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David's Letter to HeartFriends Celebrating 10 Years of Victories (video) (text)

David's Letter to HeartFriends Celebrating 10 Years of Victories (video) (text)

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 8, 2015  9:11–9:44 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

David’s Letter to Heartfriends Celebrating Ten Years of Victories


            I have a letter to read to all of us, dated today, February 8, 2015, that is an expression of the work, the fruit and the legacy of our Hearts Center community and what we together have co-created through all of the sacred dharmic givingness that each and every one of us, paid staff as well as the many volunteers in our community, has entered into during these past ten years. This is an expression from my heart to us after meditating with the masters on what we have together accomplished:

Dear Heartfriends,

            Thank you for your devotion to the ascended masters and their efforts through The Hearts Center to release their progressive revelatory teachings to the Earth in this hour. Your constancy and generosity have truly made the difference in so many ways, seen and unseen.

             I would like to share with you the following insights I received through meditating with the ascended masters on how we are doing as a spiritual community and movement, as well as the opportunities before us to improve our offerings and expand our heartreach to many more lightbearers around the world.

Together We’ve Made a Difference

1.  We have co-created a tremendous website as a portal through which the ascended masters, through their progressive teachings, are daily inspiring lightbearers like you around the world to stay connected with the Source. In addition, our original and primary website has engendered important related websites that bring aspects of our teachings and messages to specific audiences. Among these are the Meru University, Hearts Center Talk Radio, Chilean Heartfriends, Spanish, Swedish, Youth, and Advanced Studies of the Human Aura websites. Each new publication necessitates a special website to draw interested individuals to our offerings, and all of this work requires dedicated staff who can maintain these sites to ensure their continuing viability.

2.  Our daily broadcast services hold a great spiritual balance for the Earth. The ascended masters revealed recently that 10 percent of the spiritual energy released by them through their various sponsored activities flows through our work. Considering that there are billions of people on the Earth and many of these engage in prayer or meditation in some fashion, this is astounding. The reason our efforts are so effective is that the radiation, or divine power, released during the HeartStreams, coupled with the collective energy released during our events and daily broadcasts, is tremendous. There are few living anointed messengers on the Earth who do the same level of work that we do together as a community of light.

3.  The masters have already released teaching that could take an entire generation to more fully codify and release to a wider audience through various media, including printed and electronic publications, audios and videos. The masters prefer videos because they have a greater broadband spectrum of both audio and video frequencies in their release. Videos impact the vision center of the recipient and leave an indelible impression on the higher nerve centers within the brain, which in turn stimulate more refined thought and higher Buddhic mindfulness.

4.  Through our Meru University courses, we have released divine engrams into the ethers (the subtle spiritual atmosphere that surrounds our planet) and within the higher auric field of mankind at large and of lightbearers like us, in particular. Much of the specific vocabulary we use will become more commonplace in the future, including some of the terms that we’ve trademarked or which the ascended masters often use. Among them are heartstreaming, heartfriends, flowfield, diamond-crystal light, crystal rays, Golden-Crystal Age and unity field of beingness. The spiritual thoughtforms released in our HeartStreams are tremendous light-seeds, which have taken root within the subconscious minds of people everywhere, especially where we live, where we broadcast and where we have traveled and held events and pilgrimages.

5.  Speaking of pilgrimages, they have saved many lives. During our 2005 Mexican pilgrimage, where an earthquake occurred right while we were in the hotel, the spiritual work that we did saved thousands of lives, according to an ascended master. We have averted greater destruction upon the Earth by transmuting the necessity for certain earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, toxic pollution and its spread throughout the Earth through the accelerated action of the violet flame that the masters have termed the violet-laser light, which has been focused through our attention to precise locations and points of activity around the globe, including our own homes and lives. The masters perform this alchemical work through their ascended light bodies in a much more powerful way than we living upon Earth in our current limited forms are able to accomplish in an unascended state. However, we are continually learning how to utilize the spiritual frequencies that we together invoke in a more powerful way as we purify and refine ourselves and coalesce more light in our individual and collective auric fields in this sacred work.

            During our African pilgrimage a tremendous release of light occurred, whereby records of pain and suffering were consumed. Many souls whose lives had been affected by the violence and ways of apartheid received, at the etheric level, the flame of mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation and new hope so that they could move forward on their path.

What We Accomplished Together during Our First Ten Years

            I will outline now many of our joint accomplishments during our first ten years. The first list that I will read notes some of the various ways in which we are an avant-garde Aquarian spiritual movement. These reflections are based on my perspective of having been on the spiritual path for over forty years and having also served for three decades in another community of light. Together we—you and I, as one—have done the following:

1.  We have honored and valued everyone as a messenger of light, with each one’s particular focus and representation of how that messengership manifests.

