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Charity's Angels Expand the Living Flame of Love through Rays of Charity Unto Every Heart

Charity's Angels Expand the Living Flame of Love through Rays of Charity Unto Every Heart
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Beloved Charity 
David Christopher Lewis
October 20, 2013¬†¬† 10:00‚Äď10:15 am MDT
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light
Meru University Class 1307
Livingston, Montana

Investing the Gift of Your Self in God’s Creation
through Charity


Fragrant Ones Who Would Increase the Flame of Charity Within, Born of Compassion and the Joy of Loving and Giving to Enrich the Lives of All,
            I am here investing within the Earth and within you a new and most pleasant characterization of beauty through the flame of givingness that you call charity. When you engender this living flame through your heart’s love in offering your selfhood, then I am there working through and with your heart and extending the reach of heaven’s grace and of every divine virtue that flows through the resource of charity embodied through you.
            You know that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are presented, even housed, within the living flame of charity. For God long ago created the universe of love and extended his own beingness within the creation as a vital fabric of light through which love is expressed, holding the creation itself together as one vital life form.
            We the archeiai expand, through the virtues that we offer and present to mankind through our crystal beings, the divine quintessences that are within every point of the creation itself. From God’s heart, we move and live and have our beingness within the subtle gradations and light essences of God’s omnipresence, which inhabits the created fields of beingness throughout the cosmos.
            When you partake of love through the gifts of charity that you extend, you invest your very Self in God’s creation as a co-creator yourself. You may victoriously give; for in giving, there is a self-ennoblement of your own spirit. For life itself is givingness. And when you are grateful and live in a field of appreciation born of God’s gratitude for all that exists as good and sublime, you may wield this love in precious ways to raise life in all domains, including your own aura and blessed being.
            When you are careful, being full of that caring energy of charity, our essence lives through your awareness and we press in and among you and all your cherished ones the gifts of holiness, through wholeness; the gifts of charity, through your own clarity and caring spirit. Yes, dearest ones, there is so much more to learn of this living flame, and shortly I will extemporaneously speak more to the Meru University students on this eternal light-energy born of God’s love, born of God’s givingness to all life.
            In truth, as I see it from a cosmic perspective, your life is all about charity. For incarnating upon this Earth is a gift of your Self to lifestreams in this domain whom you have pledged and vowed to serve, to enlighten and to share your gifts with. Many of you offered your self eons ago in this precious gift of Self as bodhisattvas of love. Even in your Golden Buddha Rosary you have captured the essence of this quintessence of charity, speaking to Mary and honoring yourselves as bodhisattvas, those who would stay until every last man, woman and child is free in the light again.
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† My angels now expand from our retreat over¬†Saint Louis¬†the living flame of love through rays of charity that extend unto every heart beating upon Earth. This is God‚Äôs offering to you this day, O mankind. And you may return to the heart of God by following these rays, by loving yourself and others, by loving God with all of your heart, mind, strength, soul.¬Ļ For this is the key in all charitable gifts that you present. When they are empowered by love and a desire to assist, to aid, to raise, to liberate, then that divine feeling impregnates within the gift your own Self, and then you truly do lay down your life for your friends, which, as our Lord has said, is the greatest gift that can be given to one‚Äôs friends.¬≤
            O, learn of divine friendship by developing a relationship with us and with your own God Self within and the presence of love within every heartfriend with whom you collaborate, with whom you resonate in the holiest of frequencies, in the most sublime of energy patterns and streams from your hearts.
            We love the term heartstreams. For, you see, we serving on the third ray of divine love, compassion, kindness and charity know that it is through the heart that your victory is won and that it is when you live in this stream, this eternal river of life expressed from God’s heart, that you liberate yourself and that you model the divine life that you would always have beating within your own heart.
            Now my angels have impregnated within every cell of your being the living flame of love for a new renaissance of harmony and beauty within you. Be refreshed of the Spirit; be renewed in God’s light; and joyously and reverently live as you know that you can and that you may within the hallowed circle of charitable love.
            With my beloved Chamuel, I have appeared in your midst and raised you on archangelic wings of light in this hour. I AM Charity, aglow in the Spirit and aflow in the flow of love. Bless you, precious hearts of fire.

1. Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27.
2. John 15:10‚Äď17.

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