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Expanding Our Chalice to Accept Infinite Light and Abundance

Expanding Our Chalice to Accept Infinite Light and Abundance

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 29, 2013   8:45–9:13 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Creating a Chalice to Receive Abundance and Maintain the Flow, 

As Above, So Below

We are engaged in our ninety-nine day vigil for peace and abundance. An alchemical matrix for the receiving of abundance is key for us all. Creating the chalice, the bowl, the receptacle for the receiving of all that we can of God-good, blessings, graces, spiritual boons and also abundance manifest as money is crucial. How do we create a larger chalice, a bigger bowl, a wider and more expansive option for ourselves to come up higher to know and realize all that we truly desire?
            Well, we have to think outside of the normal bowl or chalice. It’s one thing to receive the abundance initially; it’s another to maintain the flow. For those of us who have dishes in our kitchens, which I presume all of us do, we can either have a bowl that is somewhat wider and maybe less deep, or we can have one that is higher, taller and able to receive more liquid or whatever we desire to put in that bowl.
            Now, in the case of our abundance vigil, we desire to expand the chalice in a wider surface area as well as going up, signifying going to God. So, the U of the chalice, the receptacle, signifies the descent of light from the Divine coming fully into matter at the bottom of the U, where it is invested by us, and then the return to the Source through the other curve and aspect of the U of that chalice.
            So, we realize that our abundance comes from God, from divine Source. It is utilized right where we are in our matter form and our physical dimension and body temple, in all the work that we do. Then there is the return to the Source of appreciation and gratitude by our givingness to God. And then the cycle continues again.
            Now, in this particular matrix, what we don’t see is what goes on in heaven. It’s not a closed loop, or an O, in this sense; and yet we can consider it so if we choose to look at the U as having the completion of the entire matrix with another curve at the top, ∩, just as we have the curve at the bottom of the U.
            I like this matrix of looking at a new type of divine receptacle whereby there is a continuous flow from Source into all aspects and all areas of our lives and a continuous return through appreciation, gratitude, tithing, et cetera, of that flow to the Source so that there is no interruption whatsoever. And we have all that we require so long as we use it for God-good.
            Now, Boyd gave a talk not too long ago about the issue where there can be a tendency in some people to hoard, or a fear or anxiety that we will not have all that we require and so we save up for a rainy day.1 What did the Lord Jesus say? He said, “Your treasures are stored in heaven.”2 But you don’t have to store them on Earth for a rainy day, and he encouraged us to be living in the Now. He encouraged his apostles and his disciples to go forth with very little in their possession. They would receive as they required it, as they needed it in their journeys and in their ministry work.3 They had to have a lot of faith and belief in the opulence of God to provide for them at every turn what they required as essential, what they needed in the moment.
            If we have this understanding that the bowl can be turned into a sphere of light and that we are constantly in a relationship with the Divine so that we know that everything that we ever require is right here within the sacred space of our inner selves, who God is within us, then there is never a sense of lack, depletion, want or that we don’t have what we require. We have closed that loop by our oneness with Source, by our oneness with God, by our focus upon the divine light. And this continued action of giving and receiving, the inbreath and the outbreath, the utilization of light is like the photosynthesis cycle, where light is precipitated by the leaves and used as energy, as sugar for food for us, and oxygen is released in the process; and then we consume it and we release carbon dioxide and then the plant uses that as its food along with the solar energy to re-nurture itself; and there is this continuing flow.
            I believe that at times we get hung up in the sense that we don’t have, that we lack, that we are somehow reaching out to receive when we already have what we require right within us. When we can have this mindset shift and change and co-create, which means to “create with,” co-create with God, then there is the natural flow of everything that is crucial and essential for us right here, right now within the greater chalice, which really becomes a spherical chalice.
            In the past we may have looked at God as filling that chalice and we drink it and then it’s empty. The new chalice is one where, yes, it is partly full and partly empty, because we’re in the process of receiving and assimilating and then giving out. So in one sense the chalice is full and it is empty at the same time, it’s kind of a Zen koan, because God is continuously filling it—“drink me while I am drinking thee.” That is the perfect flow, the tai chi of giving and receiving from the Divine.
