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Archeia Hope Shares a Fountain of Light as Hope Springs Eternal for Us All

Archeia Hope Shares a Fountain of Light as Hope Springs Eternal for Us All

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Beloved Hope
David Christopher Lewis
October 26, 2013   10:00–10:15 am MDT
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light

Meru University Class 1307
Livingston, Montana

When You Desire to Be Virtuous the Angels Alight in Your Midst

 Happiness Brings Hope, and Hope Breeds Happiness

            Hope springs eternal, and Hope radiates the light of the Eternal One to every heart upturned to the divine world, to love and to all of the virtues of God.
            Dearest ones, when you are in the presence of hope—the virtue of hope and the archeia of Hope, who I am—there is a resonant field of beingness, of presence, of understanding where you are, whereby the highest outcome is always clear before your mind’s eye. And no matter what assails or is an obstacle to the fulfillment of your dream, your goal, your God-desire, that vision supersedes all and allows, with laserlike focus, the flowing of the Mother’s energy to manifest to accomplish the end result so cherished.
            Hope is born of a mother’s heart. Hope, caring and resolute, is there behind the scenes to provide an impetus so that despair and despondency may not set in to dull your mind or cloud your vision. Blessed ones, the key to overcoming depression is to maintain an optimal sense, through optimism, of the highest and best and most blessed outcome in all things and for everyone.
            When you have hope for yourself, even as you have love, true love, for yourself, it is easier for us, as those who inspire and protect and direct you, to do our sacred work on your behalf. When you have God-desire flowing through you as a mother’s heart does, there is a connection between heaven and earth that is strong. And through this cosmic rope, or cable, you feel that you are now able to connect with all that is beautiful and sublime, all that is pristine and divine in order that happiness, joy and the divine world may manifest where you are.
            Hope naturally brings happiness. Think on these words whenever, at times, doubt or mistrust or anxiety set in upon you, when it seems that somehow your goals are elusive, your dreams are vanishing and evanescent. Yes, dearest ones, happiness brings hope, and hope breeds happiness. Therefore if you would be truly hopeful, have a heart-set of happiness, have a mind-set of optimism, and set your eyes upon the immaculate, the beautiful, the glorious. You see, when all of your upper chakras are in sync and there is divine movement and flow through the expressive elements of your co-creativity as you ennoble life through the raised kundalini fire of the Mother, then hope naturally is yours to enjoy, as is happiness and as are all of the virtues that you desire to have outpictured.
    When you have hope in others and in yourself and see the highest in others, as well as in yourself, divine thoughtforms and heartstreams are infused within your auric field; you have a natural buoyancy and an inner sense of beingness through the levity consciousness of the archangels and archeiai. Yes, awareness of us brings hope to every soul.  Our presence brings love, faith and all that these three, woven together in strands of light, also facilitate of the 144 virtues—amazing, awesome in their objectification in the lives of the living saints upon Earth.
    When you desire to be virtuous, the angels alight in your midst. When you desire to outpicture any God-quality as those rays and beams of light that flow from the Sun Presence of your own Solar-Source, we are there to accentuate and to model just what those God-qualities are that you, as a soul of light, may give birth to in your own co-creative way. You see, although there are many, many virtues, it is amazing even for us to see just how, through the dance and play of light within the universe, these virtues are accepted and are modeled in the lives of the conscious Solar initiates upon Earth.
            Gracious hearts, all things are possible to you in God when you are one with God, attuned to God’s heart and heartbeat. All things are realizable to you in the new reality that already exists in higher planes of being, which you may access when your attitude is truly a be-attitude.
            When the Lord Jesus the Christ spoke the sacred words of the Sermon on the Mount, he was, dearest ones, actually expressing what had already been released previously by divine teachers, even Melchizedek himself, extending it to those disciples and followers who were present at that moment in time and space so that they could understand the dynamics of a divine life, a virtuous life, a life of hope, reason, mercy and grace. When all is understood and you see the records of life and light in the great halls of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, you will be amazed to see the confluence of the stream of God-consciousness woven through many cultures, divine teachers, avatars throughout the ages and how God himself/herself is so invested in the creation itself and in the lives of every precious son and daughter upon Earth and upon all worlds.
            Now feel the fire, the flame and the freedom of hope’s reality within your soul chakra, within your Mother root chakra of light, and give birth to the new true-blue-and-white you, immaculate in your innocence, divine in your essence.
            Precious and beloved ones, no matter what occurs in the outer world, focus on the within and all shall be well; all shall be light, hopeful and bright. I thank you.

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