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Meta Shares the Love of a Heavenly Mother for the Youth of the World

Meta Shares the Love of a Heavenly Mother for the Youth of the World

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Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
October 30, 2013  10:00–10:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

I Bring a Stream of Vision on Behalf of the Youth

and on Behalf of Your Own Youthful Self

Precious Friends of Light,            

            I extend my heart in the radiance of my being to each one on this sacred morning made holy by your presence of love, sanctified by your spirit of beingness, graciousness, givingness. During this cycle of Scorpio, when God-vision is highlighted within your world, within your life, it is essential that all embrace clarity of consciousness and the radiance of true vision, a vision of God, a vision of self fulfilled as one with God.

            When you can access that perfect point of clear seeing, raising your purview of life beyond the temporal into that which sustains you in the eternal, then all that is beautiful and sublime is yours to behold, is yours to self-realize within the greater purview that the Lords of Life offer to visionaries of the Spirit, those who are ascending the crystal stairways of the initiatic path to their ultimate victory in the light, that light which they have now fully accepted as already resident and resonant within their hearts.

            I AM Meta, and I bring a stream of vision on behalf of the youth and on behalf of your own youthful self, refreshing you in the idyllic, the Edenic, the imaginative and that which within your youth you accepted as possible, as the ideal, as the ultimate that you could attain to, that you could become, know and fully embody while yet upon Earth in the flesh. When you can maintain, even in your elder years, the sense of this eternal youthfulness in which you may live and move and have your being, then, blessed ones, your life becomes more sublime, love is ever-present in all and new possibilities and higher dreams and visions appear for you to perceive, to recognize yourself within as a part of the greater whole, and then to incorporate by conscious work in the application of the divine sciences of truth within your lives to glorify God and magnify the Lord.

            All true visionaries of the Spirit, having beheld something of the divine light, were then able, through the quickening power of the Holy Spirit, to capture it, objectify it within the world of form through their conscious lives, applying what they could day by day in acts of kindness and grace, charity and givingness, so that the higher worlds, the more sublime realities of heaven could alight upon earth in physicality so that a new world could emerge through their hearts connected to their Source.

            As I emanate an ocean of light this morning across the Earth, I ask you to look up and within to the Source of all God-good, of all virtue, of all blessedness. Partake of that which heaven offers you even now of beingness, of benevolence, of the beatitudes of God, so that through this bestowal of light you may emerge as a new creature prismatic, chrismatic, truly charismatic as you seek to investigate all that is beautiful and divine within life and co-create with your Lord this new world of beauty, freedom and enlightenment for all.

            The youth of the world today have their own challenges and that which they must come to terms with as a result of the outpicturing of karmic and dharmic cycles within their lives. You may aid them by your wisdom. You may aid them by your love, appreciating the God within them so that they may see, feel, understand, truly know their own connection—super-connectivity, I would say—with their God Presence. You may be a semiconductor of light, offering yourself as an ion of light-beingness to ever behold the glory of God within them through your own pure vision and then to accentuate it through comforting and uplifting words and sharing. You have sought ways and means to reach the hearts of the youth. And you have wondered just how this could manifest within this movement so focused on adeptship, progressive revelatory teaching, prayer and invocation, and the spiritual disciplines of the path.

            What I am sharing with you today, dearest ones, is that if you are truly being who you are as a God-realized one fulfilled in your Selfhood, one with God, then the light who you are is the way and the truth and the life¹ for the youth to follow just as it was for Jesus, Mary and the holy disciples of light. When you are the light of the world,² your auras pristine, clear and radiant shine forth their effulgence within your world. This light-intelligence and the divine energy flowing through you is the example, is the model and is the means for the youth to know and follow, to light their path for their victory in their time.

            This generation understands the dynamics of authenticity, inner realism and even the harsh truths that exist at times within what is being outplayed within the world of conflict and duality. Their souls know the integrity of those who are true to Self. And when they are ready to receive what you may share and what you may co-create, they will understand you and honor that which you give birth to through your own heightened awareness of Presence, of your own Solar Reality garnered through a practical life of spirituality. For they will see the integrity of what you have been able to realize in the world of form and what you have created and brought forth consciously in sacred works of light and love.

