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Conversations With Kids

Conversations With Kids

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be holding a little newborn in my arms. So, I thought it would be wise to write and schedule this article early!

I’ve shared a few examples in the past of practical ways to include basic spirituality (or deep spirituality) in conversations with your kids. Today I will share some more.

Just picture. The sun is up and so is your son. Actually he’s already up before you if he’s like my son! You go out to greet him and give him his ‘morning cuddle’ because after all, all kids, especially little boys, need lots of cuddles. You greet him with “Hello, beautiful son of God!” Does he think it’s strange? Not at all. You say it all the time.

After breakfast you’re working on some homeschooling. Although it’s not official, you like the idea of homeschooling and have started it with him. Your son has just been to the cupboard to retrieve the wooden counting blocks. Looking at the 1000 cube block he happens to say, “This doesn’t look like 1000”. You naturally reply, “Yeah, but remember, it’s not just the outside… it’s also all the cubes that fit on the inside. It’s like you. Looking at you might not be able to see the son of God that you are. You might just see this skin . You don’t necessarily see God’s light and power inside of you.” And then you do your math.

While working with your little girl on educational programs at the computer a voice-over asks, “What’s in the sky?” To which you naturally respond, “clouds, planes, birds, angels.” When the familiar kid’s song comes on, Mary had a little lamb, you can’t help but change the words to: 

Mary had a little fairy

Her wings were white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

Her fairy was sure to go.

Of course, it helps that your daughter’s name is Mary too. It’s the sweetest thing when later you hear your little girl singing snippets of your new song as she’s playing by herself.

The afternoon finds you outside with the kids playing with some sand. Your little girl is not always careful with other people’s work and can sometimes step on it. After she says sorry you explain a little more: “We respect people and their work. That’s the golden rule that Jesus taught and that’s in all religions. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” She keeps on playing and it’s all good. Everything you say all goes in somewhere.

When your son asks you about something he overheard about not thinking you explain, “Remember today how I was replaying the message from Lanto? He was talking about mindfulness. But, really it should be called mind-emptiness! Because it’s not about having your mind ‘full’ – it’s about having your mind empty!” Chuckling at your own joke you continue, “Your brain is like a computer. It’s great to process things. But it’s not supposed to be working all the time. Otherwise how can you find space to get the thoughts from God? You need to turn it off sometimes.” It’s a good reminder for both of you.

Later on in the evening you’re playing some music while the kids play. Your son chooses Pomp and Circumstance. You share with him that although this is a traditional British march it’s also the keynote of El Morya. When he picks Finlandia (yes, my kids really pick these tunes) you tell him how the composer was from Finland and wrote it about his home country, although we in the New Age movement know it as the keynote of Sanat Kumara. It’s a nice piece, either way, you add. Then you play some more keynotes. They really are nice pieces of music to listen too.

It’s been a good day. You’ve been natural. You’ve shared your spirituality with you kids in little ways here and there. And as you continue day by day, year by year, you really are giving them a spiritual education.


Please comment! What things do you like to share with your kids or the children in your care?


PS. This was written about kids ages 5 and 2 although examples could be changed for the age group you are working with.


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