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El Morya Speaks on the Nuances of the Light of God-Control and Invokes Jesus to Bless Humanity

El Morya Speaks on the Nuances of the Light of God-Control and Invokes Jesus to Bless Humanity

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Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
April 4, 2015 9:00–9:41 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

El Morya Speaks on the Nuances of the Light of God-Control and Invokes Jesus to Bless Humanity

Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,

I, El Morya, come in this cycle of Aries to invoke from the heart of the Great Central Sun the streaming light of divine radiance permeating your world and the lives of every lightbearer in this hour for the victory over the lesser self that Jesus, the Son of God, exemplified in those hours wherein he prepared within his inner heart and being for the magnificence of the resurrection on Easter morn. Even now, many of you may be experiencing vicariously the initiation of the descent into the astral plane wherein all is resolved, all energies within your subconscious come to the point where you identify what is real and what is not, what is of God and what is less than the perfected matrix of the ideal who is your Real Self.

Blessed ones, Easter is that seminal day and point on the initiatic path that all may rise into as they access their true nature and utilize the resurrection currents to work out their own salvation, which as you know, means self-elevation. Of course, this is not done through the power of the lesser self. It is fulfilled by the grace of the Divine One manifesting through the God Presence, the great AM THAT I AM, who each of you is in your reality. This is that which moves you into pure identity within the All.

Some consider that merging with the Godhead requires the loss of the self. Yet, I say, blessed ones, that when your will is subsumed into the divine will, it is the most mystical, miraculous and divinely magical experience. For in that hour, you are raised in Presence to be infused within the greater Allness of God. And the light that is perfused through your being, truly, is beyond any previously considered magnificence.

O, if you only knew, blessed souls living upon Earth, the joy of self-mastery moving into the flame of God-control, whereby the light of the Sun streams through your being when you are no longer separate in any way from God. Your consciousness accommodates the great God-consciousness of universal awareness. Your energy field becomes the receptor for and the emanator of great cosmic streams of divine light and radiance to all evolutions. Your heart, one with God's heart, beats with a new pulsation of divine feeling that is indescribable to the human.

It is a constancy of ecstasy, blessed hearts, wherein you feel God's light and energy coursing through your being, energizing everything in your environment, in your life, that is of God-good, and dissolving on contact anything that limits or diminishes the greatness of the I AM where you are. Blessed ones, living in the will of God is a transcendent opportunity to know oneness from the Source, wherein you are locked into the crystalline nature of your being as a true spiritual light. Part of the purpose of my release of The Advanced Teachings on the Human Aura is for all mankind to know the possibility for God-attainment through knowing the Sun Presence of God right where they are.

El Morya's Prayer:

O, Helios and Vesta, O Alpha and Omega, God and Goddess Meru, stream forth in this cycle of Aries now the light into the very cellular structure of all sons and daughters evolving here. Raise them in light. Pulsate through their being divine gnosis, greater cosmic understanding, a new sense of beauty, joy and the divinity that is within them at their core. Bless them, O God, with the radiance of the resurrection flame, even as Jesus has demonstrated it so lovingly, affectionately for all who are disciples of the Word.

O, Jesus—master of light, Piscean avatar, holy brother, divine benefactor and teacher—, lead all to the apex of truth through mindfulness, through heart-centeredness. O, Jesus, come to those who look to you even with a lesser awareness of your true mission as the Christos and the model for God Self-realization for all life. Inspire each one with the light that they can receive, based on their awareness, their current level of consciousness. And impress within this Earth those resurrection currents as many are preparing for a new awakening on Easter morn with a light great that pulsates through your Christic heart, your universal awareness.

O, beloved Jesus, friend, teacher and mothering light to humanity, gather your chicks unto your bosom and caress them with a new radiance and holy purpose. Bathe them in the Holy Spirit's frequencies of compassionate love, forgiveness, kindness and understanding. Transmute within this Earth division, strife and all that seeks to divide, hearts, minds, souls and wills through ignorance or a sense of lack or separation. O, Son of God, you who sit on the right hand of the Father in the Holy City, we implore you to quicken many more to come to this fount of light through this movement, and to be bathed in the sacred fire through our offerings, our discourses, HeartStreams and the blessings and initiations that come day by day to those whose hearts are trued to the frequency of the Divine One, the Son within the Sun behind the sun.

