using certain publications as guidelines, even giving them the simple keys to meditation and spiritual practices that will allow them to go deep within and to contact that innate Christhood, then they shall learn the processes of self-discovery, the God-self discovery, where they will have a firm understanding of what it will take for them to become enlightened beings…”

-Beloved Meta, May 10, 2006



And this one I just realized is from the last series, 2005, but it’s a great quote, and applicable as it talks about the New Year, so I included it here anyway:

“The portent of a new year of opportunity is before you. And I ask you to consider upgrading your own ability and, as it were, your portfolio of prayer work on behalf of the youth. As you know, the youth are challenged in this hour through all the misuses of the light—first and foremost, the culture of death manifest through drugs and a music industry that takes from their very chakras and lifestreams the energy that they need to fulfill their mission in life.
-Beloved Maryon, December 31, 2005


“The Lords of Karma have asked that I come before you with a plea, and it is this: that you consider and work as a team to compile the lives of modern saints of ascended- master activities, who have walked the earth in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, who have ascended back to the heart of God. These are the true heroes and heroines of the spirit whose lives will be an example for your youth to follow. Many of you have known these souls whose efforts and lives have been a testament to truth and to a way of selfless love that leads to immortality, because in the process of giving, the lower self is lost and the Higher Self gained.”
-Beloved Lady Kristine, February 05, 2006


“Service to children is paramount in this hour as Hercules has told you. Service to the child within yourself, first and foremost, will allow you to then resonate with the needs of the Holy Christ Child within all. Look into the eyes of children to perceive the very vision that God has of those souls. See the joy, the spontaneity, the creative fires that must not be squashed by those in the educational systems who do not understand the nature of the heart of these blessed ones. Receive them as I received them, O mankind. Honor them. Succor them. Feed them the light of the truth.”
-Beloved Jesus, November 23, 2006


This is part 3 for 2006 quotes. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 also! For further information, please check out our online, free database of Heartstreams as there are many more awesome teachings!


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