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The God of Gold Shares His Formula of Precipitation

The God of Gold Shares His Formula of Precipitation

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Beloved God of Gold
David Christopher Lewis
November 2, 2013 9:32–9:50 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

My Formula for Precipitation

There Is Still Time for a New Level of Self-Mastery in the Science of Manifestation

Devoted Heartfriends,

I see you all as golden, as suns of light, radiant and effulgent in the spiritual fire of your true divine nobility, creators through your own God-consciousness of many aspects of your own Solar Reality, now made manifest in form and functionality in this world.

As the God of Gold, long ago I learned the divine science of precipitation, and through the alchemy of holy Theosophia I was able to master the science of molding divine light into form as that precipitated sunlight that you call gold. Dearest ones, it was my own understanding of the nature of God as pure Solar light that allowed me to enter into this divine science, for I became that light. I became golden through my own consciousness, and this is what accommodated and allowed the greater alchemicalization of light to occur within my experiments. These manifest at a very high frequency. And it is my continuing joy, through my oneness with the Solar Presence of the All-in-all, to shine forth those rays of divine wisdom into the Earth and within many planetary bodies for the precipitation of the consciousness of the sun, which gold in its purest state is.

We have brought the teachings of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov to you in order that you, through solar gazing and all of the inner aspects of Surya yoga, may accommodate the sun frequencies of pure, golden, liquid light into your beings. It is a simple equation, blessed ones. The more time you spend with the God and Goddess Meru, and formerly with Helios and Vesta, by being in nature, the more time you spend allowing the sun to shine forth upon you and within you, the greater your ability to be able to first cognize the essence of your own golden awareness and then to bring it forth into precipitated manifestation as physical gold, currency and abundance.

If you spend your time away from the sun with so much clothing on that you cannot actually even feel the rays of the sun penetrating your skin and entering your solar cells within your body temple, then how can you expect to manifest this golden awareness? It is one thing to think on God and to allow the Spirit to enter your mind, the seat of the sun within you; and yet, dearest ones, for that golden liquid light to become physical in your realm it also requires that you allow that sun to merge with you, that you allow the golden consciousness of the sun to reside right where you are in physicality. This is why we also advocate hasya yoga, laughter yoga. For, blessed ones, levity and laughter, joy and a fun spirit of comedic yoga allow you to know the essence of the sun, which is pure divine happiness and eternal joy.

Ha ha ha! I am the God of Gold. Ha ha ha! You are becoming more golden now through the levity of your own awareness, poised through transcendence to soar to the highest apex, the acme of your Christic and Buddhic joyful Presence, pure mind and the molten aspects and the golden frequencies of divine knowledge in the one universal mind of God.

You could say that I am always in the mindstream of the One, for this mind is truly a mind-field of cosmic ore. It is the lodestone of reality whereby the phasing of light precipitates in matter the objectification of that wisdom, which is wise dominion where you are, of God’s eternal essence.

When God sang at the onset of creation, “Let there be light!”1 imagine what that light was composed of beyond what you see physically with your eyes, dearest ones. That light was the focal point, as a ray and many rays, of beingness, of consciousness, of divine intelligence that was phased out throughout multidimensions of the cosmic void to originate life itself through all of the various multifaceted and variegated manifestations that originated in the mind of the One.

Now conceptualize with me your own new golden nature of eternality, of beauty, of perfection. See your aura filled with golden, liquid light. See the sun fully present within your aura as a blazing orifice of sacred, divine love-wisdom. Feel the currents and the impulses of this Solar Reality right within the focal point of your being. And now allow this infusion, which I add to from my own causal body, to impress within you the essence of your goodness, your Godness, your truth, your divinity.

Through this alchemy there is the dissolution of all aspects of self outside of this divine stream of pure beingness within God’s essence. There is no more room for duality, density and darkness; there is only golden, liquid light. There is only the harmony and the sustenance, the pure food—which light is within you—to nourish you, to nurture your soul, to give you peace.

Blessed ones, in three-minutes of meditation upon your aura, charged with Solar light, there can be the distillation of the highest aspects of your own Christic mind phased into your outer waking consciousness and auric field for you to be supercharged so that you may then facilitate any action of light, precipitate any physical substance that you desire virtually instantaneously by your own awareness, one with your Source. It took, dearest ones, experimentation for me to come to this point of the full realization of this divine science so that at any point I could have received into my current reality the God-desire that manifested through my awareness.

I am entraining my mind with yours; I am entraining my heart with yours so that in this hour as you experience this HeartStream, you may feel the power, truly the empowerment, of your being to know your Godhood, your beauty, your divinity.

When you can match what you visualize and conceptualize with the feeling and the essence and the virya of the emotive aspects of God’s all-encompassing and omnipotent omniscience, then, dearest ones, you have what it takes to manifest, manifest, manifest here and now. Many of you have used these words as an action for the sealing of your prayers for years and decades, and yet were you truly manifesting the reality of which you spoke by the objectification of the Word right where you are and were? Well, there is still time for a new level of self-mastery in the science of manifestation.

Therefore when you desire anything to come into your world, declare it as already so, aver it as a reality now and state with me: “In the name of the God of Gold, I AM the crystallization of that which I conceive of now manifest, manifest, manifest, by God’s light and by the ray of the Solar Lords of Fire that are flowing through my Higher Mind, through my heart and into my hands now.”

You see, blessed ones, by righteous desire, by heartfelt calls, fiats, invocations and prayers, the Word creates. And it is your acceptance, belief and full faith that it is so that energizes the words that you speak with divine logoic logic, proving the law of being.

Now you have my formula for precipitation. Use it liberally, daily within all of your alchemies and phase, with laserlike concentration, anything from the heaven world into this world by the grace and the power of truth, through the Christic and prismatic awareness of love.

Now I give the floor to my beloved, who has her own take on this science of divine light.

1. Genesis 1:3.

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