2.  We have allowed and encouraged people to give their gifts and talents in numerous ways.

3.  Together we have allowed and encouraged people to share during services, events and Meru University classes.

4.  We have broadcast daily, free of charge, and many of these broadcasts are now video streamed.

5.  We have regularly conducted darshans in which participants ask the masters questions, and vice-versa.

6.  Together we have co-created seventeen new devotional rosaries, which includes the seven individual rosaries for the seven days of the week in the long Golden Buddha Rosary, as well as ten others, many of which are now in print or on audio and video.

7.  We have consistently offered fresh new rituals at our wholeness and diamond-crystal purity services. They are always different, not the same ritual given every time the same way. Although that may be, for some, an acceptable type of practice, we are inspired by and improved by the Presence of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit, through me and through us, conducts these services.

8.  We have recently begun to engage more in silent meditation during our services and events, as we just experienced.

9.  We have conducted over a dozen dynamic pilgrimages to sacred sites on five continents.

10.  We have hosted at least forty-five different Meru University course presenters in over seventy courses.

11.  We have interacted with numerous other spiritual movements, honoring their leaders and teachers and in some cases incorporating various of their practices into what we do. Among them are the following:

The I.D.E.A.L. Society at Jaffrey in British Columbia, Canada

The Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by ParamahansaYogananda: A group of us visited with a swami at their United States headquarters, and recently during our 2014 Winter Solstice Conference we watched the movie Awake: The Life of Yogananda.

The Ananda Sangha, founded by Yogananda’s disciple Swami Kriyananda: I gave two public talks at two different East-West Bookstores, and I also interviewed a wonderful woman, Mary, who is in charge of their healing prayer ministry.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov: We read his daily meditations and we carry all of his books in English in our store and encourage their study. I have advocated that all of our Hearts Centers and heartfriends groups have a full compendium of these books.

Peter Deunov: We dance the Paneurhythmy, read his teachings and carry his books in English in our store. We recognize him as a true master.

Anastasia: We have embraced her teachings through the books written by Vladimir Megre. We have held two “Anastasia in the Garden” Meru University classes at Mona’s and my home. Mona and I attended the first class put on by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin near Seattle a number of years ago, and I have encouraged all of you to get involved in permaculture.

Permaculture: We encourage it. We teach its basic principles and its application.

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) and solar gazing: He spoke at our summer conference in Bozeman, I believe it was 2007. We have incorporated solar gazing in our movement as one of our official spiritual practices, which we know to be very beneficial in raising our awareness and allowing us to experience higher consciousness.

Lastly, I have interviewed dozens of leaders and teachers from other movements on our Hearts Center Talk Radio program.

12.  We have published 6 books and will publish the seventh very soon, 21 booklets (in 3 languages) and 11 e-books. Our online bookstore also carries ten different books, booklets and audiobooks produced by you, heartfriends.

13.  We have produced 46 different CDs of rosaries, prayers, songs, meditations, collections of HeartStreams, Meru University classes, pilgrimages, and slide shows with quips and sharings by the masters.

14.  We have produced 9 beautiful, creative DVDs, including some of our rosaries, some of our pilgrimages, various meditations and ascended masters’ sharings.

15.   We have aired over 40 Hearts Center Talk Radio shows through our network, and I’ve been on 8 Dr. Pat. Transformation Talk Radio shows. Raphael Fitch has hosted 12 radio shows, originally called Universal Truths and later called Heartstreams, on WVOX 1460 AM in New Rochelle, New York. I have also been a guest on about 16 other radio shows.

16.  We have co-created 200 new and original prayers, and currently there are 25 call sheets in our prayer book, although, as you know, some of them are changed regularly—the bimonthly CS-38, and whenever we have an event, we update the one for that event.

17.  We have co-created 139 songs. We have incorporated 26 different bhajans composed by others in our song book, and we have 4 Spanish songs in our song book.

18.  We have broadcasted daily, every morning and many evenings, since the late spring of 2005. Other than the times when we were broadcasting for a paid event or a Meru University course, all of these have been free of charge.

19.  We have uploaded 430 YouTube videos, with some receiving over 10,000 views:

Beyond 2012: Vision of a Golden Age—over 49,000 views

The Heart Chakra Meditation—almost 33,000 views

Hira Ratan Manek’s lecture on sun gazing—almost 32,000 views

The Ho’Oponopono song and video in two different versions, which currently are not there any longer because of some input that we received. However, they received over 19,000 and 18,000 views each.

