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Babaji Offers to Help Us with Our Alchemy and Invites Us to Rise into Melchizedek's Training (VIDEO)

Babaji Offers to Help Us with Our Alchemy and Invites Us to Rise into Melchizedek's Training (VIDEO)

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Beloved Babaji
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2015 7:00-7:20 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Babaji Offers to Help Us with Our Alchemy and Invites Us to Rise through Melchizedek's Training

In bliss I come, your Babaji, to impress within the Earth the light of alchemy. You see, my name rhymes somewhat with this word, now empowered with a greater radiance through the release of one who often comes to the Cave of Light in India to sit at the feet of his Guru, the Divine Director, your Saint Germain.

What is the alchemy that I am engaged in? It is the continuous Self-realization of the Divine where I AM. It is the harmonization of all within my heart. It is the outpouring of love. And it is the inbreath of the same. It is the rebirthing of worlds throughout cosmos and light within my disciples. I taught a type of meditation that many of you could learn from in order to access the pure stream of beingness within silence that comes when you know this bliss of alchemy.

The alchemy of the heart is key, blessed ones, to your divinity. For in accessing the still point of being within the core, the center of your being through stillness, you know all, you feel all, you realize and see the All. There are many things I share with those who access this pure point of God-identification, though first they must be still and know that I AM God,Âą that Shiva is divine, that Brahma and Vishnu, with Shiva, together, form a divine triumvirate who wield the light of creation, the light of preservation and the light of destruction in balance within the cosmos.

As your Babaji, I see who you are in reality. I know your essence. I feel your true Self. And within my meditation, I am Self-realized within the higher Oversoul of all spiritual beings evolving upon Earth, and especially augment the work of those invested in that which the ancient masters of India have professed and promulgated throughout the East and now throughout the West. I come to you because it is a time of decision, a time of change, a time when the inertia of the past may give way to the dynamism of today, a time where your authentic Self may come to the fore through your decision “to be” with the master of Aquarius, and not “not to be.”² Take his tome,³ eat it up and convey its essence to the world.

I encourage you now, blessed ones, who have at heart the expansion of this mission to consider yourself as an ambassador, an advocate of the Aquarian master's words and fire. If each of you takes responsibility to share his message with a dozen lovingly, consciously, and represent his teaching through your own divine example, think and see what could be a greater expansion of our work, our light in the flame of love manifest everywhere.

I will help you with your alchemy if you call to me, Babaji. And thus, as you read his words and consume them, think on me as you meditate. And I will add the momentum of my love to the equation of his sacred formulas. And as you travel consciously to the Divine Director's retreat, you may find many interesting designs within the first carpet that you alight upon. You may find all manner of sacred symbology and other-worldly formulas to meditate upon as you access his vision of a new world in this era, the era of the seventh manu, the age of Self-realization through alchemy, the alchemy of love.

We of the East often walk in the West as we bilocate among you to observe your progress, to see how devotees of our lineage are actually Self-realizing through the teachings that we have presented, the way that we have unfolded the message that has been lovingly proffered through gurus of old and disciples of late. As you gain momentum in the practice of stillness, you may just find Lahiri in your midst, Paramahansa Yogananda floating above you, or the stern mien of Sri Yukteswar gazing directly at you, augmenting gnosis, understanding and wisdom. And within the hearts of these am I, urging you upward, inward and onward to the new you in the new world that you are co-creating through divine thought.

O Krishna and Christ in our midst, O Shiva, engage these in a higher walk in the light. Engage these in a new level of self-discovery, of solar determination, of cosmic realization. O Rama, sing unto these the ancient toning of the OM, the Word by which and through which all was created. And Brahma, breathe the Allness through the outbreath and the inbreath of creation into, through and from these so that all that is real lasts and all that is temporal vanishes.

Melchizedek has come and will challenge you further in days to come, burnishing you with his steely light of perfected beingness until you are clean, made whole, purified in the refiner's fire as a true alchemist. And even, if you dare, a world savior as he and Jesus were and are. How much will you save? It will be determined by your level of consecration and constancy. If you desire to know just how important your life is, watch that movie wherein one who was German saved hundreds of Jews through kindness, through understanding, through the audacity to challenge the false hierarchy of Nazism.4

Only when you have breathed your last breath and then accessed your life record, will you know how much time was wasted or invested in the sacred or the mundane, in the Divine or the banal. Choose life, choose greatness through God. And make your time upon Earth count. For we are counting the hours, the minutes, the microseconds of your attunement with the All or lack thereof.

Those trued to a divine cause, firm in their resolve, intense in their fire are the ones who experience eternity within each moment, God within every second of time. You see, worlds are born and die within every second of your life. What are you giving birth to? What are you obliterating by and through your consciousness? The co-creative power that you wield is able to move worlds. Move them with love and grace, stir them with your hearts on fire with God-desire, love.

I may come again, soon after the last discourse of the Great One and share with you what has transpired within the Earth during these twelve weeks and more. If you prepare properly and you execute efficiently, lovingly, I may just bear you a gift that you will revere, a blessing and a boon that will move you beyond your highest expectations and wildest dreams into a new eternity, a divine ecstatic bliss of beingness in God.


1. Psalms 46:10
2. Saint Germain, who is referred here as the master of Aquarius, was embodied as Francis Bacon, the real author of the works attributed to his pen name, William Shakespeare.
3. The "tome" referenced here is the book, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: Heartstreaming in the Aquarian Age by David Christopher Lewis, the co-founder and spiritual leader of The Hearts Center Community and movement.
4. Schindler’s List—a 1993 American epic historical period film, directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg and scripted by Steven Zaillian.


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