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Afra Speaks on the Celebration of His Ascension

Afra Speaks on the Celebration of His Ascension

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Beloved Afra
David Christopher Lewis
November  1, 2013   7:00–7:21pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Fully Embrace the God-Reality of Your Oversoul
It Is Essential that You Enter into a Daily Practice of Absolute Silence

Friends of Freedom, Friends of Brotherhood, Love and Soulfulness,

            I come on this day consecrated to all saints and, now, to myself: the light that I bear, the essence who I am and the radiance that I exemplify, which you may access and share throughout the world.

            It is a time of trouble and yet it is a time for transcendence. For, dearest ones, what is trouble except opportunity to transcend self through overcoming the untoward elements within self that stand in the way of God-realization and fulfillment within the I AM THAT I AM that I AM.

            Hearken unto the ascended master call to truth, freedom, enlightenment. When you are aligned with the will, wisdom and love of God, nothing can stand in the way of your ascent in light, your attainment of perfection; for this perfection is of the heart and not of the human self.

            Blessed ones, in this time there is opportunity for each one to come to terms with that which yet remains hidden within one’s subconscious and one’s unconscious and has been problematic for the victory of the light within the soul. I now shine the light of the seventh ray and the blue ray into, through and around your soul to highlight the God-good resident there and to also bring to the surface those elements that remain untransmuted and unresolved and which you may choose, finally, in this hour, in this lifetime and at this point of your spiritual evolution, to have the victory over in the fullest and most awesome sense.

            Engage in spiritual self-assessment, seeing clearly where you are on the path as you move forward, ever forward. Resolve those elements and energy patterns within that you still find troubling in your world—those which stir up situations, especially in the way in which you communicate and interact with others. These communiqués and interactions are not always heart to heart. Instead they are often "solar plexus to solar plexus", during which there is a lack of harmony that all would rather experience and enjoy. Yes, when you engage God within this equation, then there can be the victory in this lifetime of your soul wed to your spirit.

            Recently the Master came to this amanuensis and there was an inner discussion within the soul to see just how this movement could expand. And so there was a reality check to see if there could be some sort of dispensation forthcoming in order to accommodate the higher matrix that some perceive as possible, that others dream as just beyond the bend, and that some are diligently in the process of calling forth and precipitating through their conscious and active lives, embodying the victorious sense in all that they do.

            The ascended masters moved, and within this action was a cosmic adjustment, and yet a very tiny adjustment, and this, dearest ones, when embodied and accepted by each and every one of you as you come up higher on your path could allow the expansion that you see, the victory that you have called forth and envisioned. What will it require now, blessed ones, for this matrix of light to be yours daily, hourly for your victory?

            Precious hearts, if you are willing to make the sacrifices, if you are willing to engage by accommodating this slight shift in awareness, whereby you put aside every element of your not-self and fully embrace the God-reality of your Oversoul, of your I AM Presence, then we will see that which many of you have truly expected as the new reality for this movement, for the brothers and sisters of Afra, for the precipitation of all manner of new co-creations, including publications and future pilgrimages to sacred sites that the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood desire to anchor light within during the next seven years.

            Now I would bring up a subject that is for the edification of one who may be listening who sent the messenger a letter directly, informing him of the transition of his brother and asking the messenger, first, for prayers and then if he could know where this one was and whether or not he was free in the light. It is El Morya’s desire that requests like this no longer appear in the in-box, either physically or electronically, of this amanuensis. For, dearest ones, this speaks directly to the point that I am making this evening. What is important to you? What is of high spiritual value in your life? Do you think that the time spent by this one in communicating with the Keeper of the Scrolls to find out where one is on the other side is worth his time spent? Or is the highest value in his writing and receiving our words directly for the edification of all mankind?

            Please, please, please be conscious and aware of what you do when you make requests like this. For, dearest ones, it places a burden upon the heart, the mind of the messenger. Therefore it will not be answered. You can seek directly from your own God Presence the answer to questions like this. Have you communed so long with the ascended masters and prayed for twenty and thirty and forty years and yet you have no inkling or ability to transcend the human framework in order to know what is transpiring within the heaven world?

            Dearest ones, look up and live in the light. Put aside what we would consider psychic requests for those who move in certain realms, who do not understand the dynamics of true spiritual fire, and understand what is required of one to hold the spiritual and physical balance for an organization and, yea, for a certain energy level of life upon Earth.

            Yes, I deliver the fire this night, for it is time that many of you come up higher. And I use this opportunity on All Saints Day to invest that fire within my own, for it is time that you realize the import of your soul, the essence of who you are as a God-man or God-woman! Put aside all of your conversations with your not-self within your mind that do you nothing in terms of spiritual development.

            As I see it, dearest ones, few of you within this movement have mastered the science of stillness, of meditation and that wholeness that comes by accessing the Great Silence. Therefore it is essential that many more of you enter into a daily practice of fifteen minutes of absolute silence, going within, observing your breath. For if your monkey minds continue to titillate the human brain and the wave patterns that flow through it, you will not master self. You will not arrive at the eternal shores of light in the heaven world, for you have not mastered yourself or fulfilled your purpose, your reason for being.

            Yes, many of you may decree for hours, and yet what is transpiring within your inner being as you pray? Are you thinking of all manner of other things? Are you thinking of your next meal or of an argument that you had with another and actually using the energies flowing through your being in ways that are untoward and not worthy of ascended master students and those aspiring to your adeptship?

            We have a class with the Buddhas in December, and the information is now upon The Hearts Center website. I will not highlight all of it this evening, dearest ones. Suffice it to say that these Buddhas are coming because it is essential that many more of you gain the victory over your heart and mind and within your soul to access truth, to access soul freedom, to access the virtues of God, which, when fully accepted and given opportunity to resonate within the self, may be fulfilled in your total transfiguration, your resurrection and your ascension in the light.

            Now I, Afra, send a ray into South Africa in this hour. It is a ray of gratitude for those who have stepped up and have so consecrated themselves to this cause of light that there has been notice taken from a number of ascended master retreats and there have been smiles upon many a master who understands the sacrifice, the givingness, the constancy that is now transpiring in Johannesburg.¹

            We have arranged for an initiate to travel to South Africa soon to bear my heart, my light, my fire again for the people of this nation. Pray, dearest ones, that this mission will be protected and secured, for it is another inroad for the ascended masters to anchor their light, their messages, their victorious sense. I, Afra, will be there every step of the way, and you will see the results of this opportunity in coming weeks and months as more find this fount of light and are nurtured in the radiance of the Spirit that we provide.

            Now the Master Saint Germain comes. For, dearest ones, I have asked him to address you. He steps forward in full regalia as the Knight Commander, as the God of Freedom to the Earth, as the Aquarian avatar for the Age of Aquarius. I now bow to the great light of this our holy brother, who will address you.

1.  Numerous devotees in Johannesburg have been holding at least three prayer and song services a week during which they invoke the light through the giving of dynamic decrees and the singing of devotional songs.

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