Hear my cry, O Lord of Life, and anoint the innocent, the holy, the pure with that radiance that they require to move beyond all lack and to accept your graces, your boons, your bestowals of empowering love. This I accept on behalf of my disciples worldwide and those of the Master Saint Germain likewise, for these upon hearing and reading his great tome of light, knowing the truth within these sacred words, will rise and fulfill the Aquarian dream in an age of enlightenment, freedom and universal love.

Gracious ones, in this cycle of God-control, understand that God does not desire to control you as a puppet on strings that bind you to something less than a free-will experience of divine joy. Yes, God maintains a link, a sacred tie to you through your threefold flame and crystal cord. And yet, the purpose of this link is inspiration, like a divine umbilical cord which perfuses through your being the nourishment from your Source until you can walk fully on your own as a sovereign being in the light of your own Presence. The God-control that is that which Mother Mary released as the virtue on the line of Aries is one that many have misunderstood, for they have sought freedom from human tyrant energies which limit the soul, the spirit to pursue universal freedom and the divine light.

The God-control that I see as required for initiates is to enter into the divine plan, which is magnificent, to be bathed in the blue-fire radiance of this cardinal point of perfection. You have heard the story of how the devil said to one, "Just wait until they try to become organized!" You see, blessed ones, often through a lack of universal understanding of the value of every lifestream and that one's perspective from their own initiatic journey, souls of light who have been called on the inner to work as one often enter into a divisiveness that does not breed the light of true brother/sisterhood that the Aquarian dream requires. Think of the language that many of you speak, the English language. Some were born in Great Britain, some in the United States, others in Africa and others in Australia. You each have a unique accent based on the speech patterns of your parents, where you were born, your upbringing and the inflections of those around you that you took in as an infant and then imitated through your developing speech patterns.

There is no one correct or best way to speak the English language, blessed ones, although I must say that I prefer the speech of those who are articulate in conveying the truths of the Word with joy, with reverence and with wisdom, having studied the vocabulary of their natal tongue and mastering it to a level where the wisdom teachings can be conveyed and conversed in with grace and harmony. Consider that every language, though unique, is a part of the whole of God's universal tongue. God enjoys hearing his children, her holy ones speak in these various tongues and instantaneously knows from the vibration of the heart trued to the mind and manifest through the will, the meaning of the expressive words, the desire that comes from the heart through the feelings, the impulses that flow through vibrations as your vocal chords vibrate to speak what you intend.

It is a miracle that many of you can converse in one or more languages, honoring every culture, every person within that culture and seek to understand what that soul has to offer from its vantage point, from its coursing of light on its sacred journey. When you, as initiates, model true speech and have the God-control of your tongue through your words to speak what is reverent, what is holy, what is blessed, your communication is pure and undefiled and breeds that sense of brother/sisterhood that is the requirement of the hour across our world, blessed ones.

The same is true in the Spanish language. Consider how it is spoken in Spain versus Mexico or the many nations of South America or elsewhere around the world. Again, each culture has its own inflections and the specific nuances of their patterns, again based on their upbringing and the evolution of this language as it has manifest within these nations and cultures. Think on how God is aware of the uniqueness of each of these. And see them as the majesty of the cornucopia of life itself, as God has bred an aspect of him/herself within the nations and their peoples. There should be no disparity among you. There can be a unity, even with the variations of your usage of this language.

So, blessed ones, why am I speaking of this on this day during this broadcast from South Africa? It is because within this movement there has been the challenge of communication while working together in teams. And if you can overcome the sense of separation, the differences and focus on the beauty, the harmony of the variations of your uniqueness, there can be an augmentation of your work with a greater creativity within the collectivity. And this is a wonderful opportunity. Therefore, please, blessed ones, put aside these divisions. Seek to understand rather than to defend your own perspective as the only or the right one. God knows all, sees all, and accepts all. Can you do less than God?