            To close this gap or loop in our awareness, there has to be trust, complete acceptance, absolute faith, belief knowing that everything that is essential for us is already there in the Universal. And it is simply our responsibility, our job to lovingly accept it into realization, because it is there, and to use it in harmony and love and in the flow of where we are, who we are in relationship to the Divine Giver and the Divine Receiver.
            We think of the Divine as always giving and emanating. Well, God is also receiving, just as we are giving and receiving. Because otherwise the circuit wouldn’t be complete. What does God receive? Our devotion, our praise, our thanksgiving and the energies that we have processed of God’s light within our co-creative work, which then returns and accrues to our God Source in our causal body, which is God for us, our God Reality. And then it can be utilized again and again in the sacred process of this flow, or flowering, of light.
            A while back there was a teaching we received where we could access from our causal body aspects of abundance that were there, stored in heaven. And we could call them forth and actually ask the Great Karmic Board to have them precipitated in our hands and use for all that we require here upon Earth. Some of you may have experimented with this, written your letters, made your calls and done what you could of spiritual work from the reference point of your awareness, your consciousness, to allow this alchemy to manifest.
            Now, understanding this new teaching that the chalice can be a circle, a sphere of light actually in multidimensions, allows us to understand that really we always have access to our causal body and the virtues of God that are stored there. And so long as there is this figure-eight flow between Spirit and Matter, Matter and Spirit; Spirit and Matter, Matter and Spirit, we can have continuous access to all that has accrued to our causal body. We can truly live in that sacred space at the nexus of perfect flow—as Above, so below; as below, so Above—where we are in this perfect stream of continuity, expression; full of expression, creativity and, at times, waiting upon our Lord to receive the next nuances of co-creativity from our Presence, from our Source, to allow it to be expressed again and again.
            First we receive the inspiration. We inspire (breathe in) and then there is the expression of that co-creativity through our work—the inspiration, the expiration, in, out, in, out. So really, through the lungs, through the breathing, through the heart, through the pumping of blood in and out of the heart, the vacuum that the heart is, at times, through two of the vessels within the heart receiving the blood back, first from the body, then it’s pumped to the lungs, then it’s received back from the lungs refreshed, and then it’s pumped out. It’s really a fourfold process.
            Now, if we think of the same process alchemically within this greater chalice of our being, we can surmise and understand the same dynamics of co-creativity. And I see it as the descending spiral from the center of the nexus of the figure eight as one aspect of this fourfold action, and then the ascent again back to the nexus point, and then the ascent into Source, and then the descent from Source to the nexus.
            When we reach a level of Christic consciousness, Christ consciousness, we are in that nexus point of the flow and the perfect regulation of light energies, which include abundance, into our world. And it takes Christic discernment, or discrimination, to know how to use the resources vouchsafed to us, the abundance that is truly ours to utilize at any moment righteously, judiciously, appropriately in our work, in our service. We don’t squander the light energy. We don’t squander our abundance through lascivious living. We always utilize it for God-good, for the highest purposes. When we do this, the flow is in flow and there will be the return current unto us always at all times.
            So, if at any point in our awareness we are not clear about how we can appropriate money—we haven’t worked out our budget, we are just kind of leaky vessels and we spend money erratically here and there and we haven’t really worked with God to appropriate things accurately, efficiently, we don’t balance our budget or balance our checkbooks, we don’t really know how many assets we have or what our liabilities are at any given point, we haven’t done our homework—then, because we are not clear, how is it we expect that we will know where we are in this process? Clarity is important. Having a plan, a budget, and knowing how much we’ve spent, how much we are required to spend in coming days, weeks, months and years, and reaching and stretching to newer and higher limits of abundance by expanding our awareness and expanding this figure-eight flow.
            Really, as I’m seeing this teaching evolving, it’s almost like two chalices—one from Above, one from below—merging into a whole. It’s a sphere and yet it’s a figure eight of two spheres that merge in the center through the nexus of our perfect awareness of oneness with God.
            We can utilize the sign of infinity, the literal sign of infinity. Now, typically as I understand it, the infinity sign is on its side, so it’s an 8 on its side, ∞. And what does this signify? Well, maybe that’s for another discussion and topic. For this teaching I see the upright 8, as Above, so below. This is the ancient maxim and adage of God Mercury, Hermes Trismegistus: As Above, so below.
