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A Few Thoughts on the Spiritual Perspective on Abortion

A Few Thoughts on the Spiritual Perspective on Abortion

In this day and age when abortion has been so commonplace that many consider it much like a dental visit, in this day and age when thousands upon thousands of abortions occur daily, I, as a pregnant woman, would like to discuss this.

At the time of this writing[1], I am 8 weeks along, one of the two weeks that most abortions occur (the other is 7 weeks, leading by 4%). I can’t say I’ve ‘felt’ life in a tangible way, aside from going off foods and feeling a little ‘off.’ Of course, I know in my heart that there is this awesome life growing within me. It’s such a miracle that I can hardly comprehend the majesty of God in each human form. While I know this is a ‘wanted’ pregnancy, I realize many are not, and it is to you, sisters, that I speak.

When we look at choices, we sometimes forget to look from a spiritual perspective. Did you ever think, for example, that God is born each time a child is born? Likewise, God is conceived each time a pregnancy begins. How sacred! How incredible! And yes, how scary, if you’re not ready for it! And yet, how could we say no to God? God only lives on the earth through us. True, God’s light/energy/consciousness is in all things. And yet, we, as sons and daughters of the Divine, carry a divine spark within. This child, this embryo, has that too. Yes, even the funny looking embryo you see at 7 weeks that still has a tail and arm buds. Whatever.  We started out like that too, physically speaking.

Another aspect of the spiritual perspective on abortion is that each one has a mission, a mission from God. You do too, of course. Perhaps that includes bearing this child! Take heart! There is so much help available in today’s day and age that finances need not be a cause for abortion.[2] Can you imagine, that before this life, we stood, in our spirit, each one, before the glorious councils of Light and pledged what we would do in this life? Our parents, they did that too. And here we are today; thanks Mum! There is for each one, a time, a timetable, if you will, when we must play our parts on the screen of life with those with whom we have karma or share a common mission. Yes, this is all planned! A new meaning to “Planned Parenthood”. Ha ha!

When your heart feels afraid and it feels like all is falling, remember that God has a plan for your life and that God loves you. Whether this pregnancy seems completely unplanned or even like a mistake, God can take your life and work miracles through you.  

Others have done it and you can too. They have still fulfilled their life goals (even winning an Olympic medal)[3]. They have still gotten married (in the right time, to the right person).  They have still finished college (sometimes a little later). And most importantly, they have saved their heart from the pain a mother may feel at not protecting her own.[4]

Please do not accept the lie that the soul knew about your troubles and won’t mind going back to the spirit world (ie. being aborted). Yes, spirit is a nice place to be and yet, this is still killing and something God forbids of us.

If you made a mistake, repent unto the Almighty with all your heart, for He/She is merciful and kind. And for all the rest of us, let us return to sacredness of sexuality which also realizes that that which is created is something sacred. We are not the Creators of life, but only the vessel through which it flows. My sisters, when life is there, let it be! You are a Blessed One. You are a Holy One. No matter how this happened!

Let God live!


A relevant comment from the masters

Yes, mother is noble, mother is beauty in form and mother is life itself when she is allowed to express as the shakti of the father light and the guardian of the womb of mater.

-Archangel Chamuel and Charity, November 29th 2004


And another

the holiest place on earth is within the womb of the Mother to be.

-Mother Mary, May 8th 2005


And another

I do work with the unborn child for the forming of the very heart, the matter surrounding the heart, and the very life essence of the soul as it prepares to embody through the sacred sanctuary of the womb of the mother.

-Mother Mary, July 28th 2005


Discussion. How has a spiritual understanding of abortion influenced your perspective? Please share!


[1] (two months ago)

[2] There are many pregnancy centers across the US and the world. You can search for one here:

http://optionline.org/center-locator/ or check in your local yellow pages directory. Pregnancy centers provide free material resources, help, donations and practical items to new parents and parents-to-be.

[4] If you’ve had an abortion and are looking for help check out this pro-life, non-judgmental site for post-abortion help: http://optionline.org/after-abortion-support/


This Hearts Center message from the masters may be helpful to those seeking forgiveness: “Mother Mary Forgives Mothers Who've Aborted...” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6E58QOdnpU




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