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El Morya Shares His Gratitude to The Hearts Center Staff and Charges Us with Faith and God-Power

El Morya Shares His Gratitude to The Hearts Center Staff and Charges Us with Faith and God-Power

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I am here in gratitude for the staff of this movement of our Hearts Center community. And I tell you, dearest ones, that the work you have accomplished to install the new view, yea, the New Blue view of your website is miraculous. And I applaud each and every one who has been a part of the alchemy of the Spirit. [El Morya applauds.]
            We, the sponsors of this movement, have been in session of late to determine just what we could do on your behalf to move forward our plans of light and to secure a greater foothold of the Great White Brotherhood upon Earth through this movement. We have assessed much. And we, with Lady Kristine in our council chambers, have read the reports of the directors of operations requested by her, and we have our own understanding of the various dynamics involved in change and transformation and in the evolution of a movement of light from the onset of its incarnation into and through the various avenues of expression and outreach. And we have the experts of what you would call "spiritual business," even the Great Divine Director and Lord Gautama Buddha, often sharing their insights with us in order that we together might create a more exceptional and magnanimous opportunity for lightbearers to receive the teachings and the inspiration that they require at this time in Earth's history and evolution.
            We respond to human need. We respond to your calls, your desires, your work. And as servitors ourselves in higher dimensions of light and Divine Presence, we see fulfilled within your lives aspects of our own divine missions, for we have invested much within your hearts of our fire, of God's will, wisdom and love. Therefore, in our assessments we see certain adjustments and changes that can be made. And we are choosing to inspire upon various of your leaders and especially through David's insights (he having been a co-founder with us of this movement) so that you may tweak that which has already been successful into a new phase of growth. Dearest ones, this may take a certain adjustment of consciousness for some of you. Things may not always look exactly as you had dreamed or had expected, and yet the end result will be even more glorious and bountiful if you are open to heaven's radiant heartstreams of light and the amazing alchemies that will, I say, manifest through many hearts working as one within our cause of light.
            Look for a moment, blessed ones, upon all that you together have accomplished with us. It is great! And you should recall it to heart and mind whenever, at times, you become a little despondent as you view or assess where you think you are in terms of realizing your goals and objectives. For that which has come to pass and been precipitated in these few short years is truly miraculous! And therefore, celebrate today, when the Home Page is uploaded, the victory of this glorious project of light. Praise God within yourselves for that which you have accomplished. For when you do, even greater light is vouchsafed to you and there is a new instauration of an even higher plan and model of being and living in God's business so that our plans may ensue with rapid speed and mercurial lightwaves of God consciousness.
            You see, dearest ones, when you believe that you can achieve, it becomes the new reality for you. When you have no doubt whatsoever that God is the great benefactor of all, the Source of everything, the One who is the provider of all that you require, then there is no equivocation within your being or even an ounce or a shred of anxiety or doubt. What you have set your teeth and your mind and your heart and your will toward will be fulfilled now. I remind you of the miraculous within you. Simply look at your own heart to see how God's being lives within you every moment of your life-the spark of your identity, the amazing essence of God-good placed there eons ago that has reincarnated within you through many life forms over eons of time. When you focus on this essence, when you feel and know your union with the divine light, then all that yesterday seemed inconceivable, unattainable, impossible becomes realizable because you live in the spirit of beingness with us.
            You have prayed to me to stand in my fire and for me to be there with you. And it has been so. And I have initiated you, compelled you, impelled you into higher consciousness. Dearest ones, there is much more to be had, to be accepted. And if you could see and dream larger and more magnanimous dreams-yes, wild and wooly dreams-then that which you could precipitate would simply arise magically because you rose into heaven's reality, you see. Dream big! Accept the Holy City's river of light flowing into and through you each day. Why, dearest ones, from our vantage point precipitating $144,000 is nothing! And yet somehow you think it is almost impossible. Well, believe in the impossible! We will be there, working our miracles through many and helping you realize the greater dreams that in an audacious moment of Self-realization you accept into your heart, mind and will as possible.
            We have lined up on the chessboard of your mission the components, the players, the dynamics for your victory, dearest ones. Those among you who have volunteered your time day after day, week after week have earned a huge amount in terms of balanced karmic energy that accrues to your causal body for you to co-create more glorious and magnanimous works. You see, every hour that you put in through love energizes you in a new and powerful way. Therefore, when you volunteer, when you give without any desire for a human reward or even payment, heaven's payment is glorious and there is an opening to higher gifts of the Spirit directly into your heart and mind and soul that manifests because you seek no reward. Those of you who are paid for your services we also revere, yet some of you can give even more than you know and could have restored unto you greater wealth as you apply yourselves more effectively and efficiently to the goals, the projects at hand that we have suggested be implemented and fulfilled.
            Where do we go from here, from this point in this time and space, you are asking? Having accomplished a number of major projects, you are seeking guidance to know what is next in order for growth to occur. Come to Darjeeling! I invite you to attend sessions with the sponsoring masters on a nightly basis for a fortnight. As you deliberate in coming weeks to co-create your plan for 2014 and beyond, we will show you our plans. We will inspire you with what you now would think is both daring and maybe a little or a lot undoable.
            Yet, dearest ones, we believe in you. We have chosen you. We have energized you, time and time again, cajoling you to put aside the elements of your human creation, to live fully in the light of your Presence free, unencumbered by those elements of your not-self that at times fly in the face of your highest communication and your purest emanation.
            We will not reveal all today. Suffice it to say that when you are clear, yes, when you are cleared of doubt and anxiety on the two-eight axis, Jesus steps forth to work through you with beloved Lanto and others to inspire you and to fulfill through your hands, heart and head the amazing, the awesome and, as I would call it, the inevitable.
            I, El Morya, placed the thoughtform within David's mind earlier in this service that he shared of offering to heartfriends the opportunity to secure my book at wholesale cost. And I suggest that you consider groupings of five, at forty percent discount, prepaid, to servitors of light within this community, for them to share my message with anyone who will listen and read, who will respond to your heart after you pray for me to find them or to bring them to you. Remember that the call compels the answer. And if you accept the Holy Spirit's promptings and are obedient to that which we will instill within you, you will see those, the shining ones with abundant lives that we will bring into your midst to fulfill all gloriously, miraculously with great cosmic aplomb, adeptship and heartcenteredness.
            Today I sing your praises to the sponsoring masters. And I will continue to do so, so long as you are True Blue to your own Source, God within you, and stand firm in your resolve to accomplish all that you vowed to us that you would do. Now I bless you, each one. To each and every one who has given of the coin of the realm, to each one who has volunteered an hour or ten thousand hours to this movement of light, I release spiritual fire and a new empowerment to move forward undaunted, victorious to fulfill your destiny in this lifetime. I stand in your fire, in your auric field, today. And I will be there for you an advocate, a coach, even a team member if you would, to provide a word of wisdom, a word of faith, a word of love when you require it, my precious ones.
            I take you all to my heart, my diamond-crystal heart, for there is room enough within this beating heart for all of you. I offer you to my God, to your God. I sanctify you. I cleanse you. I initiate you. And I trust you to give your all, for there is nothing else to live for but God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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