            We know there is the all-abundance of heaven that God has access to. If we truly believe, as Above, so below’, we will have access to that abundance all the time, whenever we require it. Now, in the “as below, so Above” matrix, how do we continue the action of that flow? We have to give back. This is why tithing or even more radical giving, being a partner with God, giving fifty percent, brings the entire flowering of that figure eight into action.
            I hope the symbology of this understanding has been helpful to you. The key for being in the nexus, at that center point of the flow, so that you can always receive and you can always give with a greater effulgence, is the feeling of your own Christ consciousness, the feeling that you are one with God, that you are eternal, that you are, as Above, so below, a son of God, a daughter of God. There is no separation between you and God.
            If you lose the sense of that oneness, then the flow stops in its completeness. So it’s really up to us to maintain this sense, this feeling, this knowing that we are one with God. And through that oneness we—not as prodigal sons and daughters of God but as prodigious and effulgent sons and daughters of God—have everything we require right within the sacred space of our beating hearts to fulfill our mission, to accomplish everything that we set our hearts and minds to, that we collaborate with others to accomplish, that we work in a true team spirit of oneness to fulfill.
            Now, getting to that point of the nexus is key for all of us, because through all manner of interruptions and aberrations, through projections and a past sense that we are “less than”—that we don’t have, that we lack, that we want, that we need—the energy is stuck at the bottom of that U of the lower chalice and it isn’t rising because of our own sense of lack or want or need.
            So how do we get out of that? We have to raise our awareness, raise the energy to the nexus. And once we reach that nexus we have the thrust upward of that light, then naturally God receives us through our attention, our focus, our Presence, and transforms us; and we flow into that upper part of the nexus of the 8. And then we’re rejuvenated, we’re refreshed, we’re invigorated, we’re enlivened. And then we have what we require so that when the money, the abundance comes into our lives it will not just rest at the bottom part of that figure eight, it will continue flowing because we give our devotion to the Lord, to God, through our oneness. We are at the center of that nexus; we’re not just dwelling at the bottom of the barrel, the bottom of the chalice.
            So, if at any point we have doubt or we have fear, this creates a sense of lack and we go into that bottom part of the figure eight. And then we stay there, we’re stuck there. We cannot have fear or anxiety about abundance, because that creates lack, which lowers our awareness. If we maintain perfect faith and perfect harmony and we have equanimity within our lives, within our awareness, we remain in the center of that nexus and we are in the sacred flow. And those of you who have learned how to maintain that awareness and maintain that state of perfect equipoise—not doubting God, not doubting yourself, not feeling somehow that there won’t be or that there isn’t all that is essential—are in that flow.
            How do you access that state? You can breathe deeply, feel your heart intensely, do the exercise that we did at the beginning of this service that El Morya gave us in the third chapter of his beautiful book on the aura.4 Feel your oneness with the Great Central Sun. Have the re-establishment of that feeling, that sense, that touch, that taste, that hearing, that seeing, the smelling of that oneness with God that is yours to enjoy as a true son or daughter of God. And once you feel that oneness, that precious presence of the Holy Spirit again through your complete acceptance and belief in the abundant life, then abundance will manifest and will continue to manifest through your awareness.
            Your dreams can be realized, your goals can be fulfilled. And once certain things are realized and fulfilled, remember to give glory back to God. Keep in the nexus; don’t feel smug in your accomplishments or get a sense that you’ve done it all and there’s no more to do. There’s always more to receive and to give. There is always new opportunity to be refreshed and then to be the one who refreshes and gives back.
            I am seeing now the expansion of this figure eight so that the bottom part of this chalice is larger, wider, more expansive; and the top naturally is then wider and more expansive. And we have the ability to receive more because we are giving more. And we give more because we have a more expansive awareness.
            Think big. Think big. Feel big. See big. Believe big. Accept the largesse of the Divine. El Morya said recently that from the ascended masters’ vantage point, $144,000 was as nothing to precipitate5 because they have such expanded awareness. They see the all-abundance of the Divine.
            So it behooves us to expand the narrow room of our awareness, to dream outlandishly large dreams, to have higher visions, to fructify our consciousness by knowing our oneness with Source. And as we expand our awareness, God as the doer, as the bestower, as the blesser can enrich, enliven and grace our lives with everything that we require at every moment, everywhere, with everyone.

1. Boyd Badten, October 14, 2013.
2. Matthew 6:19–21.
3. Luke 10:1–9.
4. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis, is available for purchase through The Hearts Center online bookstore.
5. El Morya, October 22, 2013.

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