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Three Questions We Can Ask Daily to Learn, Master and Serve Life

Three Questions We Can Ask Daily to Learn, Master and Serve Life

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 13, 2014 9:00–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Three Questions to Ask Daily for Learning and for Mastering and Serving Life
O Lord, What Would You Have Me Learn Today?
O Lord, What Would You Have Me Master Today?
O Lord, How May I Serve You Today?


Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you so much for who you are and all that you do to bring light to our planet. This past weekend Mona and I drove back and forth, 888 miles, from Livingston to Spokane. As I was driving back, we saw a beautiful rainbow as we neared Missoula, Montana. It was totally awesome, and we especially took note of the violet band of the rainbow and how absolutely magnificent that color is as the bottom color of the rainbow. It starts with the red on top and there’s the violet underneath, or on the inside, you could say. I saw this is a great omen. We were approximately halfway home and we stopped at the Barnes & Noble there, which had four copies of the aura book. Two were signed, and so I signed the other two. We put stickers on them and put them back on the shelf. Fortunately, they were cover out on the shelf so people could see them. So I was very grateful for that.


We made it home safe and sound and I’m grateful to be with you today. I’m grateful for the heartfriends in Mount Shasta, the dedicated souls who are there day after day after day. Thank you so much, Dwinn and Ronaldo, Cathleen and Robert, William and others who are joining them in these twice-weekly broadcasts.


Today I’d like to share something inspired upon me in the shower. It seems that I often receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’s offerings while in the shower, and I hope you do too. We have a beautiful prayer in which we consecrate our day, prayer 0.006, and I love that prayer. After we consecrate our day to God, there are three important things that we can do. We can ask God, “O Lord, what would you have me learn today?” Well, Mona and I learned a lot this past weekend about the blood, about vasomotion. You can look up that term. We learned a lot more than I knew before. It’s important for Mona’s healing at this time that we understand the science behind these dynamics and concepts. If you ask God—your Higher Self, your soul, your spirit—this question, I know that at some point during the day, or maybe immediately upon asking the question, the answer to what today’s lesson is will be revealed to you. “O Lord, what would you have me learn today?” I believe we’re always in the learning process, always in the growing process, always in the self-discovery process. This is part of what life is all about.


Another question we can ask is, “O Lord, what would you have me master today?” Now, learning is a precursor to mastery, because true learning involves doing and becoming, and it’s all about self-mastery. We can learn something intellectually, yet of course we desire to master what we learn through the practical application of what we find out or read about. We can apply the knowledge so that it becomes true wisdom—wise dominion. Frankly, for many of us, what we learn can turn into that point of mastery if we choose to make it so.


The third question is, “O Lord, how may I serve you today?” We ask this of Kuan Yin in the Kuan Yin Rosary. I love that prayer in the Kuan Yin Rosary. It was recommended by Christine Meiner as a part of that ritual that she helped put together. I think it’s altogether appropriate that whatever rosary we are giving, whatever prayers we are uttering during our morning broadcast, that at some point we ask this question of the universe, of our Higher Self, of God: “O Lord, how may I serve you today?”


I believe these three questions bring about an understanding of the yellow, the blue and the pink flames. Learning is about knowledge, the yellow plume; mastery is about the blue plume; and practical application through service is about the pink plume. So after we consecrate our day, that active consecration, that dedication opens up the universe for us to engage within it; it opens the door for God’s graces and gifts—the gifts of the Holy Spirit—to flow through our consciousness, our awareness our higher mind, our Christic mind, our Buddhic mind so that we can incorporate these Solar essences and quintessences that are flowing from the sun and from the Sun of our own God Presence into our awareness, both individually and collectively as a movement. As these golden particles of light flow, the opportunity presents itself for us to learn from what the universe is telling us, to put it into practice through mastery and through being focused in our work, and then to serve in some way. Whether we have a current job, a vocation or we’re retired and have ample time to serve God in other spiritual ways—through prayers, services and everything else that we do during our day—there is always this dynamic that manifests because we have reconsecrated ourselves to God, to the Lord, to God’s will, wisdom and love in balance, in action.


As I was driving home—the 444 miles from Spokane, Washington—at times I was reflecting on the focus it takes to drive for so long on a highway at 75 miles per hour. It’s easy to get distracted, even by rainbows. And yet we have to keep the pedal to the metal, our hands on the wheel, our eyes on the road, our ears listening for things like sirens or whatever, our consciousness trued to what’s ahead of us. You may have heard the story about how when Mark Prophet drove the gold bus, he was able to project his awareness above and see what was going on far down the road, be aware of what was coming and avert potential problems or even disasters, or take a different route to avert a delay. When I heard this story I thought that I would try to do the same thing: steel part of my consciousness to focus completely on what was immediately in front of me and have part of me rise in consciousness to my Higher Self so that I could also be intuitive, awakened and quickened to things that might be on the horizon.


We can actually do this all the time. We can take the temperature of the planet, of civilization, of our communities. By taking the temperature, I mean we can be conscious of vibrations, trends, influences and the collective consciousness. We can have all of this kind of filtered through our Christic and Buddhic minds so that the angels, the muses, the divine masters can introduce to us, at appropriate times, warnings or information that can assist us on our path, keep us trued to the truth and aware so that we are able to deal with the exigencies of the hour, the challenges at hand, the problems that may arise, the initiations of the day.


If part of our self is always in this higher state of awareness because of the spiritual work that we do on a daily basis to stay clear, clean and aware, I believe that we can pass our tests with great joy and we can meet others of like mind and heart with whom we can participate in this sacred journey of life. And it can be a lot of fun, filled with all kinds of laughter and levity as we move through the challenges together with an understanding of the burdens that we all share and the joys that we also experience.