            You may have your master plans; you may co-create marketing strategies, many beautiful visuals that will excite and stimulate the inner eye, the Higher Mind and soulfulness within the youth. All of these are important. And yet, dearest ones, behind them all is the essence of who you are perfused through what you create that is more meaningful, richer and effulgent. Those who are sensitive will feel through what your programs, your publications, your events and services share. Therefore shine forth your essence. Be bold and daring in your giving. Be not afraid of what may come. Step forward into the light of the Sun, for in this you will touch many hearts. And many minds will come to realize the truth through this teaching, this dispensation, this community of hearts.

            Long ago, many an ascended master discussed the ongoingness of the work of the Great White Brotherhood within many cultures, generations and epochal times of change and transformation upon Earth. In a collaborative spirit, we saw that which would be essential to come forth for the spiritual edification, tutoring, training and initiation of a certain wave of lightbearers. Now, you are the ones whom we saw and envisioned as those who would be a part of this mission of light. Much has been vouchsafed to you; much has been invested within that which we have released. Fulfill it in greater works and more industrious heartstreaming sessions both within the work of the central Hearts Center and locally, dearest ones.

            This messenger could tell you many a story of the early days of his own spiritual life and community in the Twin Cities of these United States when eight souls came together consciously to form a teaching center. There was no formal outer plan. There was little money. What there was, was desire, sacrifice, givingness and oneness. And from this emerged a fount of light that in one form or another has been sustained even to this day through the work of others who were drawn to that fount of light, initiated by those who had a vision, were obedient to the command of the Knight Commander, and who went forth with full faith that somehow a center of light would be born and hearts of fire would be drawn forth into a sphere of a new reality, a new age of truth, virtue and enlightenment.

            Yes, many of you are in your elder years; you have families, you have careers. And yet there is still opportunity, if you choose, to allow for the miraculous, the magnificent, the transformational within your world in the co-creation of Solar communities of light, of fiery Hearts Centers from which and through which God-glory may flow to nourish the souls and spirits of many who live in your environs.

            Therefore I, Meta, call you forth—those who know that it is your mission somehow to co-create these centers of light. It begins with prayer, harmony, communion, sharing, discussion. And then the plans will unfold. When you are selfless, when you see beyond limitation and have no doubt or fear whatsoever of the veracity and value of what you desire to manifest, then heaven is awakened and quickened through your own awakening and quickening. And amazing resources descend into your lives because you have called them forth by your full faith and acceptance of God’s plan and of our higher mission.

            The council of this movement is beginning to coalesce a plan to reach out to greater numbers of lightbearers. The fulfillment of this plan depends on each and every one of you. It is not up to a circle of twelve, only, to objectify the greater ideation and vision of an expanded Hearts Center community. It will require the investment of time and energy, prayer and self-sacrifice of hundreds and eventually thousands for the masters’ vision to be realized. If you would be a part of this greater activity of the Great White Brotherhood and its reach into the Earth to expand the light of the Sun, then look within, see what can be offered, and then take action. Move forward and the victory, coming in increments of givingness, shall be realized.

            I am speaking to the hearts of the youth—the tiny ones in the womb, the infants, the toddlers, those in primary and elementary schools, the teens, the young adults and those who are yet young in heart in their elder years. Come unto my heart and receive the love of a Mother of heaven. I will nurture you. I will give you peace. And through my heart’s love I will sustain you through life’s challenges and within her opportunities. Yes, blessed ones, as the daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, I share the love of the Venusians, the lovers of God who would caress you and coerce you to a higher life in divine love.

            Blessings, graces and virtues be yours ever and always, my precious ones. I thank you.

1. John 14:6.
2. Matthew 5:14–16; Mark 4:21; Luke 11:33.

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  • Originally given on 10-30-13
    10/31/2013 2:10:51 AM
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