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God Tabor Radiates God Consciousness around the World and Gives Us a Gold Nugget Gift

God Tabor Radiates God Consciousness around the World and Gives Us a Gold Nugget Gift

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Beloved God Tabor
David Christopher Lewis
February 19, 2015 9:00–9:21 am MST
Livingston, Montana

God Tabor Radiates God-Consciousness around the World
and Gives Each of Us a Gift of a Gold Nugget

I AM the God Tabor, and this day I come to charge forth the light of the Presence, the Presence of the Sun, the Presence of Alpha and Omega, the Presence of the Lords of the Flame and those who ensoul mountains and great vistas of light, including certain cosmic devas, who are here for you, blessed ones, in order that this Earth may truly become heaven again.


From my retreat over Colorado Springs, I send forth light frequencies and waves of God-consciousness north, south, east and west. And there is the arousal within the Earth and within the higher mindfulness of certain initiates across this globe of the siddhis, the latent gifts of the Holy Spirit, which, when received and activated fully, may allow for a new mindfulness, a new heart-centeredness, a new divine effulgence to be broadcast to the world, both during your meditation sessions and whenever you choose to so engage in emanating the frequencies of higher consciousness that are embedded within these siddhis of light.


Precious ones, when you abide within the higher mountain fastnesses, when you climb your own highest mountain of God-consciousness, you activate certain of these natal vibratory fields. For in the higher echelons of light in those altitudes, from which the gods of the mountains step forth to welcome you unto their abode, there is a higher pranic release of divine light unto you, first within your lungs and heart and then suffused up into your crown chakra. For where else, blessed ones, would you expect to receive the highest frequencies of light except within these higher altitudes?


You know of the masters of the Himalayas. You know of those who abide in the sacred mountains of Tibet, Nepal, in South America in the Andes, in certain areas of the Urals in Eurasia, and also within the Rocky Mountains. This day many of these foci of light that these high initiates abide within are activated within a certain geometric pattern of the Earth's grid of light, facilitated by the manus: Lord Himalaya, Vaivasvatu Manu (who has just come to you)¹, the God and Goddess Meru (who also have a mountain named after them)² and the Divine Director of the Rakoczy family. And I stand on their behalf in the midst of America, and there is an inculcation of this light within those areas receiving the broadcast from Mount Shasta this day, which will stimulate these centers of light within devotees of the highest order for a holy purpose, and that is to raise the awareness of mankind, to accelerate consciousness to be able to perceive the higher realities of divine science wed to Spirit within matter.


Yes, blessed ones, upon these mountain fastnesses you have access to the highest points of Alpha, even as you have brought the light of Omega from within your physical temple to the peaks, the apex, of light that you climb. And thus there is a reason the primary center from which we broadcast is in Livingston, Montana, and now in Mount Shasta, as well as in other areas, including Santiago, Chile, within the Andes Mountains, where devotees are gathered. And there is a gradual increase in the sacred fire released through your sessions, through the accumulation of God-consciousness within you, each one, as initiates. And as the energy field that you build during your weekly and monthly broadcasts accumulates, there is an even greater action of light, whereby we may broadcast to the world the highest ascended-master vibratory fields of light, divine pools, as resources of Solar awareness and God-consciousness.


This continuing action, blessed ones, is the work of the ages that we the gods of the mountains are invested in. For we have called for eons for mankind to rise in awareness and to perceive as we do, with clear eyes, the one purpose of the One God: to love all life free, to bring that light of freedom to all life in all realms and to allow for a permanent space of universal peace and divine awareness to manifest within the greater civilization of humanity throughout the world.


In this hour, the Master Kuthumi Lal Singh stands with Djwal Kul and they simultaneously harmonize with the Master El Morya from their retreats over Shigatse and Darjeeling. And there is an action of light such as you may not have ever seen in quite the same array of the seven rainbow rays, blessed ones, that will bring forth Christ awareness into the higher minds of many. And this quickening and the delivery of this action this day will result in many more coming to the fount of truth, wherever it may be found.


It is no coincidence that this day we have sent a messenger of light himself, Gregg Braden, to deliver ancient truth and current truth to the world through his sublime words and through the model that he has set forth of how humanity may be enriched, quickened and fulfilled in higher gnosis, in an understanding of science wed to Spirit. Therefore, blessed ones, listen carefully to the words mindfully prepared through a heart centered in God, in Spirit, through a soul wed to the Divine Mother in ancient times—he who can hear the similitudes of light as they are refreshed upon the waves of light within the etheric octaves, even the sounding of an ancient wooden flute played by Krishna and now heard at inner levels by your inner ear.


O gracious ones, at some time during your lifetime, come to the higher altitudes of the Rockies. Come to Colorado Springs, Mount Shasta, to Livingston or, if you dare, to Denali in Alaska and witness the eternal love fires of God at the morn during the rising sun or in the eve at the setting sun. And perceive, as Morya does and as the ancient masters of the Himalayas do, that which God is arousing within mankind to know, to become, to self-realize in God-consciousness.


Yes, we desire for you to come to Archangel Michael’s abode next year, blessed hearts, for another retreat in the blue-fire radiance of his causal body and that of Faith, with him. For when you arrive at Lake Louise, we will be there with many masters to facilitate an increase in the vibratory field of your causal body and specifically the blue plume. Those of you who love this Prince of the Archangels and call to him daily will be anointed in a new and powerful way in his presence.


Therefore prepare, make your plans and set aside the dates that we will reveal unto you as optimal for this event. And, blessed ones, the charge of light into the Earth itself through this sacred abode over Banff will truly bring forth that which can protect America, protect the lightbearers everywhere and protect the Earth itself from planetary war and from the dark deeds of the unconscious ones.