One of our most recent videos, Saint Germain’s Prophecy for 2015, which occurred on December 31, 2014, less than two months ago, has already received over 10,000 views.

20.  I have traveled in my life, primarily during my tenure within The Hearts Center, to 30 nations around the world and to 49 of the 50 states in America. Many of you have accompanied me on a number of these pilgrimages—Boyd, in particular, on a number of the trips to Sweden and within Europe, which were for smaller groups. I calculated that I have logged enough air miles to circumnavigate the globe at least four times.

21.  By God’s grace, together we have received 4,334 HeartStreams, which are published in some fashion on our website. Plus there are more that are not in our HOPE database because they were delivered during private classes.

22.  I have personally produced 11 music CDs, with a total of 38 original songs with lyrics (although I did borrow one melody) and 20 original instrumental piano pieces. I consider this work to be part of my larger messengership because, as we know, music is such an important part of our path. Many of you supported me energetically on the inner during the co-creation of these. Some of these were created after The Hearts Center began, and I have bequeathed the rights and permissions for all of my music to our Hearts Center community.

Where We Are Headed in the Next Ten Years

            We have much work to do to reach a wider audience. Though many people find our website, not all investigate all that we have to offer and take advantage of the gifts that the masters have shared through us and that our paid staff and volunteers have lovingly crafted into beautiful and transcendent sharings. As we secure greater help in researching, documenting, organizing and categorizing our vast library of spiritual releases and heartfriend presentations, we can offer an even more easily accessible library of teachings and inspired messages for lightbearers to see, hear, read and study.

            We have great opportunities before us to translate our teachings into numerous languages to reach lightbearers throughout the world. Currently very few of our offerings are available in other languages. Ideally, since much of our teaching is advanced, explanations of terms and more foundational explanations of higher concepts could accompany the translated works to make them readily understandable to those of other cultures. Collaboration between international heartfriends through our International Council will become increasingly important as our teachings are translated into various languages. And a coordinated effort to reach new and growing audiences through empowered leaders, teachers and presenters will provide a great impetus for planetary transformation, which today we can only imagine. We are hoping, praying and planning to conduct our first international congress in 2016 and to continue hosting them biannually on different continents thereafter.

            Many e-books and shorter publications on cutting-edge spiritual topics are required for today’s young-adult audience and, frankly, for all of us. Because of current media trends, many in this group have a shorter attention span as a result of this programming, and they may spend less time in the study of spiritual teachings. The masters have spoken on hundreds of topics in over 4,300 HeartStreams. When these topics are presented in bite-size pieces, people can get a taste of the efficacy of the words and the instruction before committing to greater in-depth study and application of the teachings. We together must co-create this and offer it.

            Creating step-by-step study guides for people in various age groups, including two different youth age groups, will become a priority as current heartfriends age. Reaching younger devotees is essential to ensuring that the ascended masters’ teachings will continue to be released to future generations. The teachings are best presented in an experiential way, and offering in-person youth retreats and online classes, where there can be personal attention and mentoring, will provide effective ways to attract the interest of those who will carry forward our mission into a bright and abundant future.

            Collaboration with like-minded and heart-centered spiritual leaders and movements during our first ten years has already provided us with a more universal view on true spirituality from heaven’s perspective. Wonderful back-and-forth sharings have occurred that have expanded our collective vision and opened up new pathways for advanced spiritual work. We have been willing to learn from others, humbling ourselves, in effect, to accept that there are numerous pathways to the one Source and that all lightbearers everywhere have something to offer each other as we collaborate and work together toward a higher form of planetary unity and lasting peace. We can continue to expect new opportunities to materialize as we remain open to higher truth from whatever source it flows, even as we stay true to our primary focus and purpose of invoking the light through our daily spiritual broadcast services and presentations, our regular Meru University events and various spiritual gatherings that we put on locally, nationally and at the international level.

            My beloved friends, you are an integral part of the ongoing mission that we hold so dear. As Lanello shared with us on January 2, you are the nexus of the New Age. You are important to the outpicturing of the ascended masters’ plans through The Hearts Center now and in the future. On behalf of our council, our leadership, and on behalf of our wonderful staff, paid and volunteer, thank you so much for who you are, for all that you sacrifice on a daily basis and for the way that you individually and creatively weave light through your being and ennoble the Earth with the flame of God-love. God bless you. Thank you so much for all that you have given and for all that you will continue to offer to humanity on behalf of the ascended masters’ mission as we together move forward on our collective journey of light.

Copyright © 2015 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.



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