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Sharing on a Sacred Retreat Experience and Key Moments in Two Epic Films

Sharing on a Sacred Retreat Experience and Key Moments in Two Epic Films

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 22, 2015    9:47–10:05 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Sharing on a Sacred Retreat Experience and Key Moments in Two Epic Films

             Last night I had hoped to be able to deliver a HeartStream during the Knights and Ladies Saturday evening session, and I asked internally whether it was okay, the right cycle, and I didn’t get an affirmative yes. So I was moved to do something a little different and went down into my man cave in the basement and turned on the TV and watched the last few minutes of a movie called Matrix Revolutions. It’s the third in the series. I only saw about the last five minutes.

             In that amazing moment of the culmination of all three of these movies, there was Neo as a Christ figure, almost in the mode of having just been crucified. And a gentleman goes out and says, “He saved us! He saved us!” Then there’s a shot of the woman called the Oracle, and a little girl comes up to the Oracle and she helps to create a beautiful sunrise, absolutely transformative and amazing. Her consciousness was able to create this sunrise.

             Another gentleman appears who, I believe, was the creator of the matrix itself. I didn’t watch the whole movie to know for sure. He’s kind of an enigmatic figure. Yet the Oracle does not condemn him. The Oracle talks to him. It seemed to be conveying that the whole matrix is maya, illusion, kind of a bad dream, something that we have moved into by thought processes less than God-perfection and by an awareness outside of the circle of the Divine. Yet I sensed that this creator of the matrix, if that’s truly who he was, was not judged by the Oracle. It seemed to be saying that evil, or maya, exists as a goad for us to attain to our enlightenment, our perfectionment.

             If we are always trying to counter or fight darkness, evil, it can, in a sense, come back to bite us, even though in the movie, of course, they do have to contend with what seems like absolute evil. Yet beyond the suffering, beyond the pain, beyond the experience of dealing with evil, when we go to the cause and core of everything, as we understand from the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s teachings, we leap into the unity field of beingness, which is beyond duality, where we see that light and darkness, per se, are not good or evil. They are. When we are no longer in the mode of judgment, analysis, human thought processes, we can live and have our being in the light, as this young girl did, where everything is sublime and beautiful.

             Right after that I watched the last few minutes of another movie on George Patton, the intrepid general. George C. Scott did an amazing job in portraying him in that role and won an Academy Award for it, though he refused the award. You may know that Patton believed in reincarnation. He led the Third Army during World War II, which, amazingly, marched across France to Germany and was instrumental in the winning of that war, at least in the European theater. There were some very poignant moments in what I saw in just the final few minutes of that movie.

             The most amazing part involved the bad weather they encountered prior to embarking on this hundred-mile march to go north to attack the Nazis. It was wintertime, just around Christmas, and there was a lot of snow and terrible weather and they didn’t know whether they could fulfill the assignment to do this trek in three or four days with tanks and many, many troops, which was really unheard of. So Patton had a chaplain write a prayer to beseech the Almighty for good weather for the last leg of this trip. At first the chaplain balked at this and said, “So you want me to ask God for good weather so you can kill people?” Patton comes back with a great retort, saying, in effect, that he has an intimate relationship with the Almighty and that this is not just to kill people indiscriminately, that it’s for a cause of goodness and righteousness and light. So the chaplain writes the prayer. It was actually beautiful and very flowery, in one sense, and yet amazing as a prayer. So Patton utters it and, sure enough, the weather changes and they have clear weather. Part of the reason they required that was for bombers to go in in advance and clear the way for them so that they would not encounter as much resistance. So that’s what I saw of this movie and it was truly amazing.

             I think the masters desired that I watch these two segments of these very important movies so that I could get the poignant points within them and bring this teaching to all of us. Miracles do happen. When we pray for weather, or whatever, for the right reasons—for righteousness, for harmony and peace—it can happen. We simply have to ask.

             The final thing I’d like to share with you is an experience I had in the retreats last night. My wife woke me up very early this morning, thinking that I was already awake, though I wasn’t. I had gone to bed last night asking to go to the retreats and to be able to serve and then remember upon awakening what I experienced. So because she woke me up, I remembered. It was wonderful. Many of us were together, and I was teaching and presenting. There was a darshan and, lo and behold, David Spangler was there. He wrote a wonderful book on blessing and we had him at a Meru University class on blessing, which was sponsored by beloved Jesus and facilitated by Mona. It was a fantastic Meru course, and if you have not taken that course, please consider taking it later when it’s available for replay.