The key to the resolution of crisis is within your heart and mind, wed to the One God through the field of faith that you weave through your Solar body, consciously, during your times of inner stillness and in the sanctity of that space of God-peace within your soul.


Gracious ones, the outpouring of heaven this day for each of you is great. You are beheld in the eye of God as immaculate, pure and divine. There is only God-awareness and holiness sent unto you from the Divine One every moment. If you can simply accept and receive this holy radiation in some way each day as your spiritual food from your Source and lovingly ingest it, assimilate it and utilize it in God-conscious works of love, in reverence to all life, I can assure you that your progress will be swift, that your ascent will be sure, and that one day when you rise to the apex of light and stand upon that dais, you will be subsumed into the eternality of God in your own union with your Source in the most joyous experience of your evolution. You will be cosmically stimulated in that moment by the ascension currents and all will be fulfilled within you. Prepare for it each day and ascend in consciousness in some way every moment through a life lived to the glory of God, consciously, lovingly, reverently.


Now, dearest ones, I have a gift for each of you, and an emissary of light delivers it to your soul. It is a nugget of gold fashioned by the God of Gold, a dear friend of mine. In my retreat of late, we have determined that somehow there must be an increase in the abundant life of devotees within this movement and in other ascended-master movements of light. For where there is the abundant life and the sense that all is well, where you are taken care of by the Divine One and all the resources that you desire and that you require are at hand instantaneously as you require them, then there is no fear of the future. You only have to look forward to your work, to your sacred activity in the light.


Therefore receive this nugget now and allow it to be ingested even within your higher bloodstream, which, as you know, is composed of liquid, golden light. And as this infusion of cosmic abundance manifests within your being and your world, a new clarity will come to you, a new sense of divine refreshment will be yours. And all will truly come to fruition because you have accepted God’s commission to go forth and multiply the light within your life, to co-create with us the new world of divine glory, harmony, enlightenment, freedom and peace such that, come what may in terms of any challenges to your identity, to your health and well-being or to your mission, one with God, you will move forward—undaunted, courageous, intrepid—to know the truth at all costs and to fulfill your purpose upon this sacred sphere that you call Mother Earth or Gaia, as a lightbearer, a lightworker, truly a lightsharer of the highest order.


Dearest ones, we ennoble you this day as friends of the light, heartfriends of God, servitors of the One. Go forth victorious to fulfill all, and rise to greet the Sun upon the mount and know the ark of your divinity within the aura of that sun-fire radiance with me. I thank you.

Messenger’s comments:
I would like to thank our disciples from Mount Shasta for being there for the masters today, including Nayala. Thank you for joining us in this sacred work.


As the God Tabor was dictating—by the way, this is his first HeartStream through me—I could see the antahkarana of these sacred retreats in the high points around the Earth and the connection that the manus made and that the other masters that he mentioned made—Morya, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul, the Three Wise Men. I could see how imperative it is for us to continue broadcasting from these high points, such as Mount Shasta and Livingston. We are almost a mile high here, right around five thousand feet in elevation. I recall being in Colorado Springs when I was on the staff of the Summit for only three months. And yet that time was very important because there was embedded within my higher mind certain engrams from the area of Pike’s Peak nearby, where the God Tabor’s retreat is.


As we connect and reconnect, as we plan to have our retreat next year at Lake Louise in Banff, Archangel Michael’s retreat, let us be mindful that we are all connected, that we are connected with other lightbearers of other movements, who, on the inner, are doing basically the same work as we are doing in slightly different ways, with different resources or different verbiage. And yet we are all one. If we can remain harmonious and be respectful of each one’s gifts, talents and virtues, we together will facilitate the most glorious dawning of this Golden-Crystal Age throughout the world, within America or wherever we live, and help the ascended masters and the great beings of light also embodied within the Earth to prevent war and, more importantly, to bring about planetary peace.


I have to tell you a little secret and it is okay to reveal it. We received the first copy of Saint Germain’s book on advanced alchemy, which is called a proof, and approved it the other night. So the printers in Michigan, a little west of Detroit, are now printing our book. I ask you to please pray for Malloy printers so that the book comes out exactly as we saw it in the proof. It is absolutely beautiful, and we will have it in time for our Spring Equinox Conference. It’s 360 pages total, which is a sacred number. There are 333 pages in the main body of the book. And then coupled with what we call the front matter of the book—the title page, copyright page, table of contents—the total is 360. There are sixteen beautiful images by Mario Duguay, the French Canadian artist, in the center of the book, as in the aura book. I so much look forward to being there with many of you here in Livingston to receive this book at the spring equinox for and on behalf of the Master Saint Germain. It will be a great celebration of light. It will be the initiation of a new cycle of divine alchemy for the planet. And truly, as we go forth to market and sell this book, many other lightbearers will find out about our movement, our sacred work and what we can do to help bring forth the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.


With that said, I will return the service now to Cathleen and you in Mount Shasta. Again, thank you so much. In a half hour Gregg Braden will be my guest on Hearts Center Talk Radio. Though we typically have what we call a Huddle on Thursday morning, I will not be there. I am asking for your prayers throughout this one-hour show, beginning in a half hour, so that it can be sublime, beautiful and so that we have a lot of fun together with Gregg, a great, great soul. Thank you so much. God bless you. Have a great day. Bye-bye.


1. Vaivasvata Manu delivered a HeartStream two days earlier on February 17, 2015.
2. The retreat of the God and Goddess Meru is located in the heart of Mount Meru in the Andes range, near Lake Titicaca, which is on the border between Peru and Bolivia.



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