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Maintaining a State of Peace Allows Us to Draw Forth Greater Abundance

Maintaining a State of Peace Allows Us to Draw Forth Greater Abundance
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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 7, 2013   7:21–7:34 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Loving-Kindness and Peace Open the Door to Greater Abundance

              One of the preeminent virtues that the master Kuthumi Lal Singh emanates and shares with humanity through his glorious being of light is loving-kindness. Loving-kindness is something that we can all emulate and seek to fully embody and model within our lives. I believe that first we must be loving and kind to ourselves, including our cells, our body temple itself. When we nurture ourselves by taking care of ourselves, by doing those things that honor this temple of light that God has vouchsafed to us for this lifetime, we bring into the eternal Now, within the sacred space of the here and now, God’s love and kindness. Taking care of ourselves requires attention to detail, to the things that bring us health, vitality, wholeness, a sense of well-being, peace within, and harmony within our solar plexus and feeling, or emotional, body.

              The Master Kuthumi models this vibration, this frequency, of peace, which can suffuse our emotional body with a type of heavenly grace that gives us equipoise and presence and that sustains us through trials and tribulations—all of the challenges that life presents, which can sometimes be quite unnerving and can, if we let go of our tethering to our divine Source, result in situations that cause upset, pain, discord, anguish and suffering.

              To abide in the state of loving-kindness seals us in light and holiness, which act like a security blanket to prevent us from misqualifying energy through our voice, our speech patterns, our talk. Our throat chakra is tied to our emotional body, so often when we are feeling upset in the solar-plexus area, we have a tendency to express what we are feeling in words that we later regret. So sustaining this sacred space right within the center of our being—from the navel through the diaphragm area and up into the heart area—is essential for us as aspiring adepts so that we can be that peace that we desire to see in the world.

              We are experiencing a ninety-nine-day vigil for peace and abundance. Peace comes first. When we have and sustain this frequency of peace and maintain harmony, which is a precursor to abundance, all possibilities for abundance are open to us.

              On the six o’clock line of the Divine Mother on the cosmic clock, through the teachings of beloved Mother Mary, we understand the dynamics of God-harmony and supply as essential to what we desire to precipitate, to manifest through our abundant lives. As we maintain harmony within ourselves, we bring about the matrix for greater effulgence, even opulence and divine wealth, because harmony sustains flow, and flow is required for us to have the input and the output of abundance through the inbreath and the outbreath, through the giving and the receiving of energies and frequencies.

              As we practice the presence of peace through the conscious application of the science of divine light in our daily lives—through meditation, through silence, through stillness, through inner contemplation—we build up certain spiritual reserves of light within our auric field that naturally magnetize greater light to us, and part of that light can come as abundance. Light itself is the greatest gift, just as love is the greatest gift to ourselves and, through our hearts, to the universe.

              So as we model loving-kindness, that love and that kindness naturally draws, through the magnet of our hearts, love and kindness to us. At times that love and kindness come as gratitude from others for what we are giving and employing and radiating, and it may come in the form of abundance and the givingness of others.

              We can choose to have greater abundance from sources that we may not know of that are available—funds of light, cosmic reserves and pools of energy, philanthropic energy fields that heaven already has manifesting in a higher vibratory field. As we sustain peace within ourselves, we are given the keys to access this greater abundance. We can mindfully draw it forth through the laws of alchemy, and we can sustain it in our lives and worlds by the conscious application of all of the divine sciences that we are learning and mastering.

              Initiates are those who have taken responsibility for their worlds, the world that we are co-creating now. We authenticate our role as authors, co-creators, of the world before us when we place ourselves in the mode of those who take this responsibility and, in so doing, are given the greatest gifts and graces of Spirit to co-create a better, more beautiful and sublime world.

              It is our responsibility, through our knowledge of the divine sciences, to guardedly and graciously employ all that we have learned for the highest purposes of light; for the most noble reasons; for the furtherance of the divine and spiritual evolution of mankind; for the eradication of the bonds of anti-freedom that we see manifesting around the world; for the enlightenment of every man, woman and child; and for the furthering of the cause of the Great White Brotherhood through its various outposts and divinely charged organizations and spiritual movements around the world. There are many. There are not just one or two here and there. To have planetary freedom requires that the ascended masters sponsor many, and therefore they are moving through the lives of a number of spiritual adepts, divine teachers, those who are charged with great missions of light to help raise the consciousness of so many.

             So we thank you, beloved Kuthumi—as a world teacher with Jesus and the Master Omraam—for your service, for what you continue to emanate from Shigatse as you play your organ and emanate these holy frequencies of loving-kindness throughout all realms of being. We thank you for the radiance of your heart, the mindfulness that you share, the glory of God that you bear within your being.

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