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Mother Mary Shares a Key to Maintaining the Raised Kundalini

Mother Mary Shares a Key to Maintaining the Raised Kundalini
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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
November 3, 2013   10:00–10:16 am MST
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light
Meru University Class 1307
Livingston, Montana 


Who You Are within Your Heart Determines Your Ultimate Destiny

Abide within Your Own Presence of Divine Love 


Beloved Friends of the Heart of God,

            Thank you for your presence upon Earth and your willingness to shine forth your light through your hearts today and every day. I, Mary, am here with you with my Immaculate Heart to express just how much the ladies of heaven depend on you—your soul, your spirit—to anchor within the Earth the graces of God, the radiances of heaven, the gifts of the Spirit.
            Truly, as you raise the Mother Light within you daily through your devotion to the One God, through your adoration of the light itself, born throughout the cosmos and reborn within you each morning, there is a vast interplay of God’s creative and powerful energies within the lives of his precious sons and daughters in order to raise and ennoble all life through the consciousness of those attuned to his heart.
            We the archeiai are here for you. And when you pray and when you sing and when you dance in the light and playfully enter into the anointing of the Spirit that comes within your spiritual practices, there is hope; there is healing; there is the ever-present reality of all of the light essences that we bear on behalf of mankind.
            We the archeiai work together to enshrine within your world more godliness and that which brings the soul to an understanding of her eternal nature in the light. And we do this, blessed ones, in response to the calls and prayers of mankind as well as the inner desires of those who are reaching upward to access something more of Spirit, something more sublime of God’s eternal nature. Yes, we offer the fruits of our beings to you with our legions of light. And on a daily basis, we wing our way across the world as an Angelus of sanctity and we deliver, as we are directed, streams of grace, miracles, at times, in the lives of those who both require it and have earned it through some intercessive alchemy of Spirit within their lives.
            Dearest ones, how can you maintain a state of the raised kundalini, the ennobled Mother flame, within your upper chakras and especially your crown? This is the question that many of you have asked yourselves and have asked us. Let me add, as best I can in these short few minutes, an understanding that the magnet of love draws the sacred fire up through your spinal altar. That which attracts the Mother energy within and through you is adoration and devotion to the one cause, the one purpose—the one God.
            This is why the first commandment is so important for you to understand and to keep: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.¹ When you understand this one purpose of your life and weave it, as your ultimate goal, through all of the relationships that you have, the workings within your dharma and your sacred labor, then you see there is a natural uplift that occurs through your own soulfulness, one with God; and the Mother light gently and radiantly shines forth through your spirit daily.
            If you look at the lives of the virtuous ones, the saints East and West, you will see this dynamic occurring. The light upon the face, the light of the halo and the aura shining brightly demonstrate each one’s focused attention upon divinity, reverence toward and attention to the Source of all love and light. It may be so for you daily, blessed ones.
            Therefore I encourage you to put aside certain distractions that take you away from this focused purpose of your greater spiritual life. Though you may do many things upon Earth, it is who you are within your heart, that which you have become within your inner beingness that determines your ultimate destiny as a spiritual being and how the raised Mother frequency may bless the lives of you, your family and of many other souls.
            In my appearances around the world I have shared again and again the importance of holy prayer, a time of devotion to God, penance, sacrifice, fasting, compassion toward all life through forgiveness, and engaging in the creative science of light within the heart trued to God.
            Therefore when you have a focus of my Immaculate Heart, Jesus’ Sacred Heart, the Diamond Heart of Morya El, the Purple Fiery Heart of Saint Germain, the Reverent Heart of Mother Teresa, the Dynamic Heart of Padre Pio, the Merciful Heart of Kuan Yin, or a focus of any ascended being of light within your homes, upon your altars, in your sanctuaries of light, this representation is there as a reminder of your own connection with your Source through your own heart. For we would have it no other way, blessed ones. We are not here as some anomaly or distant being that must be worshiped as separate from self. We are always available and one with you as you allow our Presence, through your raised consciousness, to be so near and dear to you.
            Therefore abide within your own Presence of divine love. Enshrine within your heart the attitudes of grace, appreciation, beingness and reverence for every soul, honoring the God flame within everyone. In this you honor the Lord God and fulfill the second commandment also, to love your neighbor as yourself.² Yes, we come to remind you of what you already know, what the scriptures have codified, the eternal truths within every true religion of light and movement of the heart.
            As I came at the end of your session Friday evening, after the intense and fiery messages of both beloved Afra and beloved Saint Germain,³ to comfort and assuage each of you in the radiance of my heart, remember that I am always here at your call, that I am always available, so near to your heart, my precious and beloved friends, my beloved angels upon Earth.
            I thank you for your resonant hearts, your joyful spirits, your radiant eyes. God bless you and keep you now and forever in the embrace of angels divine.

1. Matthew 22:37–38; Mark 12:29–30; Luke 10:27.
2. Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27.
3. Saint Germain and Afra delivered HeartStreams prior to Mother Mary’s delivery on November 1, 2013.




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