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Lakshmi Shares Teachings on the Abundant Life (video)

Lakshmi Shares Teachings on the Abundant Life (video)

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Beloved Lakshmi
David Christopher Lewis
October 23, 2014 9:07–9:18 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Lakshmi Shares Teachings on the Abundant Life
Abundance Is and Always Has Been a Gift of God

I am the fragrance of the new era. I am the light of beingness within you. I am charging forth into the atmosphere of your world a certain aspect of God-consciousness, a specific radiance of the Mother light, which may manifest for you as both God-harmony and God-abundance in your life. For where you choose to be harmonious, blessed ones, there the seeds of true abundance grow.

Where you choose to accept and to accomodate the light of the Lord Vishnu in your midst, there I come in a number of guises, sometimes as Sita with Rama and sometimes as Radha with Krishna.

Yet, this day I choose to come with Vishnu to both preserve you in the integrity of your true beingness and to move you forward into the new era, into your new abundant life in Spirit whereby you may accept the graces, the virtues and the blessings of Spirit. For during this festival of light,¹ as you choose to authenticate who you are within your Solar Presence, the son of God, as Vishnu, illumines your world. And he manifests for and on behalf of all sons and daughters of God the new Solar awareness that is being given birth to upon the Earth through many conscious ones who accept Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in balance within them and who also accept Sarasvati, Durga and me as ones through whom the light may flow in the perfect balance of the three-times-three—the Alpha three and the Omega three, intertwined in a multidimensional manifestation of pure light.

You seek the raising of the kundalini for your enlightenment. Then know us through the fountains of the Mother, which may arise within you as you access the true virgin aspect of the Mother of all life—purity supreme, beingness at the core of all that is, and presence that allows the abundant life to flow from within you, unto you and to all. In order to access greater abundance, blessed ones, the key is for you to manifest the abundant life through what you emanate and give birth to within your consciousness. You can only access what already exists within, for that is where God is.

Abundance is not something that you strain to reach for outside of yourself; to glean without first sowing the seeds of beauty, harmony, peace and benevolence from the fruit of your identity within you. Abundance is a harvest of light. Abundance is and always has been a gift of God, whereby the riches of the Spirit flow to those who make themselves worthy by their own inner sense of worthiness and by their attentiveness toward the Divine, which manifests as humility, as joyful reverence in waiting upon the Lord and knowing oneself to truly be God in manifestation.

Yes, blessed ones, access the virtues of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and their consorts, we who emanate the Shakti light of the all-powerful, the all-knowing and the ever-present One, the three-in-One who are yet one. And become a fountain, a source of light for many through your emanations, as a God-conscious one, gracing the world and sweeping up many into the new world aborning now and ever from within your heart.

Lakshmi I AM, and I ever abide with my beloved Vishnu in eternality and within the hearts of those who would preserve a divine civilization, heaven upon earth. Thank you.


1. This HeartStream occurred during Diwali, a Hindu "festival of lights" 5-day celebration during which Lakshmi is honored.



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