I saw a three-minute video recently of a bloodstream that was clogged. The blood was flowing, yet it wasn’t flowing the way it should be. When the vasomotion technology was introduced, after just eight minutes the blood flowed much more quickly. It was able to reach all of the micro-vessels, or capillaries, throughout the body that it needed to reach to bring nutrients to the cells and then remove the waste particles through the venous blood by going to the lungs for reoxygenation and clearing, where it was then pumped back out by the heart as pure oxygenated blood to the body.


I was reflecting on this dynamic in terms of our spiritual life. There are cycles. There is a cyclic activity occurring all the time whereby we are breathing in, receiving prana—oxygenated air, hopefully—processing it and then breathing out the carbon dioxide. I was seeing how this also relates to us spiritually as we move through our day, our evening, the cycles of our life, the initiations, the opportunities for service and rest, service and rest, service and rest. We all require time to rejuvenate, even as we are, of course, engaged and directed in often intense service to life. If we only do one, if we’re only engaged in intense activity, we can burn out. Or if we stagnate and are only engaged in inactivity or rest, we tire of that pretty soon and desire to get back to work. We know that when we’re engaged, there is an energy of Alpha thrusting through our consciousness that creates the desire (“deity siring in us”), through the Holy Spirit, to bring light and our gifts to the world.


The day cycle and the night cycle are important to understand because these are nature’s way of awakening us, getting us into motion and action and then sleepefying us—not that that’s a word, but you know what I mean—making us tired so that we have that time of restoration of our body temple, our cells. Everything slows down and the internal processes kick in whereby our body clears and cleans more during the night cycle.


Just as we have these three prayers—O Lord, what would you have me learn today? O Lord, what would you have me master today? O Lord, how may I serve you today?—so there is the feminine, or negative, aspect of this. By negative, I am referring to the opposite polarity of these three, to another more quiescent state or dynamic that occurs when the Lord says to us, “O David, or O Cathleen or Robert or Dwinn or Ronaldo or William or any of you, what would you have me learn today? What would you have me master today? How would you have me serve today?” Now, we may not think that the Lord asks these questions of us, because God is all-mighty, all-powerful and everywhere. Yet God is invested in our lives and God learns through us because we are expanding the kingdom of God throughout the universe through our experience. God is mastering more as each one of his creations masters something through his or her life, hopefully lived to the glory of God. God is serving the cosmos in all kinds of ways, especially in answer to our prayers, our requests, our decrees, our commands in the name of the mighty I AM Presence.


So we have to be in the active mode when we ask these questions and answer according to what God inspires upon us. And we also have to be in the quiescent state, the Omega state of listening, hearing and abiding, whereby we feel God’s impressions as God learns from us, as God masters through us, as God serves through us. In this relationship, this inner activity of the “as Above, so below’ experience and the “as below, so Above” experience, there is a beautiful and wonderful dynamic of interactivity that continues in harmony, in a peaceful way through the sidereal action of the movement of worlds, of star systems, of universes.


Just as the blood moves through us in a positive flow from the heart through the arteries, the arterioles and then the capillaries to the cells, after the blood reaches the cells, it flows back to the heart through the capillaries, the venules and the veins. You see, we have all of this action, this dynamic occurring right within our own body temple, the Alpha and the Omega. Just as we have the inbreath and the outbreath, so we have this action. We have the same type of thing occurring in our lymphatic system, in our nervous system. We could study the action of nerve impulses through the neurons and then the return of the current back to the brain. I think that if we looked at our electronic bodies and studied the pulsation, the flashing forth of feeling, we would see the same dynamic. Maybe that’s a topic for another time. If you study the pulsation, as the Eastern medicine people have done in China, you will understand this dynamic.


I remember taking a class on Mother’s Touch from Ruth Bolton, who is now an ascended lady master. We studied the pulse, which Chinese medicine has known about for centuries, and we got to the point where we could feel this pulse. There is the pulse of the heart and the heartbeat and the flow of the blood through the body, and yet there is an energetic pulse that’s different, which you can also feel when you are very sensitive. You can develop that sensitivity from a trained practitioner who shows you how. Those who are sensitive can actually tune into your state of health by simply taking this electronic pulse of your body temple. It’s a great healing modality that the sensitive use. So again, that’s a subject for another talk.


These dynamics of the Alpha and the Omega occur right within our temple, and you could probably, if you thought about it, meditated upon it, come up with a number of other examples that I haven’t shared today. As you meditate upon Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, the Father-Mother God will inspire upon you this dynamic of the pulse out, the pulse in, the directed current and the return current.


So as you move through your day, be cognizant of the cyclings of energy, of light, of awareness, of consciousness through your sacred body temple, through your mind, through your heart, through your awareness. Feel the love, the wisdom, the power of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, stepped down through Helios and Vesta, the God and Goddess Meru, the Sun of your own Presence, and intuit and know the virtues, qualities and graces that are yours to utilize through your consecrated life, that are yours to feel, learn about, master and then to utilize in service.


This is life itself. This is life itself, and love is embedded within all of it; light is intertwined through all of this activity and the time of rest. Our consciousness, one with God’s, is inviting us to allow us to experience the beauty of creation, the wonderment of all that God has so nobly provided as this magnificent world and universe for us to experience—for our growth, for our learning, for our mastery and ultimately for God’s great pleasure in simply experiencing the creatures that he has created, the creation itself. For God created all of it and saw that it was good.1 Therefore we also are of God; we are gods. We are of God, created by God. It is still imperative for us to heed the first commandment each day: to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.2 I believe that part of what I’ve shared today can help us to do that more brightly, in a better way.


God bless you. Thank you so much, everyone. Have an awesome day. Bye-bye.


1. See Genesis 1.
2. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.



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