Now about organization, planning and execution. If we truly are to have a world movement that brings these progressive teachings of Now into the arena of action of many peoples throughout the world, planning must ensue in greater measure; organization must manifest through a caring heart, mind and will, wed to God's plan. The Divine Director is available for you, each one, to call to, to communicate with, to meditate upon in order to discern the aspects of the greater plan that are required to bring about the victory of this dispensation of light. You have attempted to discern it. And you have, by God's grace, through the hours available within your lives, sought ways and means of bringing this message to a greater audience. And we applaud those efforts, blessed ones, that each of you have made in this way.

Now how can we perfuse throughout the world a greater action of light? Well, you have an established website in one major language. Consider how to utilize the technologies available for the translation of that website into other languages, even putting icons on your main website, representing other languages, and then having the translation right there available, even if it is not absolutely perfect in its representation of every aspect of what you have to offer. You have a great constancy of prayerful activity during your international broadcasts once a month as well as in your monthly international meetings. And the energy is growing. The excitement is building, especially in preparation for your first international conclave which we, the sponsoring masters of this movement, have approved to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina next year.

Blessed ones, plan and appropriate the resources, invoke the light and see a great release of the Master Saint Germain's and my messages through our books to be released in the Spanish language on time for that event. And if, per chance, various media opportunities can be accessed, the audience that you may have on our behalf may be greater than you can imagine in this hour. We are the authors of these tomes through our amanuensis. And yet, because he is visible and we are not to most of you, consider promoting this seminal event as one in which a noted author and spiritual teacher is coming to deliver a very important message for humanity within South America, a major player for the Age of Aquarius, the seventh age of freedom for the planet.

If, blessed ones, you plan appropriately, you execute mindfully day by day, week by week, month by month between now and the time that you agree upon as the optimal one for this event, there can be a great influx of lightbearers into this activity. And I dare say that many of you will become very busy in nurturing these souls in all manner of ways: through teaching, through study groups, through mentoring. Therefore, continue to prepare your own consciousness for the inevitable, that which God has seen long ago as realizable. And continue to work on yourself to the point where you can be a nexus for the New Age, reverently and lovingly expressing the ideal of what we have represented within these teachings where people will feel your heart, they will know your mind, they will see clearly who you are, based on the reality of who you have become through your daily spiritual disciplines.

O, gracious hearts, I could say more. And yet, you are the dreamers within the Earth in this hour for the greater plan to be realized through your work, your sacred labor. Come together, create an ascended master master heart-mind alliance in planning amazing events worldwide. Imagine the most dynamic and powerful releases. And we will be there when you have prepared the stage for us. We will express what God in that hour desires to release to humanity of accord and of blessings to bring all to a greater gnosis and planetary peace, in the process.

I now bless each of you, and especially my disciples in Cape Town, Johannesburg and throughout South Africa in this hour. I lower into manifestation directly over you formulas for acceleration, greater mindfulness, greater productivity in your work and service, greater harmony between you all in your communiqués and in realizing your goals. Yes, I am a master who at times cracks the whip, only however, for the greater glory of God to be realized within the lives of my own blessed ones, those of you upon whom I may depend and look to day by day to both discern the will of God and then to act upon it decisively, with action, with realizable goals, yet those goals which you must stretch forward to achieve.

Yes, blessed hearts, I am grateful for you, each one. And this day I anoint four in your midst: beloved Ralph, beloved Aniela, beloved Analinah and beloved Jenny as my emissaries of truth within your nation to deliver the light through your beings to a greater audience of divine souls, to be my teachers, representatives and shepherds, even as Jesus himself this day drapes upon you four a sacred garment signifying your self-sacrifice over many incarnations, your givingness, your love and light. Keep on keeping on in becoming more of the Logoic Presence of the Word. For where words of encouragement, beauty, grace and harmony are spoken, there I AM as a master of Gemini, as a master of the will of God in your midst.

I thank you, blessed ones, and send you forward, marching to victory, active in your endeavors—conquering heroes and heroines who see the Sun before you and who are always there to stretch forward to become that light. I thank you.

Note: April 4th is El Morya's birthday.


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