             So David Spangler was there and he asked about the effectiveness of our prayers. He was more into meditation and had a different pathway than we had, and yet he was there at this event. So I shared with him the parameters that had been set for our prayers, that one of the first things that I had done was to go to the Lords of Karma to secure a dispensation so that if anyone uttered these prayers for evil or for the wrong reasons, the prayers would not be effective. They would be null and void, totally unfulfilled if someone tried to twist around the words or the energies of the prayers. And I explained that the effectiveness of our prayers depends on the consciousness of each person in the group, individually, and also the collective awareness of all of us as a whole.

             Then I shared how the Holy Spirit really is the prayer. The energy of the Holy Spirit is the prayer, is the answer to the prayer, is the effectiveness of the prayer. The entire modality of the prayer is the action of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is the delivery mechanism of the prayer. When we live and move and have our being in love, the Holy Spirit is there empowering us to deliver these words of light. This sharing was a very sacred and poignant moment. Then I woke up and was able to remember it all. It was pretty interesting.

             I encourage all of us to be connoisseurs of divine thought and to be deep thinkers. Remember Gregg Braden’s book Deep Truth—to be invested in accessing, knowing and becoming who we truly are through being perceptive and consciously authentic in our awareness in every moment as we move through life. We can choose to be aware of our surroundings and conscious of life all around us—of beingness, of the precious elementals and the nature spirits, of the light itself, of the sun, of plants and animals, and especially of our loved ones, and we are sensitive to their needs, their requirements, especially in this cycle of Pisces. As Raphael shared with us in his talk, the sun sign of Pisces is about sensitivity. We can glean much by going deeper and being reflective, especially because we’re now engaging in these times of meditation.

             Part of the purpose of our meditation practice is to develop the sensitivities of our soul. And the siddhis, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will come gradually to you when you invest this time and energy in stillness in the Great Silence. I know it to be so. I have experienced it myself and I know that many of you are beginning to flower and to shine forth an even greater radiance because of this practice.

             Finally, in our council meeting we had the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and self-assess. It was a very amazing moment when each one shared. People even shared some of the vulnerabilities and issues they have been dealing with, the problems they have been encountering in their daily lives of trying to do the work of the masters and also fulfilling their own personal goals, objectives and dreams. One thing that I shared was that when we bare our souls in these moments of intimacy, where we share even the struggles that we are going through, it opens our hearts in a deeper and more profound way to one another. It allows us to bare our souls so that we can let go of and surrender some of the pain, the issues that we’ve had, the struggles we’ve been encountering. Then, because we love each other, because we are a community of light, because we are rooting for each other, are here for each other and pray for each other, there can be healing. There is healing. There is a greater collective energy field of the radiance of our hearts working toward one goal, one holy purpose. We are all the beneficiaries of this dynamic of the collective, the community, the communion of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

             So I encourage you, when you have an issue, a problem, a need, to please contact our prayer team. Please contact the Knights and Ladies if you’re in that email group and ask for prayer, support, energy, love and divine thoughts to come your way, because if you keep your struggling a secret and you’re dealing with a serious issue, it can hurt you. And you may not have to experience as much suffering or pain if you are supported by others in our community who love you, who cherish who you are, just as you are.

             In our vulnerability, we do open our hearts. And what happens? God is there supporting us; the angels are there nurturing us; the ascended masters are there pouring their ointments, their sacred oils and essences unto our auric fields, our chakras, our minds and our hearts so that we can move through crises, as Gregg Braden shared, with resilience. We can meet the challenges of today, the extremes that are occurring.

             When I got on the Internet today and quickly looked at the news, I saw the report on the terror threat against the Mall of America. So I texted Alice Tucker, and I’m grateful that you worked on that today, because we all desire to see our citizens, our families, our loved ones safe and secure. And that safety often comes through the work of K-17, who just came, his legions, and Archangel Michael and his legions. So when we pray, when we are mindful, when we meditate, we can co-create such a tremendous flowfield of protection that the angels will work to safeguard souls, property, businesses and lives. So please do not have fear. We live in love. There is really nothing to fear when you are in the sacred space of God’s eternal light. When we remain centered in that, no matter what happens we can deal with it. And we appreciate God’s testing, God’s ways, God’s light and love.

             Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you, Alice Tucker and Anthony, for being there in Austin today, the capital of the great state of Texas. My love to all of you. I would like to say, finally, that we have a lot going on this week, as many of you know. We have our second celebration of our ten-year anniversary on the 26th, Lanello’s Ascension Day. We have Donna Korth’s wonderful heartfriend presentation the evening before. So stay tuned, stay attuned, and in your attunement all shall be outpictured according to the highest, the blessed and the most beloved ways of our Divine One. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

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