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Vaivasvata Manu Comes with the Manus to Deliver a Cosmic Impetus for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Vaivasvata Manu Comes with the Manus to Deliver a Cosmic Impetus for Personal and Planetary Transformation

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Beloved Vaivasvatu Manu
David Christopher Lewis
February 17, 2015 6:55–7:16 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Vaivasvata Manu Comes with the Manus to Deliver a Cosmic Impetus
for Personal and Planetary Transformation

I AM Vaivasvatu Manu, and this day I choose to emanate upon, within and around the Earth and through you the God-ideal of the fifth root race, now coming to completion within some upon this sphere and also self-realized through many already in the heaven world, who, as ascended beings, come with me this day to ray forth a new archetype of beingness and an expression of divinity that calls all to be fulfilled in their own highest God Self-ideal.

Blessed ones, for you to manifest fully your I AM God Presence while living upon this Earth requires that you dig deep and resolve issues within your subconscious, that you discover from within yourself the way, the truth and the life of the initiate, the one who would be tested, who would be tried and enfired by the eternal love fires of God to understand all within the receptacle of the chalice of being. And once you have fulfilled all by resolving those deep-seated issues of your psychology, it is then that you may rise into the new psyche of divine light, your heroic I AM Ego Self. And from this Atman manifestation of the monad of your being, suffused in God, a new aroma manifests through your awareness, a new divine light may be expressively outpictured within your world, in your current everyday consciousness wed to the Divine.

Many are lagging behind the eternal cycles of light as they would be objectified within the self. And therefore the manus, Lord Himalaya, the God and Goddess Meru, the Divine Director and I have had congress together to consider all of the dynamics of how we may assist mankind in accelerating consciousness and new spirals of divine evolution within the framework of their co-creative lives upon Earth. We have discerned much by the grace of the Holy Spirit herself. And the Logos has stepped forth as the divine Word to arouse within the higher minds of mankind that which we creatively stimulate through patterns of perfection, engrams of light embedded within them.

Therefore this day there is a new wave pattern of co-creativity bursting forth upon the scene of this Earth to give rise to this new consciousness of the New Age. And we the manus of the fourth, fifth and sixth root races support and fully endorse that which the Divine Director himself is raying forth and manifesting through his God-consciousness. Therefore, blessed ones, it is imperative that you, each one, self-discover who you are, self-realize God within, find the nexus of the eternal Now in the day-to-day equation of your lives, fulfilled in divine beingness, realized in perception of a higher reality beyond the physical plane alone.

There will be, through the stimulation of the ethers this day and through this wave pattern of light manifesting in many spheres of being and multidimensions of consciousness, a new light come to mankind, which, if they choose to accept it, discern the ramifications of its release and accept the power and viability of its transformational change within them, will result in dramatic God-realizations throughout the nations, dearest ones. You will find answers to the dilemmas that mankind has created through their unconsciousness outside of the circle of God-identity. You will see delivered, as missives of light, new teaching and new opportunities for divine self-expression within your lives. And during your times of deep reflection and meditation, we will ensconce within your being, your auric field and your higher mind those matrices of perfection and of the God-ideal that we wield within our causal bodies on behalf of every lifestream who has been a part of the root-race evolutions, for whom we are the progenitors within this Earth.

Yes, dearest ones, new opportunity is presented unto you. And if you would be self-directed by your I AM God Presence, then we are there promulgating and initiating many new divine projects and initiatives. We are there working behind the scenes to ennoble a new consciousness on the Earth, and there is the acceleration of frequencies manifesting through the minds of the chohans of the rays, which are therefore also extended unto many initiates of light across the Earth. For they are the first ones that we ray forth these God-ideals to and through on behalf of you, blessed ones.

Therefore listen to the chohans during your excursions to their retreats in the etheric octaves of light while you sleep, or consciously attend to them during deep meditation and your out-of-body experiences. Listen to that which they are now, front and center, presenting to mankind as the ideal of each ray as they model it to perfection, accentuated through the higher life-energies that they lovingly express. Study the lives of these ones and realize that if you can outpicture even a small percentage of that which they have self-realized in the completeness of their beings while yet upon Earth, you will leap forward in great progress to understand who you are, to realize your fullest potential in the light.

The Master Saint Germain is here daily with you in preparation for the release unto this planet of his teachings on higher alchemy. He is looking for those who will use alchemy consciously in their lives on a persistent basis, mindful of the co-creative act of divine love pouring through their hearts through works of grace and blessing. Will you respond to the Master and engender within this Earth the highest essences of the seventh ray of this age by both invoking that light consistently and modeling, through your conscious life, what the seventh-root-race man or woman is in his and her highest ideal manifestation?

It would be a great study, blessed ones, for you to consider all of the dynamics of what a true Aquarian individual is in the fullness of his/her being. And if you can truly say that you have given your all in understanding what the Divine Director and Saint Germain and Portia are representing and projecting into the higher awareness of mankind throughout the Earth and you have sought in some humble way to assist them in their endeavors, then we claim you as our own, then we anoint you as initiates of this New Age. And you may assist many in teaching and representing these highest God-ideals within your life, lived to the glory of God and on behalf of the One.

Yes, beloved hearts, the archetype of the New Age man, woman or child is one that you should consciously study and realize in some way year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day. And if you choose, you may secure a notebook and after your meditations record what it is that has transpired within your consciousness as you have attempted to self-realize that God-ideal within your conscious, practical life. And at the close of your embodiment, looking back and reading the thesis of what you have created consciously, you will see the hand of God, the mind of God and the heart of God involved in the dynamic of this process of your becoming your true Self. And you will know with cosmic certitude that the Holy Spirit, the manus and the chohans have been invested at every step of the game of your dreaming into realization the divine, the holy, the sublime.

Gracious and beloved ones, it is time for the ascension of thousands upon Earth at the end of this age. Those who do not decide to progress within these cycles of light and to experience the ending of time as some have known it within this sphere will either be delivered to another dimensional experience in another world or, in one sense, devolve into a lesser manifestation, from which it will take thousands of cycles of your Earth time for them to come back to this point of opportunity of evolution and attainment.

Seek God first within your life and being. Know God through every breath and heartbeat. Fulfill God’s plan in your life as the manus and the chohans inspire you daily. And know the I AM God within you in the highest sense, as that brooding presence of godliness, of holiness, of beingness born of love, whereby you move through the fields of love and are fulfilled in divine love always.

Now, blessed ones, the Lord Jesus stands before you as the God-ideal of the Piscean dispensation, and his attending angels deliver to you, each one, sacred communion this day. Take and eat the sacred ethereal body and blood of the Christ, offered unto you as that Word, as that Logos of light. Receive the ministrations of these attending ones, for this communion of eternal light-substance will fare thee well during coming cycles when your testing may be rich in the heat and the dynamics of transformative change and friction, whereby you will be renewed and refined in the refiner’s fire of godliness and heart-centeredness in the One.

Take and eat and drink of this divine light-energy and know that in God all things are possible1 and that it is time to realize them, to fulfill them, to become them fully as you surrender all that you have become accustomed to that is less than perfection and release into the eternal fire of God the dross of your human consciousness.

Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through that dross now. And as we reclaim it for God and for the light, you are subsumed into light. You are transformed in the twinkling of an eye. Be love, beloved, and live forevermore in God. I thank you.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.


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